Is change needed in Vancouver?

After seeing highlights of the 4-1 loss against the St- Louis Blues, I think it’s inevitable that a change is needed for Vancouver. Either they need better defence, better offence or better goaltending. But that loss against the blues who are one of the worst teams in NHL shows that something has to be done. And I don’t think it was an off night for the Canucks because they’ve lost their last 7 of 8 games.

What do you guys think? What is Dave Nonis waiting for? If something doesn’t happen their playoff hopes might get shattered.

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  1. habsoverserver says:

    Sometimes it is faster and easier to get better coaching.

  2. habs79 says:

    Aren’t they almost right at the cap, that has to handcuff him considerably, when it comes to making a trade.

  3. Treva says:

    Most fans in Vancouver want to see a new coach. That’s stupid. Vancouver desperately needs defense, not a goalie. After Jovo Ohlund and Salo, the blue line is way too thin. Allen and Baumgartner are both 7th D-men and McCarthy has been a bit of a bust.

    With Cloutier injured it has freed up some cap room, with a trade it may be enough to get a decent second string defenseman.

    Who to trade? The core is pretty much untouchable, Nonis is too green to tear it appart.

    Kessler – he is useless but because he is young maybe he has some trade value

    Ruutu – decent pest

    Linden- hate to say it but he is past his prime and maybe he is only there for nostalgia…

    Park – a bust

    I have no idea who is available..

  4. Scruffy05 says:

    My personal belief? The team needs a shake up. It has turned into too much of a country club and something has to give to get the core players afraid for their jobs and working their asses off.

    That is one problem, because somenights the Canucks don’t even show up. It’s pathetic. They lace up their skate and then play pin the tail on the Auldy for the entire night. I say this, of course, leaving out the Sedins who seem to want to win everydamn night. Cooke and Park as well.

    Bertuzzi is catching his groove and it is nice to see. He’s skating more, he’s hitting. He still has a tendancy to float like a fairy but I don’t care as long as he still stings like… well… Bertuzzi.

    I am a huge Crawford fan and I don’t think he has lost this bench. My belief is that the goalies have dropped the teams confidence. You can take a great, talented team and then put Frosty McFreeze in net and you think they believe they stand a shot at winning? If you don’t think you will win then most people will just back off and save their energy for their wives once they get home that night.

    The Canucks need to make a move for a goalie. Oullette isn’t the answer… Hell, Oullette isn’t even AN answer. Cory Schnieder has looked amazing for the US but he is young… real young and I believe that goalie take a lot of conditioning and lot more time to mature. We have to make a move. People keep suggesting Jovocop but my sources tell me he may be signing an extension to stick with the team. The Canucks have 2.5 million to save from Cloutier being injured and they are, on a whole more or less, TERRIBLE drafters. The get gems near the top of the draft but they will more than liekly be drafting lower than 15th…. Trade the first round pick and maybe a player from a low line or low pairing and let’s get in a real goalie…. What happens when Cloutier get’s back? We’ll figure that out when the time comes. If would depend what position they are in at the time.

  5. Scruffy05 says:

    Allen has had a solid year and Park gives the team quite a bit of life… Ruutu has had a strong year but he can be sent and if you are judging Kesler by points alone yuou are making a big mistake. That isn’t his job… he’s a checking center and is doing a pretty good job of it.

    At the beginning of the year I would have agreed with you on Allen, but he has made a believer out of me. He throws a lot of weight around and if anybody takes a swipe at our goalie after the whistle he is on them like a rabid bulldog… He doesn’t just push and say “Hey, what do you think you’re doing?” He football tackles them and then just starts swinging… whether they are fighting back or not really…. I haven’t seen too many people take a swipe at Clouts or Auld lately when he is on the ice.

  6. Neely4Life says:

    Vancouver, its simple, your a one lined team, and 3 players cant carry you for 5 years! Get some 2nd dairy scoring and control the puck more, its simple, but, all their eggs r in one basket.

  7. Scruffy05 says:

    They have secondary scoring… it is called the Sedins who are having great years… They have been the only consistent thing going for the canucks and continue to battle for top line honours.

    Research people… research! WHy do people continue to keep posting wihtout doinjg their research… this team has changed in 5 years.

  8. Jrugges says:

    I believe the second line is steping it up, Sedins are playing well, and Carter has 25 points (14 goals and 11 assits). Not bad for a second liner, so you cant just say its because they are a one line team. You forget they where still winning when Bertuzzi was on a bit of a cold streak at the start of the year. A change prolly is needed, but not one the rumors are saying about Loungo; Biron, Miller, Noronen are prolly aviable for the right price, and Noronen is very cheap. A very good backup goalie that can carry the team till Cloutier gets back. Or if you have to, might even do well in some playoff games.

  9. Neely4Life says:

    GREAT YEARS?!?!?!?!? compared to who!? And the team looks basically the same. Top 5 players the same, goalie, the same, coach the same. Shitty 2nd line the same. They arnt having great years, they are having better years than their last 4

  10. Tweek says:

    Get a goalie! They dont even need a starter, they just need a guy who can play half of the remaining games. Auld is a solid back up but common do vancouver fans really think this guy can hold a cup over his head come playoff time? Auld is playing far too much and is lookin tired and confused in net at times. The nucks need another guy who can play 40 games or so just to last out the year and can then maybe search for a better goalie come summer. Im thinking Noronen (he’s not better then Auld but he can play games at least), Dunham (I know he’s injured and I have no idea when he’ll be back but he would be a good fit), or Boucher (I dont think he’s up for trades but its possible with cujo being the #1 there now) would all be decent fits with Van City to help share the goaltending load down the stretch. I dont think the nucks need better defense, they have some real solid guys in that core, they just have lots of injuries. They just need a goalie who installs confidence on the team and who dosnt wear a stupid cage mask in net because with the exception of hasek, none of those goalies have a proven track record! *cough*….cloutier….*cough*

  11. muckies says:

    Keep this team together, in the playoffs no other team in the NHL will play as hard for each other as the Canucks.

    If anything, you want to add to the team and not take away. Nonis should get a goalie and a good one. Biron, Kolzig and take a run at the playoffs. Vancouver is the hardest city in the NHL to play goalie in.

    Get a player or two to fill out the roster and go for it in April.

  12. neilios says:

    They need a proven #1 goalie like Luongo are the team will not make it nowhere in the playoffs they have the assits to get him like a Jovo.These are some possibles trades I would want to see.

    To Canucks-Luongo and Bauwmeester

    To Panthers-Jovo,Auld,and a 1st round pick

    To Canucks-Biron,Drury,and Campbell

    To Sabres-Jovo,Kesler,and a 2nd round pick

    these are just a couple trades I wouldnt mind seeing the Nucks make that would help them out a bit in between the pipes .

  13. suppaman says:

    first trade won’t happen unless hell freezes over

    I could see Buffalo making a deal involving Ohlund. They won’t go for Jovo. He’s going to be a FA. Canucks don’t have much they’d really want outside of maybe Ohlund. Maybe would be interested in Morrison.

  14. Dougie says:

    I beleive a goalie change would be new spark as well as a change up and can help the defense out. How about a trade to get OLAF KOLZIG (even thought gm says he would like to keep Kolzig there) and a defense men by the name of BRENDEN WITT who has asked a few times to to get traded. It sounds decent there not in the same conference and canucks have a bit of cap room beacuse of the “injury” to Dan Cloutier . The only problem bow would be who would go the other way to Washington. They probally like some youth and some talent in this deal.

  15. suppaman says:

    Actually re-reading your 2nd trade, that’s just as ridiculous too.

    Basically Buffalo wouldn’t likely go with packages. Probably they’d go for Ohlund for Biron. Or maybe if they packaged something Ohlund and 1st for Biron and Tallinder. If Dumont comes back this year of IR so he can be dealt, I could see Dumont, Biron, and maybe Tallinder for Ohlund and Morrisson (if he’s really fallen that far out of favor).

  16. sakic_habs says:

    Dagenais and Ribeiro healthy scratches in montreal’s game tonight because they were in vancouver. I think Vancouver just made the same mistake Boston did when they traded away Thornton.

    Just keep in mind the last time 3 players were healthy scratches(primeau,sturm & stuart), the nest day JUMBO became a SHARK.

    I think this would be good for Bertuzzi, hes like Heatley, in a city where something terrible happened and he needs a change of atmosphere. Heatley changed team and look at him now. I say its possible, Bertuzzi a hab…stranger things have happened…if Gretzky can be traded for ABSOULTE CRAP…anyone can be traded!!

  17. 24_cups_and_counting says:

    Vancouver needs help? How about Montreal. Gainey better do somethin’ soon or i’m gonna snap!

  18. Lint07 says:

    just take Zednik, I can’t stand him anymore.

    He couldn’t make a pass to save his life…

  19. dave1979 says:

    i am a huge canuck fan and have been all my life, i watch every single game and read every tidbit on the team, in the paper, on the net and watch all the sports shows, here is my two cents, however biased they may be. for the most part the team is fine and i believe crawford is a good coach. what we need, when it comes down to it is a good goalie. dont get me wrong, Auld is a good goalie. a solid goalie. a good, solid BACKUP goalie. Cloutier is a GREAT REGULAR SEASON goalie, playoff time he crumbles. what we need is a netminder and in my opinion we need Luongo or Biron. something tells me that a Luongo deal will never happen and i am fine with that, so i am going to go with what i have been saying for weeks. Nonis needs to get us Biron in a deal that makes sense. i havent the reasoning and or argument as to speculate what kind of deal we would have to make or who to give up at this moment…please send me your ideas,….but i know who the few players are that i would be willing to part with to see a trade happen. any comments?? thanks and cheers! davey

  20. dave1979 says:

    P.S i also like the ideas of the poster a few comments above me (Dougie) who talks about Kolzig and maybe Brendan Witt coming our way here in Vancouver.

  21. jonnygf40 says:

    I’m also a huge canucks fan, and I also like the team they have now. I really dont see any massive trade happening, especially those Luongo rumors. There is no way were getting the best goalie in the world for Jovo. I think before they tear apart the team for a number one goalie, fix the major problem at hand…the defense. Vancouver is still crying over losing Malik in the offseason. Malik was a solid defensive defenseman, and on top of that Jovo’s best playing partner to date. I know that he is overpaid in NY, and thats why there was no way that Van could keep him. I think that Vancouver needs to beef up its defense, and I think they should start by trying to get Witt from the Caps. With Washington rebuilding, I would think that Van could probably reel him away for maybe a 2nd round pick and a prospect. Keep in mind that the Canucks have 3 second round picks so far in next years draft, and could probably afford to lose one of them for a solid defensive defenseman who could play in the top 4. Just think, the pairings would turn out like this:

    Jovo – Allen

    Salo – Witt

    Ohlund – Baumgartner

    With these pairings, you have offense and defense with each. I know that Baumgartner isnt really a defenseman who jumps out at you at being really great…but he is having a solid year so far. With 15 pts in 36 games, and a +3…I don’t think thats too bad for someone who’s making the minimum $450,000.

    So in conclusion, I think the Canucks should try getting Witt to beef up their blueline. Try trading a 2nd rounder and maybe a prospect like Bieksa for him, that would be a trade that I would like to see before shipping off Jovo and totally rearanging your team.

  22. buds8 says:

    Good to see that it’s not only Leaf fans that wish death upon their team after one lously outting…….relax, the Nucks are 5 points outta first in their division………I think all they need is a goalie that will give the rest of the team some confidence……something Auld does not do……like a Belfour, Hasek or Brodeur…..and since none of those will be likley had and they will have to give up too much for Luongo, I would suggest going after Kolzig.

    p.s. things could be worse —– you could be a Habs fan…………..LOL!!! I love it!


  23. steviewonder says:

    I am not sure how many Canuck games you watch, but on many occasions this year the Sedins and carter have been the best line. I think there must be something up with Naslund though. During this last bad stretch has looked nothing but lost. The team does need a shake up, but change for the sake of change isn’t any good. Need to get value fro any trade that is made.

  24. muckies says:

    Wow, I leaves fan i don’t want to strangle.

    Must be the BUDS part of your name,

    Groovy Man.

  25. Neely4Life says:

    The games they canucks win, Naslund is usuallt their best player. Sedins have been a bust, and there is nothing to disprove that. The canucks are in a free fall right now, and need something to shake up their roster.

  26. paul_dc10 says:

    no they have 2 mil because cloutier is on long term injury

  27. JScottLeRoi says:

    Biron and Tallinder for Ohlund and a pick isn’t far off, except that Tallinder has been playing the best he’s ever played for them.

    On top of Jovo being an FA, he’s also out of Buffalo’s price range (they have an internal cap far lower than the league cap).

    And don’t expect Campbell or Drury to be dealt. With Briere out for likely the rest of the season, Drury is their captain and best leader. Dealing him would also open a hole at center. Campbell has been a key on their PP and their best offensive defenseman. The only people on the block in Buffalo are Noronen or Biron in net, Fitzpatrick or maybe Kalinin (depending on return) for defense. With the injuries, no forwards are really expendable right now, except their “enforcer” Peters. Pyatt, Roy and/or Dumont may be free by the deadline. They’d want a scoring winger in return though, and Morrison and Kesler don’t fill that role.

    If they made a deal right now, I’d say Biron and Kalinin for Ohlund and a pick.

    If they wait until the deadline, Buffalo would probably want to dump Peters, Pyatt and/or Roy for a winger. Biron, Kalinin and Pyatt for Ohlund, Park, 2nd rounder.

  28. pensfanalltheway6687 says:

    I personally don’t think a coaching change is necessary. Just shake up the rosters and get some new faces. If that doesn’t work, then i woUld look at the coaching staff.

  29. neilios says:

    Yeah I dont think Luongo is coming to Vancouver anymore unless Keenan and Jovo are sleeping together.But these are some more possible trades that been floating around Vancouver and talk shows and papers.

    To Vancouver-Theodore,Souray,and Komasarik

    To Canadians-Auld,Jovo,Baumgartner,and a 2nd round pick

    This would be a great trade for both teams the Canucks would get there #1 man in Theodore whos team is struggling right now and needs a #1 Dman and Jovo would fit in nice as a #1 Dman in Montreal.

    To Canucks-Kolzig and Witt

    To Capitals-Baumgartner,Park,and a 2nd round pick

    If I where the Capitals I would want to start trading the veterans away so they would have a good chance at Kessel.

    To Canucks-Toskela,Hannan,McCauly

    To Sharks-Jovo,Park,and a 3rd rounder

    Sharks would get there #1 Dman what they need so bad and maybe Hannan would turn his shit around in vancouver since he would be playing in front of his home town since he is like minus 20 right now.

    To Canucks-Raycroft,Murray,and Gill or Boyton

    To Boston-Jovo,Kesler,Park,and a 2nd round pick

    Just some possible trades that might happen and I hope they come soon.

  30. steviewonder says:

    The Canucks haven’t been winning, Naslund looks lost. How many points do the Sedins need to put up? They are the second line, what second line players are you comparing them to. They look alot more dangerous on the powerplay than the first unit does. I think they make $1.25, they kill penalties, play the powerplay. Compared to players in this league at that monetary range they are well worth the money!

  31. i_know_hockey says:

    Guys… lets be reasonable here…. theres no way that those teams will send their franchise goalies away like that, meaning Luongo, Theodore, or Raycroft. Kolzig will stay put, his son has a rare condition that can only be treated in DC… so he remains there. I know there have been rumors of sending marty biron to the nucks, his value peaked after winning 15 straight, but now ryan miller has the starting job back and biron is left to ride the bench. So who knows about that… i know the sabres GM never ever likes to show his cards and the rumors u end up hearing about never come true. But i can honestly see biron being dealth… buf is in need (but not actively searching) for a rock solid Def to anchor the unit or a top-notch playmaker… but what team isnt??? so yea… just have to wait and see, but ive got a feeling there will be fireworks at the trade deadline… just wait and see

  32. bammer91 says:

    i just think the canucks need to gete that bum mcCarthy out of town maybe put him on waivers or trade him for a draft pick. Then sign Luc Bourdon that guy is playing amazing in the juniours he is a big hitter too something that they need. And for goalies they might as well jus sign Felix Potvin he is a free agent and we know he use to be really good but maybe in the new NHL he can get his form back.

  33. Scruffy05 says:

    There is infinite amounts of data to say they aren’t a bust!

    Henrick is on pace for about 80 points. That is close to a point per game with over 50 assists. He is also +6 and kills penalties.

    Daniel is on pace for about 65 points and is a +4.

    They have set Carter back on track for a 50 or 60 point season. This is on the second line of a so-called “one line team”.

    Not to mention, they are both heading to the olympics.

    Let’s compare their stats to a couple other second liners out there:

    Ponikarovsky, on pace for 33 points

    White, on pace for 45 points

    Fisher, on pace for 50 points

    Schaeffer, on pace for 55 points

    Prucha, on pace for 50 points

    Hunter, on pace for 40 points

    Camelleri, on pace for 55 points

    And of course:

    Iginla, on pace for 65 points

    St. Louis, on pace for 65 points

    So what exactly makes these guys busts? They were drafted knowing they were second line players with a possibility of playing first line. They were not Crosbys…. They were nto Ovechkins, and they were two of the best pickups from that draft. The only person taken in the first round (I don’t know for all rounds, but I do know the first) was Martin Havlat, and he is arguable. (Was on pace for lower than Henrick until he got injured, has never scored more than 70 points). That and Vancouver traded very little to land them.

    To say that the Sedins are busts is to show a glowing lack of knowledge and understanding. It is ok though, eventually you will learn to let go of one thought so that another more accurate one can fill it’s place.

  34. neilios says:

    why dont they just sign Checmanek,Tommy Salo,POtvin,Dafoe,or maybe bring back captain Kirk.LOL its time to make a major shake up now its 9 games they lost now they need Theodore I think they can get him pretty cheap since he aint doing that great this year get him and Souray for Jovo and a 2nd round pick something like that.

  35. Hollywood666 says:

    I agree that they need a big hitter. They have too many soft players and not enough grit. Too many Anson Carters and not enough Matt Cooke’s.

  36. neilios says:

    Thats true I think Hannan would be a great fit in a canucks uniform get him and Toskela and one of there grittty forwards for Jovo and Park cause Sharks need a stud Dman and Jovo would fit in nice there with big Joe Thronton.

  37. Gretzkin says:

    Yes, Change is Needed.

    Get a good goalie for Christ sakes.

    Either that, or rebuild.

    Vancouver is the 2nd worst team in Canada.

    Montreal… but at least they have a goalie.

  38. apna44 says:

    The only change needed in Vancouver is probably one more veteran defenceman. The canucks won’t get another goalie because Nonis probably believes Cloutier will come back. Until then he will probably try to bring up Flaherty. I would love if the Canucks would one day get a centre who will make Naslund better. Canucks fans shouldn’t forget Joe Sakic is a free agent next year. Where better to end his career than in his home town.

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