Injuries already hurting the leafs

Well, here we go again. There hasn’t even been a regular season NHL game, and the Leafs are facing a serious injury.

According to TSN, Toronto centerman Kyle Wellwood is reportedly going to get checked by doctors to see if the sports hernia he had last year is flaring up again. He has had discomfort since last year and feels as though he cannot play up to his potential.

My weigh in: Once again, Toronto doctors are proving that they are worthless. They could have checked it and could have recommended surgery at the end of last years regular season. These “medical professionals” have screwed up with Lindros’ wrist, Owen Nolan’s knee and multiple times with Antropov. This is getting rediculous.

If this is how the season starts, us Leaf fans can expect a very short season.. all due to our great doctors.

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  1. FallenApostle says:

    Anyone who has ever went through surgery will know that no matter what you’ll feel some sort of discomfort. Fact is Wellwood was probably told just to rest and engage in off ice workouts. It’s funny though because the Leafs medical staff aren’t surgeons so how would they know whether or not Wellwood would require a correction?

    It’s pathetic to see someone looking for excuses before the season has even started. I’m a Leafs fan, and all I can say is I hope Wellwood has a healthy and quick recovery. I’m not going to sit here and criticize a medical staff when someone’s health is in question. Now let’s not let our medical staff become this years scapegoat.

  2. Macphisto says:

    You can't blame this medical staff on the Nolan or Antropov situations.  When JFJ took over they fired Quinns medical staff and hired his own, and they are the ones to be blamed for Lindros and this new Wellwood situation.  I've never understood why we needed to change the medical staff or why we have kept this medical staff after the total Lindros srew up.

  3. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    your assesment of leaf doctors is highly flawed. for one, this is a rough leaf team, and injuries come from all over. The leafs coaching staff in general (since Maurice took over) has gone a complete 180 flip from the quinn era. Quinn let players play injured 82 games a year. Maurice doesn't do that. If you fe3el a bit queezzy, you sit a game. He doesn't even like to play guys who aren't fit coming into training camp (See O'neill last season).

    as for Wellwood, if he pklays he'll do well. if he doesn't he'll be easier to sign next season. this situation is a lot worse if he's just signed a 21 million dollar extension (cough fisher cough)…(only joking, great signing by sens)

  4. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    on a better note, we can start to analyse possible lineup's.

    barring injury the lineup(NOT the line combinations) will look like




    that is set in stone. the question is, who will be the 3 healthy scratches(who knowing the Leafs wil have plenty of playing time).

    On Forwards, there are 2 spots open for:


    On D, 1 spot open for:


  5. leafmeister says:

    Since Wellwood is out maybe we should let Steen show his potential by making him second line centre. Maybe it could look like this



    I was very impressed with Stralman I think he will be a great blueliner for years to come.

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