Is it possible??? Ah, It Can't Be…

There are three big events that we can count on every year in sports…

1) Tiger Woods wins a major.

2) The Atlanta Braves win their division title in the National League.

3) There are one or two upsets in the NHL playoffs.

Let’s focus on #3 shall we?Every year Lord Stanley shows up and we have one hell of a postseason in the NHL. Also every year, we may see things get a little crazy (for example, the Los Angeles Kings eliminated the Detroit Red Wings last year), but NOT this crazy!

I thought that I was seeing things when I saw all 3 Canadian teams in the Eastern Conference make the playoffs this year, especially considering the Montreal Canadiens are in.

At this point I fell like I am really losing it!I don’t know if many people realized, but all 3 of these Canadian teams are putting up a fight in their respective match-ups,
not to mention the hell that the Wings are going through with the Vancouver Canucks. As you all know, 4 teams make it to the Eastern Conference semi-finals.

In the first match we the Toronto Maple Leafs(4) playing the New York Islanders(5). The series is currently tied at 2-2 and the leafs have 2 of the next 3 at home. Even though Mats Sundin is injured, they can still pull this one off.

Next, we have the Ottawa Senators(7) playing the Philadelphia Flyers(2). I dont know what to say about this one. I am completely speechless. This is unbelievable! Our Sens have a commanding 3-1 lead in the series. Plus the fact that Patrick Lalime has only let in 1 goal, which came in OT. It looks like Ottawa will advance.

Finally, we have our Canadiens(8) playing against the Boston Bruins(1). The Habs are currently up 2-1 and will be the host team again tonight. A win will put them in position for a MAJOR upset. A loss will put them in a difficult situation with 2 out of 3 to be played at Boston. But let’s think positive. Theo (Jose Theodore) was considered the only chance that Montreal had to advance. He has been playing below average with 10 goals allowed in 3 games, and the Habs are still up 2-1. I’d look for Theodore to step it up a notch tonight and allow the Canadiens to go en route to a convincing 4-1 win or more. Theo is due a good game now. Congrads to Saku Koivu, Doug Gilmour, and Donald Audette who are playing their hearts out. If they win, it will be because of these three. Not to mention Richard Zednik who leads the team with 6 points.

Note: The Carolina Hurricanes are in position to put out the New Jersey Devils.

Now lets look at this situation we have here for the second round if the cards come out right:

(3) Carolina Vs (8) Montreal

(4) Toronto Vs (7) Ottawa

Yes, that means that 3 of the final 4 teams in the East are Canadian teams. And it is VERY possible to happen! I can tell you, the Hurricanes may be pretty good, but they will NOT outlast all 3 of our Canadian teams in the East. Wouldn’t it be great to see the Leafs and Habs battle it out for the Eastern Conference championship and earn a position in the Lord Stanley’s Finals?

….or is this just wishful thinking?

What about the Canucks? Can they defeat the Wings, then the Avs and maybe the Blues to win the Western crown? Ah, maybe i’ll just stop while I’m ahead.

-Justin Pike

Here saying, “Just THINK about it guys!”

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