Impressed with the Habs ??? Didn't think so

After a dozen or so games, if the Habs keep playing this way, there won’t be a 25th cup in Montreal this year.

After signing Laraques, everyone thought the Habs would be a tough team to play against, well I guess not. No one is hitting, no one battles for the puck. Montreal has been a lazy team only relying on their talent. I am starting to think that there are too many so called talented players on this team and not enough grinders. It’s great to have skilled players, but if nobody wants to go into the corners and get the puck, you won’t have much sucess.

We can all see that Ryan O’byrne isn’t ready to be a #4 d-man. When Hamrlik is out of the line-up it really shows. Brisebois is a decent #7, but for a team who aspires to win a stanley cup this year, he can’t be your #4. Francis Bouillon isin’t the physical player he once was.

Bob Gainey also has some work to do. He has to find a way to get rid of Begin and Dandenault. Not only will it shed 3 million off the cap, but it also gives you room to call up players from Hamilton. He also has to sign Komisarek to a long term deal. Find a way to get a #4 d-man.

Here are a few things I would like to see happen.

Buy-out or waive Dandenault & Begin

Sign Komisarek to a 6 year 28.5 million dollar extension (4.75 per)

To Edmonton for

To Vancouver for

Call up Pacioretty

Here is your line-up



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  1. kilter says:

    hahaha…did you see that game lastnight against the bruins….what a disgrace….when is the GM going to realize this team is not even close to to being a contender,why do other teams try and make moves when they see there team is not playing up to the standards expected by the organization,and the fans and all involved(eg, philly) and the habs stand pat,Price is either not ready for the NHL or is just flat out not that good its not all his fault but he must be there when the rest stay home and he has yet to do that,they need to look long and hard at there goaltending makes giving away huet an even harded pill to swallow now than when they made the move last year,defence and they have to get rid of the dead weight they are carrying,bullion,Latendresse for sure…useless,lang does not fit in here,these changes need to be made before this team can truly dominate in this league.

  2. Habfan17 says:

    Hey there, it   has been a while since we last butted

    This time, I agree with you. I was afraid that Kovy would revert back to the player he was 2 seasons ago and he has. He is mentally fragile if he can go from being a guy wanting to be a force and role model, to a guy sulking because he gets a little less time. When you have 3 lines that should be able to score, that will happen.

    For me, time has run out on Latendresse as well. he started pretty well, but he it shows he still doesn't get it. If I were gainey, I would bring Paciorrety up for a couple of games and sit Latendresse in the press box. Then put lats back in a see how it affects him. if he still doesn't play with passion and urgence, then trade him for whatever you can get! Maybe send him and Halak to a team for a 4th d-man.

  3. Habfan17 says:

    That hit was not a cheap shot, he didn't go head hunting and Van Ryn turned on him! Maybe you should liosten to some hockey experts like Pierre McGuire.

    Let's talk about your idol, It turns out Komisarek hurt his hand, then his shoulder. It seems the shoulder was at the end when they fell, but the hand was early on in the fight. Your pal Lucic probably knew his hand was hurt, but instead of following the honour code and stopping, he kept going, which also lead to the shoulder injury. That shows that he isn't a tough guy, just a coward. Laraque asked him to dance 3 times and he turned him down… he would rather fight a non fighter and take advantage of a hand injury. He will get his. Cowards always do. I used to like and respect Lucic, not anymore!

  4. Habfan17 says:

    I would think that Mtl would also want a draft pick since Halak is young, has played great, and has more upside than Clake, but having said that, it does have merit!

  5. Habfan17 says:

    I agree that the suggested trades would not work. But, your suggested trade only works for vancouver. You ask way too much for two old veterans that have never won anything. Giving up all that young talent makes no sense.

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