Is Detroit as Good as they Look?

Detroit is off the an incredible start, but are they as good as their record indicates? Maybe, maybe not!The Red Wings are off to their best start in history, and that is saying a lot considering the teams they had in the 90’s. They have run through their division and show no signs of stopping. Is this the problem though?

The central is the weakest division in the NHL, and the Red Wings have played St. Louis 3 times, Hawks 3 times, the Jackets twice. They pretty much wrecked them, with no conscience thought. Their record because of these jokes, looks a bit better than it should, and in past years, it wouldn’t be this good either, considering they have had better teams before, and never been this hot to start a season.

All the other games they have played out of division have been close, and they have pulled some out, and others they barley lost. Their record outside of the division looks a lot more realistic, (6-1-1). Still a good record, but looks nothing like the (8-0-0) division record.

Now, the Red Wings are a good team, but they have played 2, maybe 3 teams that can be considered a real contender. They can’t be blamed for the unbalanced schedule, but this is the reason they have such a phenomenal record! They would not have this record in any other division, and I would be hard pressed to find anyone to disagree with that.

The Wings are a good team, and probably a contender, but until their schedule gets a little more difficult than the Blues and Hawks, 6 times in a month, you can’t really say their team is as good as their record indicates.

I love the Sens, and I hate the leafs, but I’m sick of hearing about both teams all the time! Something different here. Also, Give me your thoughts on the schedule, because I think that is the reason for this article as well.