Iginla to the Flyers???

According to The Toronto Sun the Philadelphia Flyers are seriously interested in aquiring Calgary Flames superstar forward Jarome Iginla. Many names have been thrown around as potential aquisitions, Owen Nolan, Sami Kappanen, Miroslov Satan. Apparently the player that Philadelphia Flyers GM Bobby Clarke is most interested in is Calgary’s Jarome Iginla.

Iginla would fill a serious hole the Flyers have at wing because of the losses of top players such as Simone Gagne, John LeClair and Justin Williams. Iginla is supposidly the one player Clarkey is willing to part with some serious talent with in order to aquire. Iginla is supposidly a favorite of the Flyers GM.

One hurdle in the road to the Flyers aquiring Iginla is his salary. Iginla is scheduled to make 7.5 million dollars next year. Clarkey and Flyers parent company Comcast Spectacor have repeatedly said this year that they are not willing to take on any huge salaries.

One thing is for certain and that is the Flyers have to do something. The Flyers have been cripled by injuries to their scorers. When completly healthy they barely have the scoring depth required to make a run deep into the playoffs. Iginla is in my humble opinion the perfect fit. I’d give up just about anybody on the Flyers roster for him, Gagne, Williams, you name it. Philadelphia Flyers fans can only hope Clarkey comes to this conclusion too.

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  1. Tradedude says:

    go leafs go

  2. Tradedude says:

    <go leafs go><b>

  3. Tradedude says:

    go leafs go

  4. Tradedude says:

    how the hel do get bold frikin words?

  5. titans says:

    I was snowed in. Sorry my social schedule doesn’t meet your high standards…f uck head!

  6. mightyp says:

    other than playing on a team that makes the playoffs how has gagne outperformed iginla? rookie season, career highs, junior scoring, junior championships and olympic scoring all go to iginla. and as far as bad seasons go isn’t gagne’s performance this year as disappointing or more so than iginla’s?

  7. mightyp says:

    calgary cannot trade iginla for prospects. more years out of the playoffs will kill this franchise. they need players that can contribute right away and so toronto or any playoff bound team is an unlikely destination until the off-season.

    even the cash aspect is not totally true. the group of oil millionaires that own the flames have combined assets that put them in the top 10 in the league, maybe top 5, but they have always insisted that the franchise will be run as a business and avoid putting any of their personal fortunes on the line past what they feel is businesslike.

  8. calflyers says:

    stupid article

    Calgary will NOT be trading Iginla

  9. mightyp says:

    by sensible i mean leaf fans give this one a pass. first an assessment of iginla:


    – one of the top 10 power forwards in the NHL

    – until this year a steady progression in offensive stats

    – future captain material

    – outside of calgary lots of championships (ie memorial cups, world jrs, worlds, olympics etc)

    – 7 to 10 more years left in career


    – almost no NHL playoff experience

    – style of play leads to injuries

    – big contract

    a few of trades i might make:

    to San Jose for Patrick Marleau and Marcel Goc

    to Ottawa with Chris Clark for Radek Bonk, Mike Fisher ad Chris Phillips

    to Tampa Bay for Vincent Lecavalier and Brad Lukowich

    to Chicago for Tuomo Ruutu, Steve McCarthy and a pick (3rd or 4th)

    to Florida with a pick (2nd or 3rd) for Stephen Weiss Denis Shvidki and Brad Ference

  10. matrix2003 says:

    i Certainly hope he has more than 7 to 10 years, He’s only 25. He won’t retire at 32 or 35, more like 10-15 years, 35 to 40 years of age.

  11. matrix2003 says:

    No kidding, Lanny McDonald (assistant GM??) said that he’s going no-where on Hockey Night In Canada during the Leaf game.

  12. matrix2003 says:

    You don’t sign players at the trade deadline, you trade for them.

  13. matrix2003 says:

    Antropov has 21 points in his last 22 games! I’m glad you think noone wants him, he’s too damn good right now.

  14. matrix2003 says:

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    go leafs go

    if that works it’s the word then bracket the b

  15. matrix2003 says:

    oh shit too much, now how the hell did that happen.

  16. matrix2003 says:

    Here i’ll try again, the bracket work, but it use too many words, i did some web page design a few years ago. Here goes:

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  17. matrix2003 says:

    One last try this time i think i got it.

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    bracketed b’s on both sides

  18. matrix2003 says:

    Just in front????????

    go leafs go

  19. matrix2003 says:

    how do you like that, it only took me about 5 tries i bet you think i’m full of it saying i did web page design, not much and a while back. Anyway it’s a bracket b in front of the word.

  20. Tradedude says:

    yor crazy. LECAVALIER, MARLEAU, the only one that will be even close to a good trade is that ottawa senators trade. Phillips, they could use, Bonk, I don’t know, they have enough centers, and same wif Mike Fisher on too many centers.

    I think Ottawa has the players, I dont know about money seeing their BANKRUPT!, but here is something anyway.

    To Calgary: Phillps, 1st round pick, Arvedsson

    To Ottawa: Iginla, 8th round pick

    you can bash em all you want 4 this, but its MY Suggestion, and it may seem crazy to some, but some ME!

  21. Tradedude says:

    we leaf fans will dream on, cause Iginla is not leaving CALGARY!

  22. mightyp says:

    i don’t know, Lecavalier and Marleau are going to be dominant soon in my opinion.

    your ottawa trade doesn’t work at all for calgary cause they get hardly any offense back for their best offensive player. arvedsson is on his statistical downside portion of his career and the flames can’t wait for a 1st rounder, especially one who would be somewhere from 25th to 30th overall.

    while i think it is unlikely that ottawa would make my trade, the flames might. but they’d never make your trade and i think they have the upper hand to a certain extent in any iginla trade.

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