Is Bill Watters floating, or is there something to this?

Last night on Leafs TV, Bill Watters was quoted as saying that the Toronto Maple Leafs are looking to cut about 3 million dollars or so from their payroll, possibly by trading a player or two for no return, just to make a deal offered to them earlier this week by the Colorado Avalanche. “Appartently”, according to Mr. Watters, Colorado has been expressing interest in Leaf captain Mats Sundin for some time now, and may have intrigued the Leafs with their most recent offer, a deal that would send youthful winger Alex Tanguay to Toronto, along with future Hall Of Famer Rob Blake.

Say what you want about this particular deal, I really don’t see Colorado offering that much, but IF they are, where does that put Toronto? This may be the best offer they ever get for Sundin, and, judging by it’s source, Mr. Watters is usually right on the money or way off base.

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  1. The-President says:

    In aquiring those two, they plan on freeing up 3 million, if anything that would add on to the cap

  2. Toonces99 says:

    Blake makes aroung $6.8 Million per year, Tanguay around $3.5 Mill per year….l can’t see this happening with-out more going to Colorado to free up space…by doing this deal it would put the buds at or over the limit…..But Bill doesn’t normaly throw things like this around,,,, there usualy is some credit behind it.

  3. Aetherial says:


    I guess Sundin for Blake is a wash. Both are overpriced and not what they once were… and the Leafs get Tanguay, for basically whoever they need to give up for nothing.

    Of course, they would not have to shed the whole 3 mil, if they did not sign players like Belak and Domi

  4. Bummer12 says:

    I can’t see Maple Leaf brass turning this type of deal down if it was offered. However Sundin can shoot it down considering his no trade clause. But while Colorado is offering these two for Sundin, why not give them Berg, Klee, Antropov for Sakic, Svatos and Liles. If Colorado really offerd the first two for Sundin they might just be smoking enough to go for the second trade too!

    P.S. I am way too tired of hearing how the leafs are going to trade for all these great players for unrealistic deals. I’ll believe it when I see it. Sundin for Alex T and Blake………..Give me a break!

  5. PaulK123 says:

    The Leafs are looking to dump salary, that’s for sure! If the Leafs are able to include a high draft pick and possibly Ed Belfour (Colorado needs a goalie).

    This is how this deal may go down:

    To Colorado:

    Mats Sundin

    Ed Belfour

    3rd round pick

    To Toronto:

    Milan Hejduk

    Rob Blake

    This would strongly improve the Leafs and plus if they were to add Tyler Arnason they’d be amazing, this is how the deal could go down:

    To Chicago:

    Nik Antropov

    Aki Berg

    To Toronto:

    Tyler Arnason

    They would need to trade for a goalie, it would

    probably be for Dwayne Roloson:

    To Minnesota:



    To Toronto:

    Dwayne Roloson

    4th round pick

    Now this is how the Leafs roster would look:












    voila, thats a cup contender team!

  6. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    bill waters is wrong 99% percent of the time (remember he said the leafs were gonna trade for rivers in detroit and that wasn’t true) no way colorado is giving up tanguay, maybe blake, or hedjuk, but tangay is staying where he is. and as jfj said a long time ago, so is sundin

  7. BleedinBlueTillDeath says:

    tanguay for sundin would be amazing

  8. Oley says:

    this trade would be awesome but its NEVER going to happen.

    1: JFJ is too stupid to make a trade like that, i mean look what he has done for the team.

    2: if it does happen i bet we would lose so much more for him. i seriously doubt that just sundin would go for Tanguay. not to mention hejduk is a way more valuble player is almost every aspect of the game where sundin is given an new excuse everynight of the week when the leafs lose. ooo he doesnt have wingers. bullSh*t sundins washed up i say we waive him or try 2 get anything for him. as long as he agrees to it.

    GO LEAFS GO. although im getting sick n tired of watching them now. im sick n tired of relying on old people 2 make the leafs win a cup. just trade every1 for prospects and drafts. rebUILD!!!!!!!!!!!! then we can MAYBE win a cup for once.

  9. wht_trsh says:

    I’ve heard it’s Sundin and Belfour for Blake and Tanguay. I would love to have Tanguay, this guy is 26 with a very bright future.

  10. Aetherial says:

    Agreed, I can’t see it happening. I would be shocked if Sundin was traded.

  11. sergioel says:

    that team sucks. your trades bring us from deep at centre, to basically weak all around.

    also the trade rumor is for tanguay, not hejduk.

  12. 92-93 says:

    this trade isn’t going to happen because of the cap. unless toronto gave added some other players (O’Neill? Domi? Antropov? etc.).

    Colorado’s goaltending situation is not as bad as many make it out to be especially since Abeschier has started playing better since the beginning of the new year. the colorado offense is loaded and is covering up for their poor defensive play.

    i don’t put much stock into what Watters says (or his arch rival Nick Kypreos for that matter).

    the leafs won’t make a deal until the deadline and it will probably be a minor one. my top-5 candidates for trades:

    5. Ed Belfour – not likely, but if Edmonton and others are still looking for a goalie from a team that is not chasing them for a playoff spot – Belfour (or more realistically, Biron) would be a good fit considering the options a team would have with him in the offseason. Downside: 4.56 million dollar contract this year (but most of that is already paid out).

    4. Nik Antropov – considering that Domi and O’Neill are in toronto for another year and the need for stajan and Wellwood to play on the wings with the big Centres, this deal could make sense if it brings a mid-round draft pick or a prospect in return. Doubt it though – Antropov has had his best season so far with the Buds and is clicking well with Poni and Allison (this is really dependant on the Allison trade below).

    3. Aki Berg: Yup. that Aki Berg. many – including myself – love to dump on this guy but the fact of the matter is teams looking for defensive depth know that Berg is an OK #6 D-guy and a good depth defenceman for the playoffs.

    2. Jason Allison. Everyone continually harps about his bonuses – some of which he WILL NOT reach – and his lack of speed. if allison doesn’t get traded and is resigned next year count me as a fan of that move. but if he is traded he could get something worthwhile in return – preferably a blueliner. Allison is a point-a-game guy, solid on the PP, controls the game’s pace. the downside: his speed and his ability to get back to his own end. but as usual, many people blow these negatives way out of proportion.

    1- Ken Klee. Injured right now but will be back by the weekend. Klee is a solid defenceman that other teams wouldn’t mind getting for the playoffs and he would fetch an decent return (mid-round draft pick perhaps). his 1.9 million contract is mostly paid and the leafs won’t have to deal with resigning him next year. it also will open up some space to sign someone else this year.

  13. Toonces99 says:

    I’m a little confused, why would your #1 pick be a d-man if that is what the Buds need? Also you seem to have Aki Berg in there, another d-man…..The leafs need d, they shouldn’t be shedding it. I can see Belfour, Antropov and Allison but to trade a D for picks is crazy…the only way this would happen is if the leafs were completly out of it and last l checked they are not…..Come on…

  14. 92-93 says:

    well here’s the thing. the play of the rookies make guys like Berg redundant. Klee is a tradeable commodity and can be involved with trades involving other players like Allison.

    sure the leafs need D but they also have to make deals concerning the future. the leafs may be in it but they are not going to do anything this year. come on…

  15. 92-93 says:

    also, i think you are a little too caught up in the leafs’ chances this year. this is not their year. and giving up the guys that i mentioned isn’t going to bury them – especially if Allison is traded for a defenseman.

  16. NHLSlayer says:

    Obviously. As was stated, they are looking to DUMP salary, SO THAT THEY CAN AFFORD THIS TRADE.

  17. MaltE says:

    Why is it that we always end up with old people like Rob Blake? Sure, he would probably have 1-2 years with Toronto, but Ferguson isn’t stupid. Why would Colorado trade Blake for Mats.. No, not his stats right now, maybe his age.. His determination to win a cup? A clinched playoff spot??. COL knows blake is getting old and he WILL retire sometime, sooner than most, just because he is old. Tanguay is just bait to make it look like its an amazing deal, but cut blake, I still think he IS good, dont get me wrong, but age will hit him, and i can garuntee you if this was true, COL knows blake is getting olllllddddd..

  18. mojo19 says:

    thats not a cup contender, thats a worse team than they have right now. And, wellwood and Allison is way too much to give for roloson.

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