Is more offense what you ordered??

First of all… Hal Gill was a very good signing by JFJ @ 2 mil. Take Jay McKee on Buffalo for example, he was one of the best defensive D-men in the league last season (although he did lead the league in blocked shots) here are his numbers while playing on the top seeded Sabres last season.

Year Team GP G A Pts +/- PIM Shots Sh%

2005-06 Buffalo 75 5 11 16 0 57 50 10.00

2003-04 Buffalo 43 2 3 5 +6 41 29 6.90

2002-03 Buffalo 59 0 5 5 -16 49 44 0.00

2001-02 Buffalo 81 2 11 13 +18 43 50 4.00

2000-01 Buffalo 74 1 10 11 +9 76 62 1.61

Now compare Hal Gill’s numbers to Mckee’s, if I were to switch them around, you wouldn’t be able to tell me the difference! And you have to consider the team Gill was playing on last year.

Year Team GP G A Pts +/- PIM Shots Sh%

2005-06 Boston 80 1 9 10 -4 124 68 1.47

2003-04 Boston 82 2 7 9 +16 99 104 1.92

2002-03 Boston 76 4 13 17 +21 56 114 3.51

2001-02 Boston 79 4 18 22 +16 77 137 2.92

2000-01 Boston 80 1 10 11 -2 71 79 1.27

With Kaberle and McCabe anchoring the PP, then toss Kubina in the mix, we needed a solid stand-up defensemen to clear the front of the net and win some battles in our own corners this year – Gill is that guy! This will enable our youth to get more icetime out of their own zone… How many times did we see Wellwood, Steen and Stajan having to win the battles in their own zone, and when they finally did get it out, they were too tired to create some offense. I’ve always believed that a good offense begins with great defense! And I really feel that our youth are going to shine this season because of the moves JFJ has made so far.

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  1. the_word says:

    Thank you for saying something of value about Gill, as opposed to the played out memes. If I may paraphrase,

    ‘Hal Gill is big, and doesn’t skate like Lidstrom, drink the new NHL Koolaid, he doesn’t belong on the Leafs or the NHL’

  2. Hoondog2 says:

    Gill will be a great addition so long as he doent get too much ice time, but if he is used right he will be very effective!

    Throw Kubina and Colaiacovo or Pilar (who both have offensive abilities) into the top four and second pp unit.

    Round it out with a couple of solid d-men;Gill and any one of the young guys:White, Harrison, Kronwall etc… I hear Vorobiev is playing great hockey in Europe and is NHL ready.

  3. Toonces99 says:

    Here, Here…well done and said..finally a fan that can use his head to compare and not his heart…

  4. Stx-LEAFS says:

    i wudn’t say signin Gill is entirely the best thing that happen but yea i think he brings in the grit n strength to the blueline, but hes so slow and the speed is so important. =[

  5. Toonces99 says:

    Positioning is…Maurice’s philosophy is quickness not speed…getting there the quickest way doesn’t always mean you have to be the fastest…He’ll be fine, better than Berg.

  6. Oley says:

    i cant wait to see huge hits by this Gill character. i seen him play once and a while. when hes on the ice against the leafs. so should be interesting. i hope hes better than Berg. and ummm is Wellwood going to sign with the leafs? or atleast the Marlies? and whats Belak’s deal. is he on the leafs still? they better not let him play!!!!!.

  7. Scottman75 says:

    I second that motion.


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