In Other News!!!!!!

Freddie Brathwaite has been placed on waivers.

Who will pick him up? No one?

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  1. Hockey_Fan says:


  2. mikster says:

    Don’t start anything on this thread buddy.

  3. Hockey_Fan says:

    I have to mickey. You killed the other thread.

  4. edmontonrules says:

    If you were a true hockey fan you wouldnt be saying that. The reason we’re here is to talk about hockey. Not political movements by people who don’t give a damn about the greatest game on earth.

  5. SabresFanB says:

    Seriously, just come to the wowhockey forum. We are really having a good discussion with this whole situation. Comment about hockey in a hockey article, comment about everything else over at the wow forum.

  6. acebailey says:

    Sounds like he isn’t going back to St.Louis either:

    (from “Fred Brathwaite, the odd man out in the St. Louis Blues’ goaltending rotation, was waived Tuesday after he and the team agreed on a mutual release.”

    We would welcome him in Carolina if we could find a home for Irbe.

    – Hope that is not to political.

  7. flyersruleclarkstillsucks says:

    although i myself don’t want to come here and talk politics, it is a big part of sports news now a days, so for this site to tell people what they can or can’t talk about is not right, NCAA MLB NBA NHL all are mulling over the up coming war, and how to go about the sport, so why not let people who want to talk about that, do so? does support freedom of speech, right?

  8. -Swizz- says:


    that’d leave Weekes and Brathwaite in net..

    first time ever that a teams #1 and 2 goalies are both black?

  9. OldNord says:

    Grant Fuhr and Pokey Reddick played together with the Oilers. Fuhr was with Brathwaite in Calgary too.

  10. pantherboy says:

    I could see him going to LA. Maybe even back to Calgary???

  11. jpmac says:

    What about to Vancouver aren’t they looking for a back up?

  12. habsoverserver says:

    Is it true that Brathwaite may join the Marines?

  13. PriceClub says:

    Freddy being released should be a better thing for him, because everytime St.Louis would lose a game they would bash his game, when it wasn’t entirely them. St.Louis struggles with a good overall team defense and the goalies take a lot of the blame. As for who would pick him up? I could see Dallas looking for him as an investment, if Turco still cannot return back to full health. They would do this simply because they have invested a lot in this years team, and Tugnutt isn’t capable of playing every game for them all playoffs. Another team who might pick him up is the Wild, who rely on a strong balanced goaltending system, and need two healthy goalies to do so.. But, however, with all likelyhood Freddy will sign with an AHL team and have to work his way back into the league.

  14. anonomass says:

    if he plays it will be with a AHL team since now he is ineligible to play in the NHL for the remainder of the year

  15. Kingsfan1 says:

    LA has no use for him. He sucked when he was in our minor league system the first time around and he still sucks. We have nothing to lose letting Huet ride out the season and see what he’s got.

  16. mikster says:

    Yeah and it is affeliated with DG’s World Issues for those conversations. We want to keep things organized and not cause any trouble between members. So, do us a favor please?

  17. Freeze says:

    Why can’t he root for NHL teams from the USA?

  18. amok says:

    I don’t know how much of an improvement he’d be over Skudra, if at all. Skudra plays fine when it’s in hte backup role, coming in once every 10-14 days. When Cloutier goes down and he’s the #1 guy he’s struggled lately.

    And the Canucks have a young guy named Alex Auld who has looked absolutely outstanding in very brief time here. He doesn’t always get the best results, but his GAA and S% are outstanding. Nope, the Canucks don’t need another marginal goalie.. (Skudra and Moss can do just fine at that).

  19. amok says:

    Well, maybe if they need a goalie!

    A couple months ago I saw some weird show where people had to travel around the US doing things at sports arenas, and one group of people had to score on an NHL goalie. Brathwaite agreed and let some girl take a few shots on him outside what I think was Joe Louis Arena. Maybe Freddie could find some work in TV.

  20. aafiv says:

    I understand HTR has to pay its way but can lose just a few of the popups? It’s really fucking annoying.

  21. acebailey says:

    I hear they are close friends from childhood as well.

  22. Hockey_Fan says:

    It’s ok Mikster. No matter what I am still not going to like the whiny little Canadians on this website.

  23. Rico71 says:

    And us…

    The arrogant americans who bash everyone for no good reason.

    We are here for hockey, not anything else. Especially not the stupid war.

  24. -Swizz- says:

    good call..

  25. Flyers_01 says:

    I really like Freddy and I think it’s a really crappy thing for the organization to do to him. Having him ineligible to play the rest of the season is worse than being goalie for the Flames. At least there he’d get to finish out the season. Even if someone wanted him they can’t use him this year.

  26. DG says:

    To my understanding, the “WowHockey” forum is just mean for societal ideas that pertain to hockey. If the question was, “will the war on Iraq mean that the security at arenas will be too tight and intrusive?” it’d be valid. If it is “do you think this war should happen?” it should be at my page, because it deals exclusively with the war and not with hockey.


  27. DG says:

    Thanks Mikster.

    I’d like to remind everyone that we’re here to discuss hockey and not the war. Some of you have raised the point that “the war affects hockey” and, while that’s valid to a degree, comments or questions like “should the war on Iraq happen?” should not be here but at the World Issues Page. If the question was “will the war on Iraq mean our players will be called into the military and what effect will that have?” then you’d be able to discuss it here or at WowHockey, because it pertains to hockey. Anything exclusively about the war or the American government or anything other than hockey should not be posted here but at the World Issues Page.

    Furthermore, I’ve made a few changes to the World Issues Page to make it better for debates. The home page is now a message board as opposed to the articles page, and I have a seperate forum for the U.S.-Iraq war. You have to be a member to post there, but obtaining membership is just as easy as it is here. A number of members are members over there too (other than me), so don’t worry about leaving to something “foreign”.

    If nothing else, check it out anyway. It’s a part of the HTR network and one that compliments HTR by allowing one to talk about issues other than hockey (in fact, hockey talk over there is not allowed, because you have the place to do so here). Before the page was set-up, all of you had to leave the HTR network in order to discuss something like the U.S.-Iraq war but now, with the page in place, you don’t have to anymore. Just how HTR is your place to talk hockey, the World Issues Page is your place to talk about everything else. You have a place to talk politics: please use it and keep HTR for the hockey talk.


    RealityCheck (the board name for DG)

  28. Tradedude says:


    let bush settle his own problems lol

  29. amok says:

    Well now that you mention it, the idea of Brathwaite going to the Flames makes perfect sense. Sure, they couldn’t use him this season, but that hasn’t stopped them from making this sort of deal before.

  30. torontoiskickass says:

    Go back to the Flames! They really need him, i say screw Turek, that was the worst deal made by the Flames in recent history

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