Interview with Code

Here’s the second hockey writer interview, this time from ‘s the code.[08:22:02 PM] (h)|3!|_|_(: hello

[08:22:09 PM] TJ: hi

[08:22:25 PM] (h)|3!|_|_(: I’m the guy from HTR who wanted to

interview u for a series im doing on the site.

[08:22:59 PM] TJ: ok

[08:23:21 PM] (h)|3!|_|_(: Why did you start answering questions at


[08:24:25 PM] TJ: During the lockout, one of my co-workers told me

about the site, so I went and signed up.

[08:25:14 PM] TJ: I work around the NHL, and I called a few signings,

and the rest is history.

[08:25:20 PM] (h)|3!|_|_(: When you went private, some people were

real… well to put it in bad wording, real dicks to

you, what exactly went on?

[08:26:30 PM] TJ: Well it wasn’t my choice to go private. I don’t make

money off of this. just couldn’t

handle the traffic.

[08:26:59 PM] (h)|3!|_|_(: i think most people, other then the people

being real jerks understand you were in a tough


[08:27:40 PM] TJ: Well, I’m really not like the other “rumor” guys out

there. This guys like Eklund’s don’t work around the


[08:28:09 PM] TJ: When I report stuff, it’s what GM’s are really

talking about at that moment.

[08:28:50 PM] TJ: And I don’t really like calling it rumors. I just

like them to be called talks between GM’s.

[08:29:07 PM] TJ: Or different front office’s.

[08:29:10 PM] (h)|3!|_|_(: Ok, now, where did the “Cowbell” thing


[08:30:29 PM] TJ: If I’m correctly, I guess I was a roll in the summer

time with the signings. I must have nailed 7 straight

signings, so someone said “Code, we need more


[08:31:02 PM] TJ: That’s the first time I heard it.

[08:31:11 PM] TJ: So I took it on.

[08:32:19 PM] (h)|3!|_|_(: As someone who did ask alot of questions

in the forums with you, I know there were something like

100 pages of questions a day, how difficult was it to

keep up with all those questions, and was it ever

frustrating answering the same questions on the Leafs

and Rangers fifty times a day?

[08:35:00 PM] TJ: It’s not hard at all. I mean, sometimes I feel a bit

tired answering the same question every 5 minutes, but

it’s cool.

[08:35:26 PM] (h)|3!|_|_(: What’s the biggest deal you’d say is set

to happen this deadline?

[08:36:44 PM] TJ: I don’t think it’s possible to really say. It’s too

early to predict. Most teams who are trying to give a

playoffs spot are going to wait till the last second

before they make a move.

[08:36:58 PM] TJ: give = grab

[08:37:18 PM] (h)|3!|_|_(: whats your favorite team?

[08:37:51 PM] TJ: I just enjoy watching any games that I can catch.

[08:38:30 PM] (h)|3!|_|_(: you once mentioned a liking for the

Oilers? I take it it didn’t materialize into a real


[08:39:03 PM] TJ: Well I do like watching the Oilers play. I like the

style of play the bring to the game.

[08:39:25 PM] TJ: I’ve always been a fun of the run and gun style of


[08:39:29 PM] TJ: fan*

[08:39:48 PM] (h)|3!|_|_(: are there any deals you’d say are

guaranteed to happen?

[08:39:57 PM] (h)|3!|_|_(: or close to happening?

[08:40:43 PM] TJ: There’s just a lot of talk right now. I can say for

sure players liek McCabe and KT will be gone.

[08:41:07 PM] (h)|3!|_|_(: KT? Keith Tkachuck?

[08:41:10 PM] TJ: But really it’s up to the GM’s to pull the


[08:41:15 PM] TJ: Yes. Thachuk

[08:41:22 PM] TJ: Tkachuk

[08:41:26 PM] (h)|3!|_|_(: where will Tkachuck go if you had to say

right now?

[08:41:36 PM] TJ: The Rangers.

[08:41:54 PM] TJ: Just because they’ve been talking to the Blues the


[08:42:20 PM] (h)|3!|_|_(: What about Bryan McCabe?

[08:42:49 PM] TJ: I really don’t know. There’s a lot of teams who want

to grab him.

[08:43:12 PM] TJ: I would think the Leafs would wait till the trade

line to before moving him.

[08:43:16 PM] (h)|3!|_|_(: what is the best the Leafs could get for


[08:44:00 PM] TJ: It depends if a team is assured that McCabe will

re-sign with them.

[08:44:25 PM] TJ: But some teams always overpays.

[08:44:43 PM] TJ: even if it means that they won’t be able to get a

deal done with a player.

[08:44:54 PM] (h)|3!|_|_(: Any truth to the Luongo rumors?

[08:45:10 PM] TJ: Which one’s?

[08:45:16 PM] (h)|3!|_|_(: any of them.

[08:45:28 PM] TJ: No.

[08:45:49 PM] TJ: Wait until the Draft for those talks to pick up.

[08:45:53 PM] (h)|3!|_|_(: not even the Leafs one you posted on your


[08:46:12 PM] TJ: Well that talk is legit.

[08:46:26 PM] TJ: But it’ll get serious in the off-season.

[08:46:43 PM] (h)|3!|_|_(: what about Olli Jokinen? Calgary or


[08:47:12 PM] TJ: Both teams have good offers ont he table.

[08:47:33 PM] TJ: I think Keenan might take the Flames offer.

[08:47:36 PM] (h)|3!|_|_(: which offer would you say is better? can

you give any details?

[08:48:21 PM] TJ: I can say the Flames offer is very attractive.

[08:48:35 PM] TJ: It fits the Panthers style of game.

[08:48:56 PM] TJ: The players involved are the type of platers Keenan


[08:49:16 PM] (h)|3!|_|_(: any big rumors that the media hasnt caught

on to yet?

[08:49:53 PM] TJ: I don’t know. I don’t do rumors.

[08:50:00 PM] TJ: Maybe you should ask Eklund.

[08:50:26 PM] (h)|3!|_|_(: ok, well… talks

[08:51:01 PM] TJ: There’s a ton of stuff the media has caught up to

yet. But they will.

[08:51:18 PM] TJ: I mean, you said you’ve been in my chat session.

[08:51:25 PM] TJ: So you should know first hand.

[08:51:31 PM] (h)|3!|_|_(: not since the summer actually.

[08:51:51 PM] (h)|3!|_|_(: but I do understand where you’re comming


[08:52:22 PM] (h)|3!|_|_(: Ok, I’m goin go ask quick answer questions

similar to sportsnets rapid fire,

[08:52:28 PM] (h)|3!|_|_(: Sakic or Forsberg?

[08:52:43 PM] TJ: Forsberg

[08:52:58 PM] (h)|3!|_|_(: Would you rather a Stanley Cup, or a day

at the playboy mansion?

[08:53:35 PM] TJ: Can a playboy bunny hand me the Stanley Cup?

[08:53:52 PM] (h)|3!|_|_(: That would be interesting.

[08:53:55 PM] (h)|3!|_|_(: Hull or Roenick?

[08:54:15 PM] TJ: Hull.

[08:54:21 PM] (h)|3!|_|_(: Brett or Bobby?

[08:54:32 PM] TJ: Man, that’s a hard one.

[08:54:39 PM] TJ: Brett.

[08:54:51 PM] (h)|3!|_|_(: East or Western Conference?

[08:55:26 PM] TJ: Eastern Conference. No question.

[08:55:41 PM] (h)|3!|_|_(: North American or European hockey?

[08:56:22 PM] TJ: North American.

[08:56:29 PM] TJ: I like the keep it simple approach

[08:56:32 PM] (h)|3!|_|_(: Crosby or Ovechkin?

[08:56:42 PM] TJ: Ovechkin

[08:56:50 PM] (h)|3!|_|_(: as you can tell by my display picture, I


[08:57:21 PM] TJ: Ovechkin will carry the NHL.

[08:57:23 PM] (h)|3!|_|_(: Leaf lover or hater?

[08:58:22 PM] TJ: I love Leaf fans. They might ask questions every 2

minutes, but they are truly insane about their team.

[08:58:43 PM] (h)|3!|_|_(: 2 minutes is prolly a little slower then

the actual pace.

[08:58:51 PM] TJ: lol

[08:58:58 PM] (h)|3!|_|_(: Sundin or Alfredsson

[08:59:15 PM] TJ: Sundin.

[08:59:19 PM] (h)|3!|_|_(: Friends or Will and Grace?

[08:59:26 PM] TJ: Neither.

[08:59:29 PM] (h)|3!|_|_(: lol.

[08:59:37 PM] (h)|3!|_|_(: was wondering wut u’d say for a minute.

[08:59:44 PM] (h)|3!|_|_(: friends is better for sure.

[08:59:59 PM] TJ: I can’t see me living with my friends until i’m 40.

[09:00:09 PM] (h)|3!|_|_(: Simpsons or Seinfeld

[09:00:48 PM] TJ: Oh come on.

[09:00:55 PM] TJ: How can I answer this question.

[09:00:58 PM] (h)|3!|_|_(: ok, off topic, i no

[09:01:17 PM] TJ: but are classic’s.

[09:01:26 PM] TJ: both

[09:01:38 PM] (h)|3!|_|_(: I’d take the Simpsons

[09:01:43 PM] (h)|3!|_|_(: Simpsons or Family Guy?

[09:02:03 PM] TJ: Simpsons.

[09:02:10 PM] (h)|3!|_|_(: now ur talkin

[09:02:11 PM] TJ: You gotta love Homer.

[09:02:16 PM] (h)|3!|_|_(: Would you rather win a Super Bowl, World

Series, NBA Championship, or a Stanley Cup?

[09:02:37 PM] TJ: Stanley Cup.

[09:02:45 PM] TJ: There’s nothing like it.

[09:02:47 PM] (h)|3!|_|_(: Yankees or Red Sox?

[09:03:32 PM] TJ: Yankees.

[09:03:43 PM] TJ: But let me say this.

[09:03:50 PM] (h)|3!|_|_(: i might have had to kill you if you’d

answered the Red Sox.

[09:03:57 PM] TJ: I was a huge Yankee fan.

[09:04:16 PM] TJ: But with them basically buying every superstar, it’s

become boring.

[09:04:22 PM] (h)|3!|_|_(: ya well..

[09:04:31 PM] (h)|3!|_|_(: Pistons or Pacers?

[09:05:40 PM] TJ: Well, up until they trade Artest

[09:05:55 PM] TJ: I would have said the Pacers.

[09:05:58 PM] (h)|3!|_|_(: Knicks man myself.

[09:06:11 PM] TJ: Knicks look great this year.

[09:06:11 PM] (h)|3!|_|_(: i hate both of those teams.

[09:06:24 PM] (h)|3!|_|_(: Cowboys or Red Skins?

[09:06:34 PM] (h)|3!|_|_(: Better yet, Colts or Patriots?

[09:06:45 PM] TJ: Neither. Hate them both.

[09:06:55 PM] TJ: But, I have a couple of friends who play for each


[09:07:23 PM] (h)|3!|_|_(: i think the Colts are the Senators of

Football, so I hate them, and the Patriots just piss me

off, Steelers fan here.

[09:07:56 PM] TJ: I like the Steelers.

[09:08:06 PM] TJ: Porter and Co. are a great defense.

[09:08:14 PM] (h)|3!|_|_(: Leafs or Senators?

[09:08:30 PM] TJ: I plead the 5th.

[09:08:46 PM] TJ: You know if I answer that question, I’ll have 500

hate mails by tonight.

[09:08:55 PM] TJ: from one of the fan bases.

[09:09:17 PM] (h)|3!|_|_(: well, that depends on how soon this takes

to get posted, it could take a little longer.

[09:09:28 PM] (h)|3!|_|_(: off the record, I’ll cut it out.

[09:09:40 PM] TJ: _____

[09:09:44 PM] (h)|3!|_|_(: oooooooo…

[09:09:48 PM] TJ: just because of their style of play.

[09:09:53 PM] TJ: it’s exciting to watch.

[09:10:02 PM] TJ: and you can put that on my review.

[09:10:59 PM] (h)|3!|_|_(: ok, to close things, any big rumors from

sports other then hockey? are the Knicks gonna keep

loading up? the Yankees gonna bring back Clemens or sign

Sosa after the Classic?

[09:11:31 PM] TJ: Look for the Knicks to land KG in the summer.

[09:11:41 PM] (h)|3!|_|_(: killer.

[09:11:48 PM] TJ: And I don’t think you’ll see the Yankees go after

either player

[09:12:00 PM] TJ: The Rocket will go back to the Astros

[09:12:17 PM] (h)|3!|_|_(: that doesnt suck as much as it sounds at first, i just got his astros jersey this past summer.

[09:12:31 PM] TJ: Rocket is amazing

[09:13:01 PM] (h)|3!|_|_(: well, thanks for doing this Code, we look forward to hearing your rumors in the future.

[09:14:03 PM] TJ: Thanks.

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  1. The-President says:

    Wow that was boring, why is this useless info posted

  2. FLAMESOWNU says:

    did u ask anything hockey related in the rapid fire..this is a hockey site not all sport site

  3. BigCanuck says:

    I don’t post often, but what a waste of time reading this stuff. Who cares about football and baseball, I mean I’m a fan of all sports, but I’m on this site to read about HOCKEY. Sorry to be negative, but get with it.

  4. The-President says:

    Why was this posted seriously?

    Will& Grace or Friends WHatTT???

    This is the dumbest conversation ever, and article

  5. simplyhabby says:

    I have to applaud you Leafy regarding your aspirations of bringing something fresh to the site with an interview.

    I am not a professional writer by any standard but my critque would be:

    1. Its Hockey trade rumours, the majority of the interview should be based on hockey.

    2. Maybe a different format such as your spin on the interview with the important tid bits such as “

    Well, I’m really not like the other “rumor” guys out

    there. This guys like Eklund’s don’t work around the


    Again, I commend you for bringing an interview to the website, specially with a guy who is an insider but it was a boring read.

  6. Aetherial says:

    Good job Leafy.

  7. Marky2Fresh says:

    Hey President why don’t you post your amazing Leaf trades/line up’s again?

  8. The-President says:

    Hey Marky, what are you stickin up for, did you like reading that article. Or are you going out with Leafy? Thank You for calling my Leaf trades/line ups AMAZING, I know they were.

  9. mojo19 says:

    That was fun. I stopped reading after about 3 quarters of the way through, but it was good.

  10. TheCoach says:

    Anyone who would take Sundin over Alfredsson loses all credibility.

    Maybe the Sundin of 3 years ago compared to the Alfredsson of 3 years ago, but right now, its no even close.

  11. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    I think it was just a matter of preference. I prefer Sundin over Alfredsson, although Alfredsson right now is the better player.

  12. Kraftster says:

    Hmm…I went to the Pens v. Oilers game last month and I thought the Oilers were far and away the most “old NHL” style team that I had seen all season. AND they iced the puck constantly during Pens possession in their zone. Perhpas that was the exception, but they sure didn’t seem run & gun to me???

  13. GretzNYR99 says:

    Tkachunky is not coming to the Rangers. The Rangers have a surplus of forwards, and they’re more than stocked on the wings. That trade would make no sense what-so-ever for the Rangers, no matter what the return for Tkachuk is.

    This guy not calling rumors legit is funny, because he’s not even legit.

  14. Maximus says:

    Did your PS2 accept those Amazing(ly one sided) trades?

  15. Maximus says:

    I am mad……I wasted five minutes of my life on this.

  16. Maximus says:

    The Oilers have always been a free flowing team. I am from Western Canada. Born and raised a good Edmontonian. I seen that game on TV. It was one of the worst games I have seen this year. It was Pittsburgh’s fault. The did not seem to care for 2 and a half periods.

  17. thatleafsguy says:

    Who the F**K is The Code?

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