Is Gomez Available? Do the Hawks need a Back-up Goalie? McLeod on Block?

(Dec. 31st) While the Devils continue to ride their defense and Martin Brodeur’s goaltending, another star forward is said to be the focus of yet more trade talk. According to the NY Post, Scott Gomez has joined Patrik Elias and Joe Nieuwendyk among those mentioned prominently this season as Devil trading material.

(Dec. 31st) The Blue Jackets have until June to sign center Kiel McLeod, one of the team’s touted, second-round picks in the 2001 draft. It appears, however, that the Jackets are done negotiating. According to a article, word is the Blue Jackets have put McLeod on the trading block. If this is not a leverage ploy – and it doesn’t appear to be – then it is a strong indication that the Jackets have had enough of a maddening situation. The Blue Jackets wanted McLeod in Columbus or Syracuse this season. Contract terms could not be reached. McLeod reportedly turned down a $750,000 signing bonus and a three-year contract believed to be worth $1.9 million at the major-league level. The offer was also laced with performance bonuses. It’s the biggest contract ever put forth for the perusal of the 53rd overall pick.

(Dec. 31st) The Chicago Blackhawks are in the market for a realible backup goalie. According to the Chicago Daily Herald, Hawks general manager Mike Smith has been looking for a veteran backup goalie to give starter Jocelyn Thibault some rest in the second half of the season.

In My Opinion

Do the Devils really need to put All 3 players on the block? I mean, sure, maybe the striggling Nieuwendyk, or someone like Danton to demanded a trade before January the 13th. Putting players on the block to me, doesn’t mean it’s going to be guarenteed, but a possiblility. I would go after a Alexei Kovalev who most people say will not be affordable money comes offseason. Then, again there is arbitration, but would Kovie go for that? No one knows. If your going to give up players like Elias, Nieuwendyk, you shouldn’t rent the player you trade for. It wouldn’t make sense to give superstars to get superstars, then leave them and have no superstars for the next season. The Avalanche were smart for renting Kaspar, cause you didn’t have to give up much in order to get him (I can’t remember the trade, I’ve heard it was unfair) then he’d sign with another team (New York Rangers) for alot more money and play alot worse rying to make up for the salary. I would suggest a trade to look similar to this.

New Jersey Gets: Kovalev, 1st pick, prospect

Pittsburgh Gets: Gomez, Elias

This would defineately add depth on the Pittsburgh roster and only have to pay them 4 – 5 million together, that’s if Elias gets 2 – 3 million which I think, correct me if I’m wrong thank-you. New Jersey would get a superstar, and 2 future players. Kovie is likely to ask for 7 – 8 million this offseason and that’s only a few extra million then there previous 5 million they would used to pay Elias and Gomez. I’d keep Neiuwendyk for depth reasons, Danton, just let him play in Albany or trade him for a prospect I guess. This trade should be affordable for both teams, just one litle problem, who will fill one of the empty spots on the jersey roster? I think it’s time to bring that Berglund dude in if he isn’t already brought in. I don’t know, we’ll leave that for debate.

Passmore is a good back-up in my belief, but the Blackhawks do need a back-up to give Thibault a break in the new year so I personally would go after the likes of a veteran goalie such as maybe Tugnutt, Legace, Shields, Snow, Hackett, or maybe Kidd. Hackett would probably be the best choice, but he costs too much, so maybe a Garth Snow or Steve Shields. We’ll just ahve to wait and see.

Thank-you for your time.


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  1. Tradedude says:

    damn it! My keyboard is so fucked up.



  2. SabresFanB says:

    Well Ruff has completly messed up Biron. He will be one of those players that we trade away who will succed on another team. He is on the block now, along with Noronen, so maybe one of those two will end up in Chicago.

  3. Johnny_Canuck says:

    like your trade proposal… it’d be awesome for both teams…

  4. Stevieforpresident says:

    The wings would never trade Legace, especially the Blackhawks a team in the wings division.

  5. Habfan1234 says:


    The trade between Pitts and Colorado looked like this:

    To Pitts: Ville Nieminen and Rick Berry (now plays for Washington)

    To Colorodo: Kasper.

  6. Tradedude says:

    I was just mentioning some of the vetran back-ups around the league, that’s all.

  7. Habfan1234 says:

    Didn’t Legace sign a four year 4.5 Mil contract extension with the Red Wings?

  8. Tradedude says:

    ya so lopsided, but if we compare the skill now, then nieminen would be worth the trade, lol. and Rick Berry is just a prospect so yeah, lopsided.

  9. Tradedude says:

    4.5 mil. Wow! Now all he needs is playing time.

  10. garry1221 says:

    nope, legace didn’t sign anything recently… maltby signed the long term extension i believe off the top of my head it was a 4 yr. 1.9/yr deal

  11. FlyersGoCupCrazy says:

    I just have one problem with that trade you suggested. The Pens would be trading Kovalev because of financial issues. If they trade him, it will be similar to the Jagr deal:

    Devils get: Kovalev

    Penguins: a shit-load of picks and/or prospects.

  12. RRM1020 says:

    Devs will not trade Elias…I can see Gomez going before Elias. Elias is the team’s cornerstone and a slump is typical for such players. I see Elias as a future Bondra type player and even he has had slumps.

    Trade proposal:

    Devils get: Kovalev, pick

    Pens get: Ari Ahonen, a pick and one:(Gionta/Berglund or Bicek)

  13. Tradedude says:

    Now that is not an affordable price for sure for the devils. You’d have to pay Elias, Gomez, Kovalev, and the whole load of them, plus you’d get no future stars.

  14. hockey says:

    These are in no way based on anything I’ve heard or read, they’re just me speculating on how and where I think these players should/could/would be traded.

    Nieuwendyk. Why not the Wild?

    Joe is a proven veteran player in a slump, and the Wild are a young, up and coming defensive team whose style of play would benefit Joe, and Minnesota’s young players would benefit from Joe’s experience.

    Trade Idea….

    To Wild: Joe Nieuwendyk

    To Devils: 1st Rd Draft Choice, and maybe a very late round pick because the Wild first is getting less and less valuable as time moves on.

    It would be very similar to the Caps trading Trevor Linden to the Canucks for a first rounder. Linden’s situation then is comparable to Nieuwendyk’s situation now.

    Gomez. Well…

    This one is interesting. First of all… the Devils NEED to trade Gomez. He would benefit from a change of scenery, and the Devs could get good return for him still. Personally, I think Toronto would benefit from reuiniting Mogilny and Gomez, but the Devils would not be wise to trade Gomez to the Leafs. If, however, they were to do a deal. Perhaps…

    To Leafs: Scott Gomez, Devils 5th

    To Devils: Brade Boyes, Karel Pilar, Leafs 1st

    I know Leafs fans who love Boyes and Pilar are not going to like this, but it would be benficial both ways. Gomez has talent… real talent… and when he was on a line with Mogilny, he won the Calder. Reuniting the two would be absolutely incredibly. It would, however, give the Leafs a surplus of NHL-Calibre forwards, and they’d have to make a trade. The Devils would receive Boyes, who I saw play in the OHL numerous times and he IS worth all the hype, Pilar, who would benefit from playing on a team with Niedermayer and quickly become a top NHLer, and another first round pick to do some of their drafting magic with. It would, however, leave the Devils with a hole when it comes to NHL calibre forwards, and perhaps the picks could be reworked to bring a Travis Green or an Alyn McCauly to New Jersey.

    Elias. Anaheim?

    Getting two thirds of the A-line back together would be a coo for the Mighty Ducks. And, with all the high picks they’ve had over the years, they could definitely put something together. Perhaps…

    To Anaheim: Patrik Elias

    To New Jersey: 1st rounder, Vitaly Vishnevsky (honestly.. I haven’t seen him play since last year, and his stats don’t tell a whole lot.. but from what I’ve seen he is a very capable young d-man), Steve Rucchin.

    I am not actually too happy with this offer for either team.. as the offer is… well… I dunno what it is. It just doesn’t seem right. But I still think of Anaheim could score Elias.. it’d be a great move.


  15. Tradedude says:

    Some neat suggestions. I don’t know about Elias in anaheim. I was thinking maybe Buffalo for Satan aND AN EARLY PICK. DAMN CAPS LOCK.

    I don’t think Boyes, Pilar and a pick is good. maybe AND Green or McCauley like i think you suggested.

    And right now Mogilny is in the passing mood, Gomez could get him back in his scoring touch, but it’d be interesting to see.

  16. rooney says:

    trade doesnt work because devils wont resign niewendyk and that would leave the devils without a #1 center and elias isnt going anywhere. here is a trade:

    to pitt: berglund, ari ahonen(top goalie prospect), brylin, and devils minor league defensemen

    to devils: kovalav

  17. Lint07 says:

    I like your idea of Nieuwendyk to the Wild… Lemaire could use his magic on him. He’d certainly be a great fit there.

  18. Tradedude says:

    again, an unaffordable price for New J.

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