Inside the Flyers: Flyers bolster defense, but offense may need help

In essence, both teams are hoping a change of scenery helps the players blossom into game-changers.

And when you draft a player second overall (van Riemsdyk in 2007) and fifth overall (Schenn in 2008), that’s what you expect: a game-changer.

The deal saves the Flyers some money – Schenn has a $3.6 million cap hit for four years, JVR has a $4.25 cap hit for the next six years – and it appears to shut the door on the Flyers’ pursuit of Ryan Suter and Justin Schultz, a pair of soon-to-be free-agent defensemen.

Assuming captain Chris Pronger is unable to return and that the Flyers re-sign Matt Carle, their defense for next season might look like this: Braydon Coburn and Nick Grossmann; Kimmo Timonen and Andrej Meszaros; and Carle and Schenn, a stay-at-home, 6-foot-2, 229-pound defender.

That would give the Flyers a formidable (and beefy) unit, with Marc-Andre Bourdon and Erik Gustafsson providing solid depth if needed.

But, suddenly, there is a hole in the offense. General manager Paul Holmgren said it is 50/50 that the club will be able to re-sign Jaromir Jagr, who can become a free agent next Sunday. Even if Jagr is re-signed, the Flyers appear to have enough cap space to go after winger Zach Parise, the jewel of this free-agent class.

Problem is, Pittsburgh – whose fans booed so loudly when the Flyers made a draft pick here this weekend that they drowned out the announced selections – have cleared lots of cap room and seem primed to make a strong run at Parise, who will have a long list of suitors.

Landing Parise, then, would be a double-win for the Penguins, who lost out to the Flyers in the Jagr sweepstakes last summer. (Side note: Late-blooming P.A. Parenteau of the Islanders is an intriguing free-agent winger.)

For Pittsburgh, getting Parise in his prime would trump the Flyers’ getting the still-effective Jagr late in his Hall of Fame career.

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  1. Steven_Leafs0 says:

    With JVR gone, there is a hole on the wing. I think a move for Bobby Ryan would be a great idea. The question becomes what to give up, I think this would be a decent price (maybe too much but I think any less would not get it done).

    To PHI:


    To ANA:

    2013 1st round pick
    rights to Carle

    Here is why I think this deal works:

    1) Philadelphia needs another scoring winger. With Jagr and JVR gone they have a big hole they need to fill and Ryan is a great upgrade to both of them.

    2) Anaheim needs defensemen. Coburn is signed long term and fills into the 3/4 slot nicely, especially with Visnovski gone. Philadelphia also has an abundance of defense even with Pronger not on the roster. If they need more depth in the position they can always sign one.

    3) Anaheim also gets a potential franchise player to replace Ryan in Couturier. It also give them a great 2nd line center they have been missing for a while.

    4) finally the value of the deal is pretty good. Remembering what Staal went for:

    8th overall pick

    Ryan is a better player (on average gets 10 more goals and 20 more points a season than Staal and is signed longer term which I will ignore since Staal is likely to sign in Carolina with his brother). So comparing the pieces:

    Coburn 2012 8th overall pick
    2013 1st round pick > Duboulin
    rights to Carle has little to no trade value (6th round pick at best)

    I think the deal works for everyone, Philadelphia upgrades their offense production and Anaheim gets a big young stud centerman, a solid 3/4 defenseman and a 1st round pick in a good draft.

    What do you guys think?

  2. blaze says:

    Pretty sure Philly wouldn’t do Couts for Ryan straight up. That deal seems like an overpayment to me.

    • Steven_Leafs0 says:

      gotta say Couturier, no matter how high some people may be rating him right now, is not enough to land Ryan IMO. If Anaheim only wants Ryan then Philadelphia should take it and run.

      I can see why you think my proposed deal is an overpayment but considering what Staal went for I cannot see the price dropping too much from it.

      • Staal went for an overpayment because the Hurricanes wanted him. Rumors had Rangers trying to get Jordan and Marc together, and Penguins asked for more because they had other options but wanted to do the right thing and send him to Car.

  3. reinjosh says:

    Paul Holmgren just astounds me. The dude is a ballsy dude but sometimes he’s an idiot.

    I still 100 percent think he made a mistake not drafting Dougie Hamilton last year, even though Couturier played very well this year.

    But he had a big time chance to rectify that this year. He had a shot at a player he really shouldn’t have had a shot at. He had the ability to get Olli Maatta, a player who for all intents and purposes wasn’t higher simply because of an injury he suffered in the World Juniors. And what does he do? He picks a f*cking center again?

    Philly is going to regret this. Especially since their divisional opponent Pittsburgh drafted him. Holmgren made a big mistake on that pick.

  4. SabresFan220 says:

    It must be great to be Ray Shero. All your players are vastly overrated because your team’s stars make them look better than they really are. Staal and Sutter aren’t that different to begin with, Sutter is in many ways a less hyped up version of Staal who costs less and is signed for several years. Sutter and Duboulin for Staal would’ve been fair, including the 8th overall makes it highway robbery in Pittsburgh’s favor. Carolina may not regret the deal because of additional jersey sales and marketing boost, but on the ice Pittsburgh fleeced the hell out of them.

  5. I like Sutter, but Staal is more than just an overhyped version. Still, it was an over-payment, but only because the Hurricanes wanted to make sure they landed him at all cost.

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