Is Lindros worth the Trouble? and who wants the distraction?

All seems quiet now about the NHL, although many big names still seem to be lurking in the background. One of those big names is one we have all heard before, Eric Lindros. Sparing you any of the boring details that not need to be said because it is already common knowledge, Eric will not be back in Philadelphia, but will he be anywhere? And is he worth what it will take to get him there?First of all, I would like to kick this guy’s butt already because of his selective nature. Whether your a Flyer fan, or a Flyer hater (everyone is either one or the other) you must agree that being selective, like Lindros is, is not going to increase your chances of re-entering the NHL anytime soon.

The guy is a medical risk yes, but his talent out-weighs the insurance payments and makes owners want to gamble on this guy. But we have already seen the great Lindros family ego at work in turning down a 5 million a year plus incentive contract with the Oilers because they weren’t on his “list.” Give me a break, they wine and bitch about how this guy wants to play in the NHL and he is completely recovered but they will only play for 5 teams, of which 1 are still interested-the NY Rangers.

This brings me to my next question, is he worth the distraction? The Rangers, all ready outbid for Jagr, although they got the raw end of the deal because Patrick accepted less, most Ranger fans want a big name player to come in, just to fill the seats of MSG. Is Lindros the answer? I don’t know you tell me. I do know that he will cause he fair share of controversy though, should he soon wear the red and blue of NY.

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