Is Kolzig done in Washington ??

Hi guys,

In the last few weeks, we all heard Olaf Kolzig’s name once.

Will he be traded ?? Is he done in Washington ??

Well I think he’ll be traded, but it will have to be an offer from a team.

How many team really need Kolzig ??

Atlanta really need a goalie, but Garnett’s performances are pretty impressive. Chances are there tough.

Colorado is also in need of a no1 goalie. David Aebisher isn’t doing good so far this year, I wouldn’t be astonished to see Kolzig land there.

Carolina isn’t that much in need, but will they trust Gerber for the entire year ?

Edmonton is also looking for a goalie, but what can they trade for Kolzig ?

Here is an interesting question mark, Montreal.

Théodore isn’t the Vézina Trophy winner he was.

Theo-Kolzig trade ?? who knows

Islanders ?? Dipietro … Kolzig is better than that

Philadelphia can’t afford Kolzig’s salary.

Pittsburgh do trust Fleury to be a no1 goalie in the future… we’ll see

St-Louis.. they have no player to trade.. and their draft picks will be high one.. better for them to keep them.

Tampa. Graham-Kolzig, They are in the same division.. don’t think about it.

Vancouver is another nice place where Kolzig could land. Cloutier is not there and Auld will be a future good goalie, but for now they need a no1 goalie.

So in conclusion, My top 5 of places where Kolzig could land is:

1. Vancouver

2. Colorado

3. Montreal

4. Edmonton

5. Atlanta

Being an Habs fan, I would really like Kolzig to be an Habs.

To Montreal: Kolzig-Semin-Witt

To Washington: Theodore-Souray-2nd rounder.

And If my dreams come true, try to get Ovechkin, but I’m dreaming too much. 😛

So what you guys think about it ??

Happy Holidays