Is Burke finished trading?

I am a loyal Vancouver Canucks fan and I am happy with the trades General Manager Brian Burke has thus far done. Now all he has to do to make the team as best as they can be.His first task is to try to get a clutch defenceman that will come up on the attack. No. 1 goaltender Dan Cloutier seems fine in net even though he’s streaky during games he will play good when needed. Does anyone know if Burke is looking into Tampa Bay Lightning Vincent Lecavalier or Anaheim Might Duck Jeff Friesen? Those would be awsome players to have: we don’t need top players like Rob Blake or Joe Sakic we just need a decent amount of talent on the team. Jan Hlavac was a magnificent addition to the team: he is setting up plays great and putting lots of shots on net. I’m happy with head coach Marc Crawford playing him lots, I’m sure he will be a star in the future and Donald Brashear (whom he was trade for) will just be the same as always getting stupid penalties. The trade with the Phoenix Coyotes was very good: we got a bunch of rookies who will soon be much better. I never liked Denis Pederson or Drake Berehowsky so that was a good choice by Burke to get rid of them. Please reply with your thoughts.

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