Is it Kovalev's Team?

If anyone has been watching the Canadiens play lately you have to admit that they are looking good. Last season Kovalev was invisible on most nights, This season it looks as if he grabbed the team by the throat.

If anyone watched the game against the Rangers you know what I’m talking about…

Sunday Montreal played against New York and Koivu did not dress due to the flu. Kovalec was wearing the “C” that night and he played awesome. His line combined for 8 points I believe and he averaged over 23:00 Minutes of ice time. He played with a certain edge that game and as well as tonights game against Tampa Bay.

Where was Alex Kovalev last year?….Bope?

What happened over the off-season and make him snap out of the fund he was in?

Media says Gainey and Carbo had a sit down with AK-27 and asked him what his intentions were for the following season. They asked him if they liked the style of play Carbo was preaching and asked if he can come in and support a mentor role.

Kovalev came back with a new attitude and is playing great. Now the point of this article is this:

Koivu is currently the Captain of the hockey club. Do you think Gainey would actually consider/mind moving his captain to get a younger and more productive scorer? (Keeping in mind Koivu has a No-Trade-Clause and another year left on his contract…..just a thought though)

Now Koivu is a great Captain, We all know that but do you believe Plekanec and Kostitsyn would have been just as good with Koivu teaching/mentoring them?

Personally I liked Kovalev wearing the “C” and would not mind him being the permanent Captain of the squad.

What do you think?

Is it worth it trading a player like Koivu and whoever to make a blockbuster deal of some sort?

Gainey is the GM but just a fun thought, but you never know what can happen right?….Would I have been writting this last season? No way but things are very different this season!

Go Habs!

Happy New Year.

8 Responses to Is it Kovalev's Team?

  1. Quebec4Life says:

    I thing it's not hard to understand that. Like he said often, the part that Kovy likes the most is the playoffs and I think he was really mad to miss last year's by a point so he simply decided to show up at every game to make sure we get that extra point…

  2. lafleur10 says:

    i haven't seen kovalev play like this since his pittsburgh days!!and he is really starting to dominate games for us and is taking the play to the opposition and is the best stickhandler in the game!!and yes i'd like to see him as captain he's carrying this team on his back and that's  usually what some captains and best players do!!he's not vocal in the locker room and does his talking on the ice!!!and his inspired play is rubbing off of his other team mates and his line mates they are playing with apurpose and a passion that we didn't see last year!i've been a big fan of kovalev!!even more now that he's on our team!!and he wants to lead this team to  cup!!!kovy play this year has brought plekanec and a.kostitsyn's play to another level kovy is a great mentor for the kostitsyn brothers!!and there confidence and learning curve will soar with help from kovalev!!!i will go so far as too say if alex doesn't get hurt this year he will score 35 goals and 80 points for us!!!his highest total since the 96 point season he had with pittsburgh!!!good article !!!enjoyed reading it and posting a comment on it!!!

  3. yarfangor says:

    I love Kovalev, hes just a magician with the puck, he can make Houdini drop his jaw, he honestly has the stick handling of an all-star. I think hes a perfect fit for captain and koivu in a blockbuster trade for a very productive player would be awesome….however gillet loves Koivu like a son, and with what koivu has been through and the amount of years hes put into the team, I don't think that we are remotely close to trading koivu. I'd love it if we traded Koivu+2nd round+huet for gaborik and burns, but it just ain't in the cards.

  4. wayne2 says:

    Kovalev is great player and having a very good year but he hisnt a captain.How many times does he make a controversial comment and dont forget besides this season he usually puts an effort one game out of three.To me Montreal's next captain should be Higgins,he's got a big heart and plays hard every game.

  5. darcysucker says:

    Kovalev has been awesome, but I think one of the main differences this year, besides his work ethic, is that he's playing with very talented players who come to play every night, kovy, pleks and kots have been great this year, they've learned how to play together, and all 3 are very talented and make beautiful plays.  How about Kotsitsyn's play last night? he was flying out there, remember last year, who did Kovalev play with?  Early in the season he played with Pleks, but pleks wasn't comfortable in that role yet, and then there was samsonov who just plain old sucked ass, and at the end of the season carbo had him with 2 rookies latendresse and lapierre, no wonder he was pissed off.  Now he gets tons of powerplay time, leads the forwards in minutes and has the most points, keep it up Kovy, I love this guy, and I was one of the few who didn't bash him last year, and now everyone is jumping back on his bandwagon

  6. Pronger44 says:

    Kovalev a season ago I’d say he was done. But this season, he’s really brought his A Game back, and as a Habs fan I thank him for his excellent play all season long.

  7. habsoverserver says:

    Gainey had a younger, cheaper and more productive scorer in Ribeiro and traded him so that Koivu would be the #1 center. 

    I don't see him moving Koivu, nor do I see any other NHL team paying Koivu what he gets for Montreal.

  8. AntropovGoodIToldUSo says:

    If it's Kovalev's team, Montreal fans should be very afraid.

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