Impact Player Needed

This is a follow-up on Habs_pm‘s ”Gainey To Make Decision”

He talked about leaders and impact players. The Habs have both, Koivu and Kovalev. Koivu fits in well, but does Alexei Kovalev fit in as well? His hot play so far could easily put the 3 letter word ”yes” in your mind, but Kovalev tends to become inconsistent. That inconsistency could end up hurting the Habs.

Teams that go far in the NHL are teams who have a great leader and an ”impact” player. A good example could be last year’s Buffalo Sabres, they had Chris Drury (Leader) and Daniel Briere (Impact Player).

What Bob Gainey needs to do is find a GM willing to take Kovalev along with Ryder and possibly Halak, who has apparently demanded a trade. The reason why I’m saying he should find a GM ”willing” to take those players is because Ryder has been cold and underachieving and God knows which GM thinks he can turn this kid around. Trading Halak would make his day and Kovalev has been hot but yet again, his inconsistency may kick in…

Finding a team to trade an impact player for these 3 would be the hard part. First of all, that team would have to have an underachieving goalie, second, they would have to give up their ”impact player” and believe in turning Michael Ryder’s cold play around.

What team(s) do you guys think would fit in this type of trade?

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  1. LuckyLuc98 says:

    I thought about the same thing… I don't know about trading Kovalev, but I do know who we should trade for, Brian Rolston would be a much needed leader as well as an impact player on many fronts for the Montreal Canadiens!

    Anyways … the Habs are experiencing a Deja Vu from last year, except this slump started in Novemeber. They suck… it's so hard to admit it as a die hard Habs fan but it is reality, on top of that, although he is my idol and i love him, he has got to go, Saku's days in Montreal are long gone, he doesn't play with desire as he used to, and not because he cannot… only because this team isn't worth it since it is not going anywhere for the past few seasons  and he is 34 years old, i mean how much more does a Warrior have to sacrifice for a team before the team does something in return … like get actual impact players.

    Finally CArbo is still too inexperienced, i have 1 name for you guys Bob Hartley… don't fire Carbo let Hartley guide him instead, plus he speaks French

    so… that's my take on things, whether I'm wrong or right something needs to change that's for sure!!!!!

  2. sercote says:

    I agree with you,the perfect player for the Habs would have both skills and leadership.But where can Bob find such a player,and who would be willing to trade such a player?Brian Rolston is pretty interesting,but no at any price for he's a UFA at the end of the season.I think the most interesting player for Gainey would be Markus Nasslund.He's getting old,but still has great speed and tremendous hands.He would make a hell of a line with Higgins and Koivu or Plekanec and Kovalev.However,the price would be high and the Canucks need offense as well.The would probably ask for Ryder,Latendresse,Kostitsyn and/or Plekanec.For Ryder and Latendresse,I'd make that trade in a heartbeat.For Kostitsyn or Plekanec,I'd tell them to get lost.

    Of course,some other players are interesting,but not likely to come to Montreal,like Richards,Marleau,Morrow and Arnott.

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