Interesting Canuck Stats

The Canucks are, in fantasy, in big trouble.

Bertuzzi still has the Steve Moore incident in his head and is having an average season. He did pass 500 career points this year though. He has 53 pts in 59 games.

Brendan Morrison is also having issues this season. He hasn’t really been a presence on the first line at all. He has 42 points in 59 games.

Naslund is having a brilliant year. He leads the team in goals (26) and points (60) in 58 games though he does have a -8 plus/minus and 50 penalty minutes. He’s also 18th in the NHL point scoring race. In fact, Naslund has been carrying the first line instead of being supported by Bertuzzi and Morrison. Naslund has scored about 40% of the first line’s 155 points. Bertuzzi has 33%, and Morrison 27%.

As for the Sedins+Carter line, they have basically been the first line. Combined this line has 146 points. Henrik has 39% of this total, Daniel has 35%, and Carter has 26%. The Sedins have combined for 108 points this season.

The Sedins (excluding Carter) have combined for 20% of the team’s combined 535 points and the top line has collected 29% of that total. The whole second line including Carter has 27%.

The Sedin Line has done their 146 points with ice time totaling numbers like 925-975 minutes a member. The top line has accomplished thier 155 points with ice time between 1050 and 1200 minutes.

The point of these numbers is that if the Sedin Line and the Top Line would swap, not only would the Sedin Line improve their numbers, but I would bet that their numbers would be higher than the Naslund-Bertuzzi-Morrison line by the end of the season.

Another possibility is to set up a Naslund-Henrik-Daniel first line, and a Bertuzzi-Morrison-Carter second line.

Thank you for your time. Hopefully this proves the the Sedins pretty much have matured to the point that they are at last the first line that they deserve to be.

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