Irbe Clears Waivers and sent to Minors!!!

Arturs Irbe has cleared waivers and will be sent to the Lowel Lock Monsters of the AHL after tonites game in Dallas!!! Here is the source:

This article states that the Canes are going to continue to try to trade Irbe before the March 11th trade deadline, Jason Karamanos also stated that Irbe will not be a part of the Hurricanes future.

Will Irbe even report to Lowel? And if he does, will he end up like Jim Carey did in Providence/ Boston. I do not know for sure, but Irbe certainly must have a one way deal with the Canes.

If Irbe is traded before the deadline, would any of the teams that could be interested in him also have potential interest in either Wesley, Ward or Hill, all of whom are rumored to be available? As we saw with Pittsburgh, teams trying to dump salery might be more likely to send alot of guys off at once. This last part is purely speculation on my part of coarse.

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  1. mikster says:

    May the Hurricanes really go down the drain.

    COME ON! Irbe made them a solid team for many seasons, he got them into the playoffs, he always came up big, and just because of a bad season…they send him down to the minors? JOKE….complete joke. Disrespecful and just extremely class-less.

    Put him on waivers, but if he clears, then don’t humiliate the guy.

  2. pantherboy says:

    How the mighty have fallen, eh?

  3. Tony says:

    No respect for a goalie that took the team to the finals last year. It just ain’t right.

  4. bodiddley says:

    I’m a blues fan and have season tickets and the nhl package on satelite and i can tell you , i would take irbe right now over brent johnson . I ‘ve seen them both play this year and i would have more confidence in irbe going into the playoffs . I guess the blues are thinking he’s too old to pick up for the future but for guys like BIG AL , DOUG WEIGHT , KEITH TKACHUK AND MELLANBY to name a few the future is now. Besides the Blues have a great goalie in the minors named Reinhard Divis for the future. As for the other guys they wouldn’t be interested in Hill for sure they’ve already been down that road and he didn’t fit the system, and i guess the other two depend on contract situations and what carolina would want.

  5. Hoy says:

    To put Irbe to the minors is crazy. The team sucks. They can’t score. With Irbe or Weekes in net it doesn’t matter they lose anyway, why would a goalie from the minors make a difference. It won’t they won’t get close to a play-off spot. If they keep Irbe with the team he may play better and Carolina may get some trade offers but not if hes in Lowel.

  6. edmontonrules says:

    What a surprise. Who would want him anyway?

  7. aaron says:

    I think you guys are missing the point in this. They were trying to get someone to pick him up and take his salary off their lap. They’re rebuilding. Irbe himself said he understood the move, thanked the Canes for many good years, and said they handled the situation very well and he had nothing against them. Now that he cleared waivers, the Canes’ll probably go about trying to dump him off in a trade somewhere, but will probably have to pick up most of his salary, which seems to me is the pill that’s keeping him from being acquired.

  8. mikster says:

    Yeah but you can place someone on waivers w/o sending him to the minors.

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