Is Kolzig done in Washington ??

Hi guys,

In the last few weeks, we all heard Olaf Kolzig’s name once.

Will he be traded ?? Is he done in Washington ??

Well I think he’ll be traded, but it will have to be an offer from a team.

How many team really need Kolzig ??

Atlanta really need a goalie, but Garnett’s performances are pretty impressive. Chances are there tough.

Colorado is also in need of a no1 goalie. David Aebisher isn’t doing good so far this year, I wouldn’t be astonished to see Kolzig land there.

Carolina isn’t that much in need, but will they trust Gerber for the entire year ?

Edmonton is also looking for a goalie, but what can they trade for Kolzig ?

Here is an interesting question mark, Montreal.

Théodore isn’t the Vézina Trophy winner he was.

Theo-Kolzig trade ?? who knows

Islanders ?? Dipietro … Kolzig is better than that

Philadelphia can’t afford Kolzig’s salary.

Pittsburgh do trust Fleury to be a no1 goalie in the future… we’ll see

St-Louis.. they have no player to trade.. and their draft picks will be high one.. better for them to keep them.

Tampa. Graham-Kolzig, They are in the same division.. don’t think about it.

Vancouver is another nice place where Kolzig could land. Cloutier is not there and Auld will be a future good goalie, but for now they need a no1 goalie.

So in conclusion, My top 5 of places where Kolzig could land is:

1. Vancouver

2. Colorado

3. Montreal

4. Edmonton

5. Atlanta

Being an Habs fan, I would really like Kolzig to be an Habs.

To Montreal: Kolzig-Semin-Witt

To Washington: Theodore-Souray-2nd rounder.

And If my dreams come true, try to get Ovechkin, but I’m dreaming too much. 😛

So what you guys think about it ??

Happy Holidays

26 Responses to Is Kolzig done in Washington ??

  1. habswinthecup-again says:

    Kolzig has 1 good year atmost left in him, why would you want to give up half the farm for him?

    The only teams that would trade for Kolzig are the ones that think they are just a goaltender away from the Stanley Cup- the Habs are not one of those teams. I say he either goes to Philly or Vancouver, maybe even Ottawa, but not the Habs( although I would love for them to get Witt).

  2. kicksave856 says:

    I hope the Flyers aren’t even looking into an older goalie, even if it is a quality one like Kolzig. They’d have to trade some of the youth movement away to get him, and unless they win it this year or next, Kolzig wouldn’t be here to be a part of a championship anyway. It’s not like he can play 5 more years.

    I wonder how many more years he can play at the level he’s at anyway.

  3. Gretz99NYR says:

    Kolzig is ovverrated and on his way out in theis new NHL. yes he is on a crappy team but he isnt doing ,uch to help his guys out. He will likely be grabbed as backup goalie insurance by some top team at the deadline…..maybe vancouver, or edmonton. This guy has lost it, and has been cold for years. he isnt worth much on the trade market. I say he goes for a 5th rounder.

  4. distance7 says:

    We must be watching a different guy, because Kolzig has been one of the only bright spots not named Ovechkin on the Caps this season. He IS good, the team is just beyond awful, and without him they’d be even worse. He could contribute if someone trades for him, I just doubt he goes anywhere.

  5. 24_cups_and_counting says:

    You would trade Theo for Kolzig? Thank god that Gainey is the GM and not you. Theo is 29, makin’ 4.5 million and has a 14-7-5 record. Kolzig is 35, makin’ 4.94 million and has a 10-14-3 record. Don’t say that Montreal has a better defense than Washington and that’s why he has a better record, because we all know that Montreal’s d-fense sucks large. You would probably trade Koivu for Alexei Zhamnov too wouldn’t you?

  6. Muzzy says:

    Your insane if you think Montreal- I’m a habs fan and theres no chance, Gainey is staying the course. And how can you even dream of Wash adding Ovechkin to a deal- you may as well shit in 1 hand and wish in the other, see which one fills up first. I also dont agree with Edmonton, they have enough goalies as it is.

  7. Viller02 says:

    Philly cant afford him and certainly dont want him. They already have 2 potential #1 goalies. Niittymaki is really playing well and showing that he wants to be #1 and deserves it.

    Dont be impressed he gets the job in the playoffs and Esche could be traded, but not till this summer for sure.

  8. habs79 says:

    I agree Theo has been having a bad year, but to trade him away for Kolzig? Are you crazy? Who is going to take over after Kolzig? Price won’t be ready, Huet is going to head back to europe (good riddance). Are you willing to put all your faith on Danis?

  9. lukeleim says:

    everybody talks about atlanta needing a goalie… well lehtinen is back now and garnett will be the backup till dunham is back…. they dont want or need a goalie

  10. LeafsWillNeverGetCup says:

    I doubt the habs will get kolzig. I’d rather they trade theo still.

    Maybe to get ovechkin, as he is far superior to crosby, and will always be. He’s the ultimate package, hitting, amazing offensive abilities. Something the habs are lacking.

    We can rely on Danis, he’s definately no.1 material.

    We can part with Ribeiro, Theo, Souray… even Rivet.

    I really hope the habs don’t get kolzig, but I do hope they get something better than Theodore, and I hope they dump that ***** Ribeiro.

  11. LeafsWillNeverGetCup says:

    I think the habs should have Danis in for more games, and rely on him as a no.1 in the latter part of this season, or the beginning of the next. When that is the case, Theo’ll be traded then, and we can have price learning as backup. Habs have halak and tarosov as well. A wealth of goaltending. I don’t know why habs management thinks Theo is God, because he’s far from it.

  12. habs79 says:

    Price should not be playing in the NHL for at least two more years. He should finish this season and play next in the WHL. Then have at least one full year as a stater in the AHL. They don’t need to rush him.

  13. PastParticiple says:

    Yeah I Know Kolzig has a high salary, but Souray has a high one too !!!!

    I’m sure Gainey is trying to dump Souray somewhere.

    Kolzig has a higher salary but I still think he can do the same job as Theodore does.

    Souray-Witt There is no doubt about it Witt is better.

    and if they can try to get an offensive player out of this trade, I’m talking about a LW.

    Maybe Halpern or Semin

    Or Ovechkin if you had a balance to it… but i’m dreaming for Ovechkin.

    It’s true we get an older goalie for a bit more, but we dump a defenceman that will cost us way more in few years… for his performances… NO WAY !!

    I’d rather prefer see Streit play than Souray, although he has a great shot, if you can’t put it on net, It worth nothing.

    I think Yann Danis can be a no1 goalie in this league. Kolzig would be there to learn him tricks and thats the same for Carey Price, our future no1 goalie. Huet is still our back up goalie.

    Anyway Theodore salary is up again for 4 years.. and Kolzig only one or 2. Think about it

    I want to know how you react to what I’ve just add.

    And no I wouldn’t trade Koivu for Zhamnov 😛

  14. habswinthecup-again says:

    You my friend are on drugs.

  15. FLAMESOWNU says:

    totally agree with you…kolzig is one of the only bright spots on that team

  16. jarcpitre says:

    I would have to say that Washington will be looking for Russian Youth to build around Ovecskin. I could see Kolzig going to Colorado, Atlanta, or Boston. Samsonov could be include in deal.

  17. nova_scotia123 says:

    Yeah like they are going to trade Theodore and only get Kolzig in return. Nice dreaming.

  18. kicksave856 says:

    We are all on drugs, yeah

    Never get enough

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    Give me summa that stuff (WOOOO!)

    I want to confiscate your drugs

    I don’t think I can get enough

    (Insert guitar solo here)

  19. OldGoalie says:

    Totally “what if” on my part, but wouldn’t it be fun to watch Malkin and Ovechkin play together in the NHL? Not that it’ll ever happen…you’d have a better chance of seeing Craig Patrick in a Caps uniform than of seeing Malkin traded for anything the Caps could/would offer…

  20. Aetherial says:

    Nobody will take Kolzig with his contract unless they can unload a bad contract of their own, which Washington won’t do.

    Therefore, if he does go, it will be for very little in return; I say Edmonton or Vancouver.

    Forget Colorado (cap problem) or Montreal (Theodore now, Price later) or Atlanta (no. 1 goalie is back soon, or already.

  21. habswinthecup-again says:

    Hey I didn’t know that Weezer was on this site, can you send me your autographs? lol

  22. wingsfan13 says:

    atlanta doesn’t need a goalie anymore, lehtonen has been activated from IR and he is gonna play 90% of the time and is pretty impressive

  23. goleafsgo1991 says:




    Theodore is worth more than Kolzig. Theodore would equal Kolzig AND Stana. He’s younger AND he’s better. This means Washington would have to part with one of their only two future NHL goalies(Stana/Daigneault)

    Witt may not have quite the upside of Souray but he’s a better leader, more sound defensively, and more consistent. He’s also slightly older (is he not?). I’d say that Witt would equal Souray and a so-so prospect on the blueline, i.e. J-P Cote.

    Semin is DEFINITLY worth more than a second rounder. He’s the best youngster in the Capitols’ system after Ovechkin. He was also a first round draft pick. Semin is going to be a future superstar. He would equal a second rounder AND a pretty good prospect. Montreal seems to storngly dislike having any star French-Canadians, so how about Guillaume Latendresse.


    To Washington: Theodore, Souray, J-P Cote, Stana, 2nd round pick, Latendresse.

    To Montreal: Semin, Witt, Kolzig

  24. EmptyNetter says:

    During the Bruins-Caps game the other night they interviewed Washington’s GM (George McPhee?). Caps were ahead 3-1 and McPhee only talked about how well the Bruins were playing. “The only reason we’re still in this game right now is Kolzig.”

    I’m not a Caps fan but I’d hate to see Kolzig moved — he plays well for a team with no immediate chance of doing well and has recently said he’d like to retire having played for only one NHL team. Besides, he started a local charity to benefit autism research so he’s strongly tied to the community. Here’s a link if anybody’s interested:

  25. my_sphincter says:

    Why does everyone think that the Habs need a new goaltender???

    Brodeur is having a rougher year than Theo and I don’t hear of NJ needing a new goaltender.

    Theo will not be leaving Montreal.

    That being said, I have heard alot of rumors about goaltenders moving. From Luongo to Aebischer and nothing…

    As far as I’m concerned, Kolzig is mediocre at best. If anyone should be shopping around a goaltender it should be Minnesota. Rolonson would be a good #1 goaltender anywhere in the league and Fernandez has prooved that he deserves to be #1 in Minnesota. Why not move Rolonson (who would be a cheap alternative to some of these overpaid underachievers) for a backup goalie and a some scoring punch.

  26. Ivan_Mtl says:

    I’m pretty sure that Josie Theodore will be traded before the trade deadline, although I’m certain it won’t be to Washington.

    Despite Kolzig being a better goaltender than Theo (who, I believe, has never posted two back-to-back winning seasons and is incredibly overpayed because of his one “Jim Carrey”-like season), I think Boob Gainey knows he would be crucified if he traded him for anyone other than Roberto Luongo – especially considering that Kolzig doesn’t speak french (which, believe it or not, figures largely in any trade involving Montreal… ridiculous as it may sound).

    I think a package of Theodore, Ryder and Komisarek (who has played badly since his mother’s death), could get you Luongo and another player (Jokinen?). As much as I would like to see Mike Ribiero shipped out of town, I honestly think you couldn’t get a bag of pucks for him.

    As to where I think Kolzig may be traded, it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if the Detroit Red Wings were added to the mix. Washington would need to replace Kolzig and Detroit has two possible inexpensive candidates to fill that position – Stanley Cup winner Chris Osgood (who only makes $900,000), and Manny Legace.

    With Jim Howard waiting in the wings (no pun intended), and Detroit possibly looking to make a preventive strike on Vancouver (who would become instant favorites with the acquisition of Olaf Kolzig), I could see it happening. Also, the further they go into the season before the trigger is pulled on the trade, the less expensive it will be for the wings. And with Steve Yzerman, Chris Chelios and (possibly) Jiri Fisher retiring, and the projected rise in the salary cap to 40-45 million, the Wings can certainly afford it.

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