Injury-plagued Oilers call up reserves from Oklahoma City

With Andy Sutton and Corey Potter set to have MRIs to determine the extent of their injuries, the Edmonton Oilers have recalled Colten Teubert and Taylor Chorney to fill the holes in the defensive corps.

The pinch-hitters were flying in from Oklahoma City and will join Theo Peckham, Jeff Petry, Tom Gilbert and Ladislav Smid on Saturday when the Oilers take on the explosive Chicago Blackhawks.

“There was so much room on the bench,” said Peckham on the scene that unfolded on Thursday in a 5-2 loss to the Ottawa Senators. Sutton didn’t even make it out after the warm-up (groin pull) and Potter left the game in the second with a sprained ankle.

Peckham, who had been averaging 15:32 in ice time, wound up playing 24:23. Petry played a team high 28:43, despite leaving late in the game with a sore hand. He’d been hit with a puck but was no worse for wear the next day.

“I think at some point in our careers, we’ve played those types of minutes,” said Peckham. “Now it’s going to allow a couple of younger guys to come up and show what they can do.

“It’s situations like this that will help you grow as a team.”

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  1. alpalstewart says:

    Richewrd cloutier from hockeyb uzz is reporting the oilers and canes are in discussions. the oilers are in need of defence and the canes desperately need a winger for staal. 

    heres the proposal i heard
    to Edm. Mcbain,prospect,2nd and a conditional pick if hemsky resigns
    to Car.  Hemsky
    this trade would benefit both teams hugely, with skinner as the only guy earning his paycheck in carolina, hemsky would bring the much needed playmaking and dangling skills the canes lack. while the oilers get a top 4 defenceman, and some more prospects and picks.
    the canes are also said to be interested in Gags, but like burke the canes want just a tad more than Gags for mcbain and he's not a sure thing like Hemsky.
    but the oilers are said to be interested in another defender in carolina that might take only Gags to aquire, get ready leafs fans theyre talking bout Kaberle.
    you might think why would the oilers a young rebuilding team trade for kabby, its simple, the oil are playing with 4 defencemen and barker has been injured for 3 months. and lets face it barker has been a bust in edm. and kabby could really surprise and perhaps return to the form he displayed in Toronto.
    the oilers top 2 are gilbert and smid as of now, whitney is still a week away so the addition of kabby would make our top 4 all legit.
    the other defenceman dressing for the oil tonight are peckham,chorney,petry and tuebert, the only regular nhl defenceman in that group is peckham and he has looked terrible so far this year.
    in a nut shell the oilers are using only 2 nhl defenceman tonight against the hawks, the rest are Ahl'ers with the exception of peckham who should be a number 7 guy. 
    i'm not a fan of kaberle really but we could really use him.
  2. Steven_Leafs says:

    Kaberle would be a very solid pick up. I wouldn't trade Gagner for him though, seems like a panic trade to me, Omark for Kaberle would make me more comfortable, although I probably wouldn't do either.

    I read that hockeybuzz article, I like the idea of a Hemsky/Mcbain swap but personally if I were Edmonton I wouldn't take anything less than:

    To CAR: Hemsky, conditional 2013 pick if Hemsky doesn't resign (lets say a 2nd)

    To EDM: Mcbain, 2012 1st

    With this offer, EDM gets a very good young defenseman, and potentially a 10th-15th overall pick (probably later if Carolina gets Hemsky), and Carolina gets a great play-making winger for E.Staal.

    Remember that Penner brought a prospect and a 1st at the deadline. With Hemsky's higher value and considering that we are much earlier in the year, getting a 1st back isn't that unrealistic.

  3. alpalstewart says:

    there are always perticulars in any trade, so Gags for kabby and a 2nd or 3rd might be the price they pay. And yes the oilers are in panic mode, with injuries to Whitney,Potter,Barker and sutton they are in bad shape. even when whitney gets back he'll need a couple of weeks to get back to game shape.

    leaf fans can forget about trading franson away for ridiculous return cause your keeping him now, and burke has shut the phones down concerning him, unless its a ridiculous offer obviously.
    another thing i heard and i'm not sure bout this is that the rangers are really trying to land hemsky, the oilers are soured on del zotto though and really dont have interest cause they say he lacks passion. they do however like prospects tim erixon and dylan mcilwrath
  4. Boston_Bruins says:

    Who was the last rookie to get 5 assists, or even 5 points?

  5. MystifoLeafs says:

    I think it was Temmu Selanne. But I could be mistaken.

  6. mojo19 says:

    good question. Wayne Gretzky holds the record for most assists in 1 game in a rookie season with 7.

  7. Boston_Bruins says:

    Just looked it up. He's the first since Malkin had 5 assists, but Malkin was 20 in his rookie year. He's the youngest to get 5 assists in a game since at least the 87/88 season (that's all the stats went up to), and the only teenager besides Crosby to do it in that time.

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