Injury Bug Bites Flyers Early

The first full scrimmage of the Philadelphia Flyers’ training camp ended with injuries to two players.

Right winger Mark Recchi sprained his knee during the practice. An MRI performed today revealed damage to the medial collateral ligament in Recchi’s right knee, and the team expects him to miss three to five weeks of action, including the season opener. It is the first knee injury of any kind sustained by the winger in his career.

Additionally, a fight broke out during scrimmage between two larger-than-average human beings, Keith Primeau (6’4″ 220 lbs.) and Chris McAllister (6’8″ 245 lbs.) Evidently, the two players became entangled in the corner and Primeau caught a stick in the throat. He retaliated with an elbow, and so the gloves came off. While Primeau took a couple hard shots to the jaw, McAllister had to be taken to the trainer’s room have his hand x-rayed.

While Recchi will be missed, Pavel Brendl and Radovan Somik will get additional ice time, along with the chance to impress the coaching staff. McAllister’s possible absence opens a window of oppurtunity for Denis Seidenberg to show his stuff.

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