In defense of JFJ!!!

This article is an attempt to defend JFJ and his moves as G.M.

Ill start with the players that remain from the starting roster that he inherited: Sundin, Stajan, Kaberle, Kilger, Ponikarovsky, McCabe, Pilar, Antropov, Tucker.

In my opinion he has identified and addressed the players that deserve to still be on this team.

Now the players that are gone from the team he inherited: Leetch, Roberts, Niewendyk, Berg, Johansson, Francis, Nolan, Fitzgerald, Renberg, Klee, Belfour, Reichel, Perrot, Marchment, Kidd, Mogilny.

Im sure all will agree that these players were past their prime or not very good.

His additions to the team: Aubin, Gill, Lindros(probably), Kubina, Oneill, Raycroft.

JFJ has always insisted that he had a plan and I think he does. Sometimes its not just what you add, but what you take away. He identified the players to keep, got rid of the ones that didnt belong or cost too much (although sometimes it hurts (Roberts)) and substituted them with the capable young guns.

JFJ has done a lot of behind the scenes kind of stuff also:

-restocked the farm by signing prospect free agents

-doubled the scouting for more accurate drafting

-grabbed Paul Maurice while he was available and put him on the farm to coach the kids that he would eventually be coaching in the NHL.

-and most important-he kept the kids that will make the team competitive in the future.

Im not saying he hasnt made any bad moves (Khavanov, resigning Berg last year) but he was still assessing the team and trying to stay competitive to keep you animals at bay..

Just one guys opinion, but a couple of years into service for JFJ and the future is starting to look pretty bright!

Now go ahead and bash me!!!