In the long run would the Leafs be better off missing the playoff this year?

I feel if that the Leafs were not to make the playoffs, major changes would be made to the organization. Some of those changes would be a new coach, different player personnel and a different attitude.

A new coach would be bring a fresh approach, accountability and discipline. Over the past 3 seasons Pat Quinn has demonstrated that he is not the coach to take the Leafs to the Stanley Cup.

The Maple Leafs would bring in new player personnel if they were to miss the playoffs. That would mean younger players would play and Toronto can address the concern of team speed and help bring more intensity to the Leafs

As for a different attitude, the Leafs will make smart moves instead of stupid moves in bringing old players for youth that could help Toronto succeed in the long run. Plus JFJ would have more freedom and does not have to put with Quinn anymore if they let Quinn go.