Impressed with the Habs ??? Didn't think so

After a dozen or so games, if the Habs keep playing this way, there won’t be a 25th cup in Montreal this year.

After signing Laraques, everyone thought the Habs would be a tough team to play against, well I guess not. No one is hitting, no one battles for the puck. Montreal has been a lazy team only relying on their talent. I am starting to think that there are too many so called talented players on this team and not enough grinders. It’s great to have skilled players, but if nobody wants to go into the corners and get the puck, you won’t have much sucess.

We can all see that Ryan O’byrne isn’t ready to be a #4 d-man. When Hamrlik is out of the line-up it really shows. Brisebois is a decent #7, but for a team who aspires to win a stanley cup this year, he can’t be your #4. Francis Bouillon isin’t the physical player he once was.

Bob Gainey also has some work to do. He has to find a way to get rid of Begin and Dandenault. Not only will it shed 3 million off the cap, but it also gives you room to call up players from Hamilton. He also has to sign Komisarek to a long term deal. Find a way to get a #4 d-man.

Here are a few things I would like to see happen.

Buy-out or waive Dandenault & Begin

Sign Komisarek to a 6 year 28.5 million dollar extension (4.75 per)

To Edmonton for

To Vancouver for

Call up Pacioretty

Here is your line-up