Is spezza unhappy in Ottawa?

In the next three weeks Bryan Murray will have a very important conversation with Jason Spezza , to see if his star centre is still happy in Ottawa.

At their season-ending meeting in April, Spezza expressed some frustration to the Senators general manager with the way his season ended. He was booed by his home fans in Ottawa during the club’s first-round playoff loss to the Pittsburgh Penguins.

“He was a little unhappy at the end of the year. I took it as being somewhat emotional more than anything. I haven’t talked to him in the last few weeks. I hope before July 1st to have that conversation with him,” said Murray on Wednesday afternoon.

Murray did not confirm that Spezza asked for a trade during that meeting in late April. He simply said his star player felt like he was being unfairly targeted by the fans and media.

“I got an impression that he was quite unhappy at the end,” continued Murray. “I think the coverage he felt he got and the fan reaction a couple of times left him kind of wanting a little bit. But I don’t think it’s anything beyond that. My next conversation with him will be away from the emotion of playoff time to see what we can do and what we have to do.”

Murray was quick to defend Spezza, the Senators only true offensive centreman. After returning from a knee injury in mid-January, the centre collected 38 points in his final 30 games of the regular season. He was also invited to Team Canada’s Olympic orientation camp last August, a sign that he is considered among one of the most skilled players in the NHL.

“He’s not always going to satisfy everyone because he’s a skill player not a gritty run-around guy. He’s not going to hit people – but we don’t want him to do that,” Murray said. “He probably gets lambasted a little more (by the fans) than an energy guy.”

After dealing with the Dany Heatley situation last summer, the last thing that Murray wants to do is spend another summer trying to trade a superstar. The Heatley incident taught Murray how difficult it is to move a long-term contract to another team.

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  1. leafmeister says:

    There is no way they could get an acceptable offer as it stands. The only way he moves is if he requests a trade, and they have to take a lesser offer.


    Trade him tp SJ for Joe Thorton straight up.. Heatly and Spezza are renuited, and SJ gets a shake up….

  3. JannettyTheRocker says:

    It's so funny that you've listed an email address of…….Well, the email address is not very funny, but the fact that you're a Leaf's fan and you did this is funny & well kinda pathetic, considering your team hasn't even reached the finals since the 1960's, let alone won a Stanley Cup. hahaha

    At least the Sens have made the cup final in the past 30 years, unlike the Toronto Maple Laughs.

  4. sensrulethenhl says:

    spezza is unhappy with the fans but he is a guy that does not take the easy way out like Heatley. He said at the end of the year he has dealt with this for many years and that he is going to do it for the rest of his career. He does not have to look at the fans to stop booing him, he needs to look at why they are booing him and up his game. This kid is so talented, but has not shown it this year due to so many problems. What about that 11 game wining streak, Spezza came back from his injury and was on fire!!! He is a guy you do not trade. Heatley is a goal scorer, you can replace goal scoring with depth players like Michalek, Kovalev, Regin, but you can not replace someone with the creativity that Spezza has. It is something that can not be taught. Sure he is going to make some bad plays but he is still young, and I think this year he is going to come out of the gate like a raging Bull. You watch. I think Regin and him are going to keep going forth on their great chemesty and with Alfie or Michalek playing on the line with him, he can jump up in the play more with 2 defensively responsible guys as his wingers. 

    Spezza is going noware, Murray is already calling you guys crazy behind your backs for even thinking trade with this guy. Wait till Kuba, Karlsson are in the lineup together. The line of Regin-Spezza-Michalek and Kuba and Karlsson on the back end….that will really help with giving him options that he never had before with michalek, cheechoo and kovalev struggling. 

  5. leafmeister says:

    Good observation. You know what, I think you really have found your role here on this site. You should just stick to picking apart peoples names, and fake email addresses. Seriously, avoid any topic that has anything to do with hockey because you will ALWAYS be made to look like the total fool you are.

  6. leafmeister says:

    Spezza is obviously very talented, and has a ton of creativity, but what worries me about him is that in 5+ years in the NHL, he is still making rookie like turnovers and any defensive improvement he has made is marginal.

    I dont think he is gonna be a 90 point guy without Heatley, but he could probably be a reliable 75 point guy.

  7. number15 says:

    Jason Spezza for Tomas Kaberle?

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