Is the East the best conference?

No, they are not. the west has better goalies, better d man, we’ve won almost all of our games against the East, and the only reason people think the East is better because they have more exciting players. Only 25% of the top 12 12 scorers in the NHL are from the West, but let’s compare goalie stats. Only two of the top ten goalies in the NHL in GAA are from the East, and one of those goalies are arguably the best goalie ever.

I take Dallas the 6th place team in the West over any team in the entire Western conference. Minnesota even would be close to Buffalo. I guerentee Atlanta would not make the playoffs if they were in the West, and Columbus would be a top 6 team in the East.

If all the teams that were in the playoffs right now were in one conference this is how I think it would look (with no divisions).

1. Nashville
2. Detroit
3. San Jose
4. Anaheim
5. New Jersey
6. Calgary
7. Dallas
8. Pittsburgh

9. Buffalo (Would not fit the West Coast style)
10. Vancouver
11. Ottawa
12. Minnesota
13. Carolina
14. Montreal
15. Tampa (would be terrible in the West)
16. Atlanta (VERY VERY VERY BAD against the West this year)

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  1. Yann says:

    Wow bud, what do you smoke??? I'm a Sens fan  and I believe you are right on the West being a bit better, but there you're just pushing it, WAY TOO FAR! Ottawa and Buffalo would be in the playoffs, maybe ottawa would miss it this year cause of big injuries and early struggle, but seriously, not Buffalo…And the east has won the cup for 3 years running… Though i believe the West IS stronger, but not that much

  2. markjohnston says:

    did you ever consider that the west has "the best goalies and d-men" because they only have 25% of the top 12 goal-scorers?

    this is the worst never-ending debate.

    there is quite simply no way to say which conference is better…and no reason to bother trying.

    who cares?

  3. halgillfan says:

    i heard that the conferences were going to be renamed according to what direction they were closest to of Ust-Kamenogorsk, Kazakhstan, Nik Antropov's home town

    so this would make the Western Conference the Eastern Conference and the Eastern Conference the Western Conference which would mean the the East is really better than the West but I still think right now that the East (of the future) is worse than the East (of right now)

    catch my drift?

  4. LeafsrGods says:

    Now, for the first time in my life, i am going to consider you a freqen DUMBASS!!!

    This is the real standings *****ing idiot:

    1, Nashville
    2, Detroit
    3, Buffalo
    4, New Jersey
    5, Anaheim
    6, San Jose
    7, Calgary

    8, Dallas

    9, Ottawa

    10, Vancouver
    11, Tampa Bay
    12, Atlanta
    13, Carolina
    14, Montreal (or Toronto)
    15, Minnesota

  5. puffpenguin54 says:

    haha i understood totally

  6. rangers914 says:

    are you okay in the head look at wahat u did u eliminated buffalo for "not fitting the west coast style" this isnt football

    standings by the numbers if both conferences were combined w/o divisions right now

    BUFFALO(#! in teh league you cannot throw them out of the palyoffs)
    san jose

    so how can you say buffalo wouldnt make the palyoffs when they currently hold a 10 point gap on what WOULD be the 8th place team

  7. mkultra says:

    i can't believe i lost 4 minutes of my life reading this useless crap

    if this…if that….if you were sane….

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