Interview with the Insider

I’ve conducted an interview with “The Insider” at, I have a couple more interviews with top hockey bloggers/writers to do, that I will try to conduct soon, and there are a few more people I have yet to get, but here’s “The Insider” who had some interesting things to say.This is the direct MSN Chat log.

[03:46:46 PM] (h)|3!|_|_(: hi

[03:47:10 PM] The Insider: hey

[03:47:25 PM] (h)|3!|_|_(: i write at, and

I was wondering if I could ask you a few questions?

[03:47:32 PM] The Insider: sure

[03:48:22 PM] (h)|3!|_|_(: Ok, first of all, why did you start


[03:48:48 PM] The Insider: i recieve tons of info daily, and their is

a high demand for this, so its fun to share it

[03:49:27 PM] (h)|3!|_|_(: what kinds of people do you get this

information from.

[03:50:11 PM] (h)|3!|_|_(: ?

[03:50:13 PM] The Insider: a number of different sources from around

the league … scouts, fellow insiders, etc

[03:51:08 PM] (h)|3!|_|_(: You have a relitvely small following

compared to Cory Johnson, Eklund, and the Code, do you

plan on expanding your site to help get your information

out to more people?

[03:51:39 PM] The Insider: there are definately future plans to have

more than just a blog.

[03:52:00 PM] (h)|3!|_|_(: What is your favorite NHL team?

[03:52:41 PM] The Insider: no team imparticular … i liked to follow

a few different teams, mainly prefer to watch the

younger, faster teams

[03:53:18 PM] (h)|3!|_|_(: Is there a reason that it seems the

majority of the rumors you post are Leaf rumors?

[03:54:08 PM] The Insider: there are tons of leaf rumors generated

every single day .. toronto is a great hockey city, but

there are so many rumors that some times its tricky to

tell which ones have absolutely no substance to them

[03:55:08 PM] (h)|3!|_|_(: Speaking of the Leafs, do you have any

information on them? I’m a Leaf fan, could you tell me

who they are looking at, and who they possibley could

deal by the deadline?

[03:55:40 PM] The Insider: they would like to add arnason if they can

get cullimore with him .. mccabe may be moved, and the

leafs are considering making an offer for gaborik.

[03:56:04 PM] (h)|3!|_|_(: what would the deal for Gaborik be?

[03:56:22 PM] The Insider: its a hefty price – he is the wild’s

franchise player

[03:56:59 PM] (h)|3!|_|_(: any names? Wellwood, Allison, McCabe?

[03:57:24 PM] The Insider: i have heard all 3 of those names involved

[03:57:36 PM] The Insider: as well a package involving


[03:57:56 PM] (h)|3!|_|_(: percentage wise, whats the chance of

Gaborik joining the Leafs?

[03:58:38 PM] The Insider: the leafs have no ground over any other

team on the gaborik front right now

[03:58:44 PM] The Insider: no one has made an actual offer

[03:58:50 PM] The Insider: as of now, 0%

[03:59:28 PM] (h)|3!|_|_(: Ok, I should prolly ask questions other

then Leaf questions, who’s the biggest name who’ll

likely move by the deadline, where will he go, and what


[03:59:42 PM] The Insider: mccabe

[03:59:47 PM] The Insider: carolina is the front runner

[03:59:57 PM] The Insider: picks/prospect and low-end roster player


[04:00:11 PM] (h)|3!|_|_(: So you’d call McCabe a bigger name player

then Jokinen?

[04:00:57 PM] The Insider: they play seperate roles…and its not

guaranteed yet that jokinen will be moved

[04:01:15 PM] (h)|3!|_|_(: Is Sundin on the move?

[04:01:25 PM] The Insider: at the moment, no

[04:02:14 PM] (h)|3!|_|_(: what about these luongo rumors? Any truth

to them? Who will win, Edmonton? Vancouver? Colorado?

Toronto? and what will the deal look like?

[04:02:28 PM] The Insider: its a 3 way deal involving the rangers and


[04:02:45 PM] (h)|3!|_|_(: names involved?

[04:03:07 PM] The Insider: belfour, montoya and an undisclosed

prospect and draft pick

[04:03:50 PM] (h)|3!|_|_(: what players do you expect to see move

this summer?

[04:04:06 PM] The Insider: trade or free agency?

[04:04:15 PM] (h)|3!|_|_(: either one.

[04:04:20 PM] (h)|3!|_|_(: big names.

[04:05:00 PM] The Insider: luongo, mccabe, richards, theodore, etc

[04:05:33 PM] (h)|3!|_|_(: where will they go?

[04:05:57 PM] The Insider: as well as bertuzzi

[04:06:20 PM] The Insider: luongo – tor, mccabe – car, richards – mtl,

theodore – ana/tb, bertuzzi – ana .. the current


[04:06:57 PM] (h)|3!|_|_(: if you could pick the playoff teams right

now, who would they be?

[04:07:48 PM] (h)|3!|_|_(: based on what moves they could make.

[04:08:17 PM] The Insider: the following teams will move in the

standings a bit

[04:08:17 PM] The Insider: 8. Montreal 26 60

9. Toronto 25 59

10. Atlanta 24 58

10. Boston 24 58

[04:08:33 PM] The Insider: 5. Vancouver 23 71

6. Colorado 23 70

7. Los Angeles 22 69

8. Edmonton 24 68

9. Anaheim 25 65

10. Minnesota 23 63

11. San Jose 26 62

12. Phoenix 23 58

[04:09:04 PM] (h)|3!|_|_(: what direction will they moved? who will

squeeze into 8th in the east?

[04:09:29 PM] The Insider: leafs will make a big push for 8th

[04:09:56 PM] (h)|3!|_|_(: any defensive additions on the Leafs


[04:10:06 PM] The Insider: cullimore is a possibility

[04:11:13 PM] (h)|3!|_|_(: is Jokinen on his way to Ottawa, or


[04:11:20 PM] The Insider: not ottawa

[04:11:22 PM] The Insider: they pulled out

[04:11:32 PM] The Insider: colorado is in it now tho, the flames are

still in as well

[04:11:43 PM] (h)|3!|_|_(: whats the best offer Florida’s had.

[04:12:45 PM] The Insider: 1st + Chuck Kobesaw

[04:13:33 PM] (h)|3!|_|_(: will there be more or less trades then

ussual at the deadline?

[04:13:39 PM] The Insider: about the same

[04:14:20 PM] (h)|3!|_|_(: Well, thanks for answering these

questions, I’ll direct people at HTR to your blog.

[04:14:34 PM] The Insider: thanks

[04:14:36 PM] The Insider: nice speaking with u

[04:14:40 PM] (h)|3!|_|_(: you too.

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