Is Bourque on the trade block?

Not suggesting Feaster is shopping Bourque, but his name is out there and teams are interested.!/DarrenDreger/statuses/126457889710817280

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  1. alpalstewart says:

    bourque is a perfect fit in Tthe Buds top 6 forwards.

    prospects and picks are what cgy needs.
    to tor. bourque
    to cgy colborne,lashoff and a 3rd
  2. blaze says:

    Not bad for value but not interested at that price at all. Bourque in theory would look good in the top 6 and his cap hit is pretty reasonable but at whose expense?

    Kessel and Kulimen are locks so that means he would have to replace Lupul or MacArthur both of whom have good chemistry on their respective lines. Bourque could possibly be an upgrade but more than likely is a sideways move while losing assets.

  3. blaze says:

    Ok Flamers, face it the Flames are going nowheres fast. Flames are probably my second favorite team (living on the west coast and hating the Nucks), but nowheres close to my Leafers. Still havn't been following them enough to really know what I'm talking about but hows this look? More of a re-tool than a re-build assuming Iginla chooses to stay.

    In the near future while Columbus continues to panic;

    Kiprusoff,Hagman,3rd  =   Mason,Brassard,1st(CLB)

    Columbus sheds the salary needed and two big underacheivers who need a change of scenery. Kiprusoff gives them a rock in net and a secondary scoring rental in Hagman to help with injuries.

    At the deadline (approx. value on picks, to whichever team, attempts to move Stajan are unsuccessful lol);

    Jokinen       =  2nd
    Stempniak  =  3rd
    Sarich         =  4th

    Bourque,Karlsson  =  Schneider(VAN)

    Vancouver realizes Luongos contract is immovable and gives him the vote of confidence by dealing Schnieder. Bourque is a perfect fit on either of the top two lines and is an perfect addition with size at a good cap hit for years. Nucks has wanted Mason in return but cap issues forced them to settle for Karlsson as a replacement backup.

    In the off-season;

    Morrsion, Kostoplous and Hannan all walk as FA. Moss re-signs to a reasonable contract.

    Feaster armed with loads of cap space puts out big offers to notable FAs, making a serious push for Parise. Though he strikes out on Parise, he does manage to snag Ryan Suter for 6y,7m.

    After trading Kiprusoff the Flames go on freefall down the standings and end up with a top 5 pick. If need be Feaster uses his first rounder from Columbus to trade up snag future stud who makes the team out of camp, Mikhail Grigorenko. Nemisz makes the team out of camp in the top 6.

       Iginla     Grigorenko     Tanguay
    Glencross    Backlund       Nemisz
     Brassard      Stajan          Moss

          Bouwmeester   Suter
             Giordano     Babchuk
               Butler         Smith


    One year of pain pulls off a quick retool, Flames might take some time to become competitive again but the future looks much brighter, the team is more flexible and Iginla gets to remain a Flame.

  4. blaze says:

    haha sorry Flamers I tried to comment on a Calgary article, but if there's a Leafs article up, you'll never get any love.

  5. reinjosh says:

    Most of us are on board for this. Well by most of us, I mean Albertateams and I are at least. Feaster doesn't seem to hold the same thought though…

    I've missed posts like this. It's been a while since we've had a detailed rebuild post. 
    Honestly, this is the only option that is going to be available to the Flames. SInce Iggy won't drop his clause (which isn't terrible), a re-tool makes sense.
    Trade out some contracts and get some picks and prospects. The Mason/Brassard deal is the exact kind of deal I think the team should make. Grab a high pick, grab some potential high end prospects and move forward. A top 5 pick this draft would be perfect. Grab a high end forward (one of Yakupov, Griorenko, Forsberg, Galchenyuk) and then move on from there. 
  6. blaze says:

    Ya the Flames has some assets to play with on the trade market. If Feaster decides to stick with the status quo, tread water and overpay mid level FAs then things will get ugly quick.

    Grabbing a potential franchise forward at the draft to compliment Iggy would breathe a lot of life back into the club.

  7. reinjosh says:

    That would be the worst thing for this team and yet i get the bad feeling that is what his plan is. I really hope that doesn't happen.

  8. reinjosh says:

    Not grabbing a potential franchise forward lol. That would be best case scenario. 

  9. albertateams says:

    I like the Kipper deal. With the amount of money CBJ invested in the offseason they might make a panic move to try and make the playoffs. Mason is kind of a wild card he could develop with time or could bust.

    Not really a big fan of the Bourque for Schneider trade (more personal opinion than anything). I'm just not sold that Schnieder is as good as he's made out to be. I'd rather try Karlsson and Irving for the rest of the season and address goaltending in the offseason if needed.

    Seems to be a lot of rumors around Bourque this week. As much as I like Bourque if he was moved for a good pick or prospect I think it makes sense. I just hope its not for spare part veterans. Calgary needs to dump a couple more forwards. I liked the way Horak carried himself but with Morrison back he's out of the lineup.

    They just have too many players that preform similar roles. Dumping one or two for  futures makes sense.

  10. alpalstewart says:

    well it is said that toronto is after a top 6 forward. i guess what they mean is that toronto is after a top  center. so from now on i'll speculate on a center coming in. lol

  11. blaze says:

    Ya I can see you're hesitation on the Bourque deal if you're not high on Schnieder. I think he's ready to be a good starter somewheres though and a Schnieder/Mason tandem could possibly have the Flames competitive again next year.

    As a Leafs fan I know first hand the importance of goaltending and the difficulting in finding one. I have very little confidence either Karlsson or Irving could shoulder the load. Pekka Rinne will be available as an FA which would be the answer to your prayers. After that though its Vokoun (likely re-sign) and a sea of back ups so it doesn`t look too pretty.

    It depends I guess on how soon you`d like to become competitive again. If you don`t mind tanking for 2+ years then it`s not an issue but then you`re wasting productive years from Iginla. Doesn`t necessarily have to be Schnieder but acquiring a young number 1 goalie should be a top priority if Kipper is moved and a re-tool over re-build is the goal.

  12. albertateams says:

    I just don't see a huge up grade from a Mason/ Schneider pairing and an Irving/Mason pairing, sure Schneider's further along in his development but I would rather see Bourque traded for a solid young d or forward or prospects/picks. I also think Schneider wouldn't look quite as good playing behind a Flames team as he does the Canucks. Irving I think could get a shot next year. He has been playing really well in the AHL the last two years. That being said he might not be ready quite yet. I just don't see Schneider providing that much more stability in the position, Rinne I would love to get but I don't see it.

    If the Flames were going to target a young goalie I would prefer Bernier in LA. The kings are going to have to decide which goalie they are going to pay long term and unless something changes its going to be Quick.

    I think a serviceable # 1 wouldn't be that difficult to find in the summer via trade or FA. They won't get a top flight guy but a mid level guy for a year or two wouldn't be the end of the world. FA goaltenders in 2013 is looking very strong. I still maintain that a quick rebuild is possible this offseason if it s done correctly. With the cap space they have and a couple of smart trades and draft picks, it really wouldn't have to be an Oilers style half decade tank.

  13. blaze says:

    Bernier would be a good target too and with his cap hit Bourque would probably be a nice fit on LA. I would rather Schnieder over Bernier personally but like you said, it`s all a matter of opinion.

    Unless you`re a dominant team goaltending needs to be quite solid. Finding a decent number one can be done, but it`s not always easy. Took the Leafs 6 years and if Reimer flames out who knows how long.

  14. mojo19 says:

    I just wanna point out that its pretty funny that a 30 year old Rene Bourque, who is overall a very solid, top 6 calibre support winger, and 2nd tier sniper, earning $3.33 million for the next 4 years is considered this very solid value, and could bring back a very solid return etc.

    I'm not disagreeing with that, BUT, Michael Ryder is similar age, similarly streaky. Can be dangerous for stretches, disappear for stretches, can play top 6 as a 2nd tier sniper, overall very comparible player to Bourque in many aspects of his game, and statistically. And for some reason Joe Nieuewendyk takes the heat for signing Ryder to a 2 year deal worth $3.5 million per season, which is very comparable pay.

  15. MystifoLeafs says:

    As a Newfie I honestly believe in Ryder, the guy has the ability to be a great scorer. Just not in the shootout. =D

  16. reinjosh says:

    They play different games though. To be honest, I'm more willing to pay for Bourque because he brings a crash and bang game with the scoring. Ryder is all skill scoring, and doesn't bring much else. Plus its the "what have you done for me lately" argument. Bourque's put up 3 straight 20 goal seasons and the last two were 27 goals. Ryder hasn't put up 20 since everyone on Boston played above their head three seasons ago. 

    So I wouldn't really agree with you. Ryder received similar pay for putting up two seasons of 18 goals, and was paid for the potential to get higher. Bourque was paid for putting up two straight 27 goal seasons and for his physical pay. So I think Niuewy receives the flack for a reason on that one. It's not a terrible deal but its not great. 

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