Is Bieksa safe now ?

With the recent injury to Sami Salo and surprisingly cap friendly deal Mason Raymond signed it looks like Kevin Bieksa could stay in Vancouver after all. Apparently Sami Salo could be out until Decemeber – which would cost him at least a 3rd of the season. With his salary off the books for probably 2 months the Canucks all of a sudden have some cap space. Okay they don’t have cap space, but if you take Salo’s contract off the books then they are under the cap. What about when he comes back from injury? Well, we will have to make some moves to prevent any sort of trouble won’t we?

Trade Shane O’Brien:

I like Shane O’Brien, and I think he can be a top 4 defensemen in the NHL, but Aaron Rome was rock solid any time he was in the lineup last year and could definately play 10 – 14 minutes a night. His market value probably is around a 3rd round pick, and after us trading away all of our picks this year picking up some mid round picks wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Sign Aaron Asham:

This guy was a beast in the playoffs. Why does he still not have a contract? I doubt he would turn down a good chance to win Lord Stanley’s cup, and a million dollar contract. 1 year, 1 million? Doesn’t seem like he has too many better offers right now …


Sedin – Sedin – Samuelsson
Raymond – Kesler – Burrows
Hodgson – Malhotra – Asham
Hansen – Tambellini – Oreskovich
extra: Rypien

Hamhuis – Ehrhoff
Ballard – Edler
Rome – Bieksa
extra: Alberts


That lineup looks good to start the year. I kept only two healthy scratches to save cap space. If they suffer a major injury they’ll call up either Schroeder, Shirokov, Connauton, or Oberg anyways, so why do they need to carry 23 players ?

Once Salo returns then you could bury Alberts in the minors. If they must they could bury Hodgson right when Salo comes back for a month (or however long they have to to avoid going over the cap) and hopefully they can use him down the stretch.

Lineup after:

* same forwards

Hamhuis – Ehrhoff
Ballard – Salo
Edler – Bieksa
extra: Rome

* same goalies

This way they stay under the cap, keep Kevin Bieksa, and add another bottom 6 forward.

3 Responses to Is Bieksa safe now ?

  1. VCRMillionaires says:

    I don't think Bieksa is safe. We would get more for him if we traded him now then in Nov-Dec. I say trade him now.
    I like Asham but i think we need a more vet. presents… i say sign Owen Nolan for 1.5-2 mil(1year)… he's old but can still score. I also like Madden but i don't see him coming to the west.
    If not then sign Mitchell for 2-2.5 mil (1year) and lose Alberts or invite Mara to camp. Then wait for Salo to came back.

  2. Kramer says:

    Hard to say if he's safe, it was a close play at second base.

  3. VCRMillionaires says:

    I think Asham wants a 2 year deal but Gillis only wants to give a 1 year. Comrie could be a 1year 1 mil guy for the 3rd line with Cody and Manny. 

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