Injury Bug Bites Flyers Early

The first full scrimmage of the Philadelphia Flyers’ training camp ended with injuries to two players.

Right winger Mark Recchi sprained his knee during the practice. An MRI performed today revealed damage to the medial collateral ligament in Recchi’s right knee, and the team expects him to miss three to five weeks of action, including the season opener. It is the first knee injury of any kind sustained by the winger in his career.

Additionally, a fight broke out during scrimmage between two larger-than-average human beings, Keith Primeau (6’4″ 220 lbs.) and Chris McAllister (6’8″ 245 lbs.) Evidently, the two players became entangled in the corner and Primeau caught a stick in the throat. He retaliated with an elbow, and so the gloves came off. While Primeau took a couple hard shots to the jaw, McAllister had to be taken to the trainer’s room have his hand x-rayed.

While Recchi will be missed, Pavel Brendl and Radovan Somik will get additional ice time, along with the chance to impress the coaching staff. McAllister’s possible absence opens a window of oppurtunity for Denis Seidenberg to show his stuff.

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  1. mikster says:

    Everyone, this was breaking news…so i had to post it becuase of its importance. I hope you all read this since these are BIG news. The fact that 34 year old Recchi is injured and Primeau the captain got into a fight with his teammate in training camp.


    Anyway, i think training camp updates are interesting actually. I’d like to know how some rookies did and who played on which lines, and the goalies…., stuff like that. Just because you could care less about a team, doesn’t mean you have to post a dumb idiotic comment that makes you look like a total jerk and defines your class (low).

    I think it’s a great opportunity for Brendl to step up his game and show that he could even be more useful than Recchi. From being a one dimensional player to a two-way player is a tough transition for a youngster who is not a good skater and was never consistent and good defensively. Brendl showed he can work hard now, and i am glad he stopped sucking his thumb. Maybe he hit puberty?

    As for Primeau, he should be ashamed of himself. He is the captain and he should have known better to let it go, it’s training camp. But…what concerns me is this:

    “Primeau said that there had been a lot of frustration building among the players for the last two weeks because there was no hitting during workouts.”

    That’s almost non-existent in Flyers history. No hitting? I hope Primeau throws his body a lot. This will be an interesting Flyers team. I can’t wait to see them perform this season.

  2. jtshade1977 says:

    According to, McAllister had surgery on Tuesday to repair a broken nose sustained in the fight with Primeau.

    I think this is a sign of things to come this season for Philly. With Tocchet and Richardson gone this year, PHI needs someone to become the heart and soul of the Flyers, on and off the ice. Maybe Keith will fill that role. As for fighting with one of his teamates… All I have to say is it takes balls to square off with a guy as big as McAllister. Hopefully the Flyers will take a page from Keith’s book and not take any crap on the way to the Finals. (wishful thinking from this Flyers fan)

  3. BWbullies says:

    I know Brendl can play it just comes down to if he choices too. Which I hope he does because he has the potential to be an exciting player. As for Somik, I don’t know much about him except that Hitch has said he has been playing at a high level in Europe for 5 years and he looks extremely well in camp.

    For the fight, chris was cross checked kieth in the throat and he elbowed chris and then they dropped the gloves. This all took place in front of the net while fighting for position. It was also going on for a couple shifts so it was building up. I just wonder if it had to do with what took place last season. I hope not.. This would be the last thing we need to be going on during camp.

  4. leafsrule31 says:

    .. leave it to the flyers. no wonder there so amazing come playoff time

  5. Overtime says:

    This could be interpreted as a good sign for the Flyers – a team in need of spirit, heart and leadership. This could be a new beginning. The real test will start in April.

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