Is Bill Watters floating, or is there something to this?

Last night on Leafs TV, Bill Watters was quoted as saying that the Toronto Maple Leafs are looking to cut about 3 million dollars or so from their payroll, possibly by trading a player or two for no return, just to make a deal offered to them earlier this week by the Colorado Avalanche. “Appartently”, according to Mr. Watters, Colorado has been expressing interest in Leaf captain Mats Sundin for some time now, and may have intrigued the Leafs with their most recent offer, a deal that would send youthful winger Alex Tanguay to Toronto, along with future Hall Of Famer Rob Blake.

Say what you want about this particular deal, I really don’t see Colorado offering that much, but IF they are, where does that put Toronto? This may be the best offer they ever get for Sundin, and, judging by it’s source, Mr. Watters is usually right on the money or way off base.