First off let me say this, If JFJ is serious about keeping his job and “bringing the cup home,” let me tell you he better do some serious moves and he better complete them too.

Here are the players that are going to be gone next season:

Belfour- to old

Allison- to slow

McCabe- to overpaid

Domi- ineffective

Richardson- decent, but old

Berg, going home to Finland

Khavonov- GARBAGE

Wilm- His time is up.

Belak- Trashcan

Czerkawski(already gone).

Here are the players that JFJ needs to pick up in UFA:

Chara- #1 Dman

Elias- Winger for Sundin

Markov- #3 Dman-very steady

Yep, thats right just 3 players.

Also, resign:




If JFJ is serious, and I think he will be this summer, these additions along with the rest of the team, and some youth I think would actually send Toronto over the top.

Here would be the lineup:










Now, I know your saying, this is impossible, but before you trash my opinion, let me say this, its not!

1st off: JFJ’s job is on the line.

2nd: The cap is going up next year.

3rd: The Leafs are dumping alot of players this offseason.

4th: The Leafs are going to have around 20 mil to spend this summer on UFA.

5th: JFJ seems to be very serious, now that he fired Quinn.

and 6th: The Leafs are going to be a completely different team next year, with lots of youth, speed, and a different approach with Paul Maurice.

Signing Chara, Elias, and Danny Markov is not impossible.

Chara will most likely not be back next season with the Sens, Elias is going to turn into the Niedermayer situation, and Markov will be available.

If you look at all the lines I prospose they are all solid.

The 1st line would rack up points night after night, just think of it Sundin with top notch wingers. Elias would probably hit 40G, and O’neill would probably score 30G, and you could go as far as saying that Sundin will have over 100pts, maybe even Elias.

The second line would be a nice solid line, with the emergence of Steen and Wellwood, and Tucker’s presence. Wellwood has great chemistry with Tucker, and Steen would be a great setup man.

The third line would be the most reliable, I know people dislike Antropov, but he plays well, I know he doesnt play to his 10th overall ability, but for what he has panned out to be and what he gets paid is acceptable. Antropov and Ponikarovsky have awesome chemistry, and feed off of each other, also with the emergence of Stajan at the end of the season, I expect great things from this line.

The fourth line would complete a strong lineup, and create many mismatches. The reason why Lindros is on the 4th line is because of his fragileness, we must not overwork him. Kilger will play great alongside Lindros, and also stickup for him. Suglobov will add some spark to this line at a reasonable price. He will get tutored by playing with Lindros, and to a lesser extent Kilger. Also, with Lindros we will use him sparingly on the 4th line, but he will be an important asset on the powerplay.

The defense speaks for itself, let McCabe, Khavonov, Berg, and Belak go, and sign Chara, and Markov. With the up and coming youth on defense, it will be a great benefit. Chara and Kaberle would be great together, not to mention they’re fellow countrymen. Also Markov, I love the way he plays, he should have never been traded. Markov with Coliacovo would be a great pairing, with their rough play, and Markov’s defense with Coliacovo’s offense, they would compliment each other. Harrison, and White are going to complete the Defense, and give Toronto a all around Solid D, something that Toronto has not had in ages.

My reasoning behind playing Aubin and Telly in net is because, Aubin I think is very underrated. Lets not forget he played on the crappy Pens, and fared quite well, I think he will be a good #1. Telly on the other hand isn’t a bad backup, and I think he will have something to prove next year. We could also use the 2 goalie system. If worst comes to worst, we could always deal for a goalie during the season, which would be cheaper then signing a topflight goaltender during the offseason, perhaps Cujo during next year’s deadline, but only if necessary, we must give them a chance.

Here would be some possible trade bait:





Let me throw this in just to let it be known, the cap is going up this summer, and this team that I am proposing would come out to around 42 million, That would be perfect, and it is possible.

With a new coach, and a new approach by JFJ lets hope he gets smart!



  1. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    which markov?

    Fergie is serious, but that will get him no where, he’s got to tweak his negotiating skills if he wants any decent free agent

  2. The-President says:

    Danny Markov

  3. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    JFJ had better stop using the “people wanna play here” card, Gary Roberts has said that that’s why he left, and if we had Roberts and Nieuwy instead of Allison, we’d have made the playoffs.

  4. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    I want Jovo and/or Blake, they’re beauties!!! Hate Chara, it just wouldn’t be the same, I’d look at him the same way I look at Johnny Damon, after all the suffering he’s causaed me, why should I cheer for him now?

  5. The-President says:

    No, not true, you would like him, because you could shove it in Ottawas face that they didnt retain one of the best Dmen in the league. Just stop it, everybody knows the real reason you don’t want Chara-he’s European, not Canadien, like Jovo, and Blake.

    First off:

    Jovonoski is the most overrated Dman in the League, look at his +/- while playing on a very good team throughout the years.

    Secondly, Blake is old!

  6. 92-93 says:

    Here is a detailed, 23-step plan for this offseason. However, I do have questions about the status of Tellqvist (does he need to be qualified?), Coliacovo (is Coliacovo’s contract over this offseason?), and what about signing Harrison, White, Kronvall – are they already signed?

    1. Settle head coaching matters (check)

    2. Resign Aubin for cheap (check)

    3. Resign Kilger for cheap (check)

    4. Resign Wilm for league minimum

    5. Resign Stajan for a million or less

    6. Resign Wellwood for a million or less

    7. Resign Coliacovo for a million or less

    8. Resign Pohl for a 2-way contract for near the league minimum

    9. Resign Battaglia for a 2-way contract for near the league minimum

    10. Resign Lindros for a million or less and for one year only

    11. Buy out Domi’s $1.25 million contract

    12. Figure out whether or not O’Neill is retiring (hopefully the answer is no)

    13. Figure out whether or not Berg is retiring (hopefully the answer is yes)

    14. Qualify Tellqvist (?)

    15. Qualify Antropov

    16. Draft day deal: Antropov, Tellqvist, 13th pick overall for Toskala and San Jose’s first round pick (which should range from 20th to 30th overall)

    17. Sign Karl Pilar for one year and near the league minimum

    18. On July 1st let Khavanov go to free agency

    19. On July 1st let Richardson go to free agency

    20. On July 1st let McCabe go to free agency

    21. After July 1st, sign top-line free agent winger (i.e. Elias or Afinaganov)

    22. After July 1st, sign solid defenceman (i.e. McKee)

    23. After July 1st, sign solid #5 or #6 defenceman (i.e. Dempsey)





    [Extra forwards: Wilm, Belak]

    [Call ups: Ondrus, Williams, Suglobov, Earl]




    [Extra D-guy: Pilar]

    [Call-ups: White, Bell, Wozniewski, Vorobiev]



    [Call-ups: Racine, Pogge]

  7. 92-93 says:

    Total goaltender payroll: approx. $2.75 million: Toskala [684K], Aubin [525K], Belfour [1.54 million buyout].

    Total payroll for Defence (assuming Coliacovo and Pilar are healthy): approx. $10.5 million: Kaberle [4.25 million], free agent D-guy #1 [Dempsey? – approx. 1 million], free agent D-guy #2 [McKee? – approx. 2.5 million], Pilar [approx. 750K] Coliacovo [approx: 1 million], Kronvall [500K], Harrison [500K]

    Total payroll for Forwards. $25.5 million:

    LW: free-agent winger [approx. 6.5 million], Steen [720K], Kilger [1.2 million], Ponikarovsky [700K], Belak [665K].

    Centre: Sundin [6.84 million], Lindros [approx. 1 million], Stajan [approx. 1 million], Pohl [500K], Wilm [500K]

    RW: Tucker [1.6 million], Wellwood [approx: 1 million], Domi (buyout) [1.25 million], O’Neill [1.5 million], Battaglia [500K]

    Total Payroll==============================================38.75 million

    Top 5 free agent goalies: 1. Gerber 2. Biron 3. Joseph 4. Legace/Osgood 5. Grahame

    Top 5 most realistic/sensible signings for the Leafs: 1.Joseph 2. Biron 3. Hedberg 4.Weekes 5. Garon

    Top 5 free defencemen: 1. Lidstrom 2. Chara/Redden 3. Jovanovski 4. Blake 5. Mitchell

    Top 5 most realistic/sensible signings for the Leafs: 1. McKee 2. Zidlicky 3. Lydman 4. Baumgartner 5. Dempsey

    Top 5 free agent forwards: 1. Sakic 2. Elias 3. Savard 4. Briere 5. Arnott

    Top 5 realistic/sensible signings for the Leafs: 1. Elias 2. Afiniganov 3. Langdenbrunner 4. Carter 5. Connolly

  8. The-President says:

    I’m sure theyre players that I didnt mention that needed to be signed, but those are just league minimum contracts….

  9. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    i like it. coaching matters are far from resolved, we dont have a head coach at all, yet

  10. intothevoid001 says:

    very nice!

    i agree that could work and is actually quite sensible. it’s time for JFJ to smell the flowers and stop signing floaters. get rid of the ones we do have and make this team a contender, his own ass is on the line!

  11. intothevoid001 says:

    as for this, with some work im sure they could pull next year out with a playoff spot, but im not quite certain this would be enough. markov is 30 years old and would be a valuable pickup. my choice for the number 3 spot would be someone like eric brewer, hes still relativly young at 27, won a gold medal with canada and can be a solid number 3 or 4 defencemen. i think your pretty much dead on with the rest of the defence though. in net, i think we should bring in a more experienced tender like johan hedberg or brian boucher to help aubin carry the load and let telly walk. give aubin the #1 to start the year and if he falters, start the #2 or #1b if you will. i think your pretty dead on in regards to the forwards. the only change I would make in the starting lines is dropping nik antropov and bringing in someone like alexander dailge. no just kidding, thats the last thing they need, someone like kyle calder might be a good fit on that third line. good job though.

  12. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Not totally true, while it is a well known fact that Blake and Jovo automatically get the heads up because they’re not dicks, and they’re Canadian, I’d love to see Kenny Johnsson back. Being European just contributes to Chara pissing me off. Nothing really against Europeans, but I like to see Canadians as Leafs.

  13. 92-93 says:

    yeah. i’ve seen a lot of plans here on HTR that involve 3 trades and 5 free agent signings and they are just way too complicated.

    i agree – this is it when it comes to JFJ’s tenure with the Leafs. a lot of people have said that last offseason was a make-or-break time for JFJ and i have always disagreed. this season was a transition one. NOW, this offseason is a different matter. he has the cap space, he has the young guys, he has the core of veterans, and he knows who he has to get rid of and the free agents out there, if he cannot execute this offseason, THERE ARE NO MORE EXCUSES.

    if he doesn’t do the job, he’s done.

  14. 92-93 says:

    yeah no head coach yet. and i am not convinced that Maurice is automatically installed because he has done such a good job and is such an appropriate guy to have done there at the AHL level.

    i really do hope that JFJ means it when he says he is going to ‘respect the process’ and that he is really going to search for a solid coach and not just go with Maurice automatically (although he is a good choice too).

  15. lukeleim says:

    top 5 most realistic/sensible signings for the Leafs (Goaltending) – 1. Joseph 2. Legace 3. Weekes 4. Hedberg 5. Garon

    top 5 most realistic/sensible signings for the Leafs (Defense) – 1. McKee 2. Zidlicky 3. Jovanovski 4. Mitchell 5. Chara

    top 5 most realistic/sensible signings for the Leafs (Forwards) – 1. Carter 2. Samsonov 3. Elias 4. Langdenbrunner 5. Afiniganov

  16. burnz30 says:

    Chara and Kaberle aren’t countrymen. Chara is from Slovakia and Kaberle is Czech. The Leafs shouldn’t resign Antropov under any cir*****stasnce!!! He just had knee surgery for the fourth time on his knee, and he was too slow to start with. He takes too many bad penalties and doesn’t compete hard enough. Pohl was a much more effective player during his time. He was one of their top 3 forwards every night he played. Antropov was consistanly one of the 3 worst.

  17. burnz30 says:

    Pretty good job!! Although I wouldn’t bring Antropov or Wilm back. I like Wilm but he doesn’t have enough offence. He competes hard, but just can’t produce enough offence. I think that the Leafs can find someone in their system to be the fourth line center that can bring the grit and determination as well as more offence. Kris Newbury scored 22 goals for the Marlies this year and had 215pims and was +13. I think that he could bring the grit and offensive combo that we need on the fourth line. Also Jeremy Williams could provide extra offense on that line as well. Either way I think that we’d be better off with them istead of Antropov and Wilm. As for getting Toskala, I think that the Sharks will keep him and deal Nabokov. Also I heard rumours that Giguere is avalable and will be dealt at the draft.

  18. burnz30 says:

    Afiniganov and Connolly aren’t UFA. Afiniganov will be 26 and Connolly will be 25 July 1. The only way they are UFA is if Buffalo doesn’t qualify them (which isn’t going to happen). I don’t want to see the Leafs sign Lydman. Living in Fort Erie less than 20mins from Buffalo, I’ve seen a lot of Sabre games this year and I don’t like Lydman. He’s too soft. Has everyone forgoten about Kenny Jonsson. He was voted top defence man at the Olympics. I think that he’d be a great pick up. He can move the puck well and he has a bit of git. The top UFA Dmen on my list are(in no particular order) McKee, Jonsson, Mitchell, Salei, Havelid. If you can sign Jovo or Kubina and one of those guys the Leafs could have a pretty good D. If they can’t get a top guy (Chara, Jovo, McCabe, Kubina) they should really try to get 2 of the guys I mentioned previously. I’d really like to see Elias in a Leafs’ jersey skating will Sundin, but I think the top guys (Sakic, Elias, Arnott, Briere) will sign with their team. These guys are to valuable to their teams for them to loose them for nothing. The second tier guys are the ones that will be available.

  19. The-President says:

    Thanks, Eric Brewer would be a good fit, but I think that St. Louis is going to retain him do to the fact that he was basically the centerpiece of the Pronger deal.

  20. The-President says:

    Pohl seems to lack defense, Antropov is not a bad player, the only reason people dislike him is because he didnt live up to his 10th overall hype, but neither did Berg(3) and Kilger(4), or Belak for that matter. The fact of the matter is, pay more attention to players that don’t perform at all like Berg, and Belak. Kilger is not worth a 4th overall, but is his game respectable like Antropov’s? The answer is yes, put the draft picks aside, Antropov is a steady reliable player, He consistantly has great +/- and he plays the PK and PP, he’s pretty versatile, as well as playing C/RW/LW too. When he is paired with skilled players he does well, and his play is good enough for what he gets paid.

  21. leafs4cup says:

    i dont understand why people want lindros back.the most you will get out this guy is 35 games and a dent in your salary cap,we have to many young centers to be signing this guy ,let him go and play your young guys.

    if JFJ was smart he would offer gaborik a deal,pay the penalty what ever it is ,a few 1st rounders or 2nd rounders,whatever ,who cares,just do it and sign him!!then try his best to lure elais to town,do whatever it takes at any cost .the forwards should look like this

    elias-7$ sundin-7$ gaborik 4$-5$

    steen-1$ stajan-1$ oneill-1.5$

    pony-1$ wellwood-1$ tucker-1.5$

    kilger-1$ wilm-.450$ ondrus-.450$

    williams-.450$ pohl-.450$

    roughly 28$ spent and 18$ to go.

    now,he should make dummy i mean domi ride the f**kin buses with the marlies force that pud to retire, tell antropov’s agent to f**k off and stop callin,tell lindros old man ,”ah sorry man… ahhh.. would he want to drive the zamboni”.

    than sign a veteran d-man to teach the young guys and who still has a few games left in him like blake and sign a younger established stay at home guy like mitchell and maybe keep richardson around for leadership and experience and for league minimium so the d would look like this

    kaberla-4.25$ mitchell-3.5$

    blake 3.5$ white-.450$

    harrison-.450$ richardson-.650$

    carlos-.800$(depending on his health}and thats 15 $ spent on defence and a total of 43 million with aubin and teley both roughly at league minimum.

    i just hope jfj reads this…lol

  22. The-President says:

    I would love to have Gaborik, but it seems to complicated to ever work. Blake will not be that cheap, and also he would not be a #3 Dman, he’s staying with the Avs, no doubt about it.

  23. burnz30 says:

    I don’t care about the draft position. I don’t like him cause he sucks. He’s too slow to play in the new NHL. He was too slow for the old NHL, and now that it’s opened up you need to have speed. Antropov takes far too many stupid penatlies and doesn’t play with an edge. For a guy his size he should be able to dominate physically, but he seems to ease up when trying to hit. He’s too tentative. It seems like he’s always afraid to get hurt (he had his 4th knee surgery before the season ended). His knees are done!!! Whether he’s trying to hit or is being hit, he seems to be worried about his knees. If you favour Anrtopov over Pohl, you haven’t been paying attention to the games. Pohl has been far better in the games he played then Antropov has. I don’t feel that Pohl lacks any more defense than Antropov. If you watched the games you would have noticed that several Leaf players regularly failed to get the puck out of the defensive zone – Antropov was one of the worst. Belak, Domi and Khavanov were also very bad at that. Just because Quinn played him on the PK doesn’t mean he’s a reliable defensive player. Quinn also played Allison on the PK at times, does that make him a good defensive player? No!! Bottom line is there are players on the Marlies that will be cheaper, quicker, provide more offense and possibly more grit and at least the same defense. Suglobov has 4 goals in 3 playoff games for the Marlies so far. I think Williams could do a better job than Antropov. He’s not worth the $1million they are paying him.

  24. 92-93 says:

    yeah, i think i included antropov in the trade to san jose (which, i don’t think is going to happen if Toskala takes SJ deep into the playoffs …i am really hoping to see Nabokov come in and prove to the Sharks that he’s the guy).

    Wilm isn’t needed for his offense, he is needed for a solid depth guy who can play on the PK and play once ever few games. The fourth line centre should be John Pohl (wouldn’t be too bad beside Battaglia and Kilger on the fourth line). Newbury is a good suggestion too. Williams, Earl, and Suglobov are all going to be called up at some point during the year when the injuries hit.

  25. 92-93 says:

    yup -youre right about those two sabres.

    in that case, i’d go after a couple of guys who are very good 2nd-line wingers: Anson Carter and Jamie Langenbrunner.

  26. intothevoid001 says:

    i think hes UFA, have the blues offered him anything?

  27. intothevoid001 says:

    i didn’t realize wilm was as old as he is, i think its time to give up on him, how long has he been in the leafs system anyways? its been a few years now. he’d probably be a good fourth line center on a team like florida or NYI… maybe a draft pick for him would have been good but i think they’ll just let him go instead of going after him again.

  28. The-President says:

    Yeah he is an UFA, I’m not sure if the Blues offered him anything, but I’m pretty sure they will.

  29. 92-93 says:

    yeah you might be right.

    i mean, i am not that worried about whether or not they resign Wilm, they have a huge selection when it comes to 4th-line forwards right now (Ondrus, Domi, Pohl, Kilger, Battaglia, etc. etc).

    the key concerns for the leafs this offseason:

    1) McCabe either being resigned for Kaberle-money or being released.

    2) Domi being bought out.

    3) Who to pair up with Aubin

    4) Top line winger for Sundin

    5) Acquiring a solid D-guy who is effective in his own end.

  30. burnz30 says:

    I agree. I think that if McCabe wants more than 4.5m I’d let him go. They should be able to get Kubina for what they are offering McCabe. Kubina isn’t as good as McCabe on the offense, but he’s not too bad and he’s probably steadier in his own zone. I think the Leafs would be better off with 2 of Kubina, Mitchell, McKee or Kenny Jonsson than with just McCabe. They could probably get 2 of these guys for 6 mil and McCabe wants 5mil+. If they did that they’d have 3 solid veteran Dmen plus Carlo, White and Kronwall/Harrison to round it out. That would be miles ahead of where we were at the start of this year.

  31. burnz30 says:

    I think that Carter wanted to come here last summer, but the Leafs couldn’t offer him the $1mil he got from the Nuks. He scored 33 goals for them this year. Langenbrunner would be a nice fit too. We are going to have to wait till the playoff are over and see who might be available. There may be some teams that can’t afford an RFA and have to trade him. Maybe we’ll see an offer sheet this year. A salary cap could hinder some team if that happened. Some teams are up against the cap already, or have a team imposed cap that they don’t want to go over. Someone might try to take advantage of that by offering a good young player a big contract that their team can’t match. I heard some hockey experts talking about that possibility regarding Tampa and Brad Richards. They didn’t give any specifics, they were just wondering if that was a possibility. Hopefully JFJ makes some good moves and we get headed back in the right direction.

  32. 92-93 says:


    as long as they keep 3 spots open on D to cycle in and test out young guys like Harrison, Kronvall, White, Woz, Coliacovo (when he is healthy), Vorobiev (when he comes in North America) … that’s all that matters to me.

    they already have kaberle signed and the possibility of Pilar as a 7th defensemen. so really, they just need to figure out 2 more defense spots.

    if McCabe resigns for under 5 and for 3 years, then there is only one free agent D-guy signing necessary. if he does not, then there are 2 – with more money available to pursue other free agents for other positions (re: goaltending, winger).

    i like the Kubina and Mitchell suggestion. i don’t see Mitchell going anywhere since Dallas has said recently that they want to do everything they can to keep this guy. as for Jonsson – we’ll see but isn’t he having second thoughts about playing in the NHL? McKee is my choice, maybe even Dempsey for the #6 spot. Baumgartner in Vancouver can put up some points and has a good shot – might be a good pairing with Kaberle if McCabe goes.

  33. burnz30 says:

    Good points. I think that MItchell will stay in Dallas too, but you never know. Doesn’t hurt to try. Bill Watters on Leafs Lunch said that Jonsson was looking at coming back and the Leafs are at the top of his list. He liked the city when he was here early in his career. I think that 2 solid dmen and a top notch winger and a goalie will get us to the playoffs next year. Mckee is at the top of my list too. He’s awesome in his own zone and is the best shot blocker.

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