Is this Ottawa's Season?

The sens over the past few years have been the class of the regular season, and, even though one goal away from the finals, have been more of a disapoitment than anything in the playoffs.The sens are gonna have one of the most powerful offensive and defensive linups agains this year, but as everyone has seen, and leaf fans love, the sens havnt performed in the playoffs.

Offense: Maybe the best in the NHL. And with Murray taking control of the team, and installing a brand new look offense, watch out for sens. Look for spezza to have a straong season being the first line center, this kid was a 2nd overall pick for a reason. Look for Fisher to step up this year and play a bigger roll. He played for Team Canada at the World Championships in April, and altough he didnt get much ice time, when he was on the ice, he looked like the bet player out there. Going to arbitration wont hurt Hossa. Worst case scenario, sens sign him for a year, and let him go next year. He will put up another 80 plus points and be again, a dominate offensive threat. Havlat and Alfi, they will again have good years.

Defense: Not much else u can say about a perenial Team Canada defense, the Norris Trophy Runner up. This could be the best defense in the league. Not only a big blue line, but quick, smart and an offensive up side. De vries is a solid, 3rd, 4th D man, and Phillips, once again is at the Team Canada orintation camp, proving he is world class. Vulchankov is a solid young D, that can hit as hard as anyone i have ever seen. Thier 6th D, maybe Potier or maybe even Medzeros can step in, and play a roll. Either way, they have 3rd solid sets of defense.

Goaltending: Every knows Hasek is a question mark. They are not the only team with big questions marks. The sens are rolling the dice here without a question. If hasek can step up in the playoffs, then Ottawa has a solid chance of getting the Cup, if he falters, Emery might be able to step in. If he does faulter though, it might be too late for Emery and it could be a short post season for the Sens. Other goalies have know had a year off, just like Hasek, so the time he has had off from game play, should not be an isse. His character and age are though.

Overall: The sens are a powerful team, and like past years, will have a strong regular season. Post season, the Sens dont score enough to let their goalie have a bad game, or let in a bad goal. Maybe, with Murrays new system, that will be different, but that remains to be seen. Right now, the Sens will go as far as Hasek can take them.

Let me know what ya think, Even leafs fans.

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  1. thekeyholespy says:

    sens take the cup in 16 games

  2. toronto77 says:

    ottawa’s entire team relies on a good goalie if they do not get hasek than they will have a rough season….. a good offence and defence can only take you so far but a bad goalie will take it all away sooner or later

  3. toronto77 says:

    only if they have hasek…if not than forget about it

  4. garyroberts7 says:

    I don’t think it’s there season, but I think they’ll make a good push. They may have the best lineup on paper, but it’s not that I think they’re overrated, I just think they underachive. But we’ll see.

    I say if they can get past the Leafs they’ll win it all. It would give them alot of confidence.

  5. toronto77 says:

    if the sens finally beat the leafs… i have to admit that will give them a lot of confidence to take it all the way…….cuz they will not beat a team they had trouble beating 4 times in a row just to lose in the next round.

  6. gwalleyn says:

    It’s all true. Believe me, I was there. i can still feel the pain of watching Marian Hossa sitting on the ice against the bench as the Devils received the conference trophy. I remember my girlfriend yelling F–K YOU to some 6-year-old and his father (wearing Devils jerseys) as we left the arena. THAT hurt more than any loss to the LEAFS.

    So help me GOD Redden, if i see you try to stick out your foot to deflect a cross crease pass out of danger like some Argentinian super-MULLET in the World Cup, i will EXACT my revenge swiftly and with a brutality not seen since the days of the BROAD STREET BULLIES. It’s very rare to see a team that is both packed at the NHL level, and teeming with great youth in the AHL. there are a hlaf dozen guys who can come up and make an immediate impact right away, which is good to know should the odd injury occur.

    I am scared by Hasek. I was scared by Lalime. That’s pain of being a SENS fan. there are probanly only 3 goalies out there that i WOULDN’T be scared by, and Ray Emery isn’t one of them. For that matter, neither is Belfour, or any of the OTHER aging wonders still in the league because of a REAL lack of good quality young goalies in the last decade.

    It is now (hopefully) the age of the speedster again. The line of Schaeffer/Spezza/Havlat will once again light it up, as they did leading up to and through the playoffs two (three) years ago. It’s going to be an exciting tiime in Ottawa. Makes me wish i didn’t have to move to Toronto.

  7. AntoinePortilick says:

    16 games, no. 16 years, YES. Best team on paper, maybe. I think there are several teams that are getting over looked in all of this. Philly, Tampa (pending a goaltender, much like Ottawa), even Florida in the East has put together a good team. The playing field is as close as it has ever been since expansion and pretty much any team on any given night has a decent shot at winning.


  8. AntoinePortilick says:

    16 games, no. 16 years, YES. Best team on paper, maybe. I think there are several teams that are getting over looked in all of this. Philly, Tampa (pending a goaltender, much like Ottawa), even Florida in the East has put together a good team. The playing field is as close as it has ever been since expansion and pretty much any team on any given night has a decent shot at winning.


  9. 93213 says:

    The Sens are like the Canucks. They have a potent ofence and a great D, but refuse to install a goalie that can take them. The Canucks as long as Cloutier is in net have no shot, of course I said the same about Osgood, but they don’t have Lidstom either. At least the sens have Hasek who is a 50-50 either way. If he plays up to form they could go the distance. If not well then why bother signing all those forwards and defence? It makes no sense to me.

    I mean shit, on paper they should have won at least twice, if not more. Last year they should have beat the leafs but were taken down by a 38 yr old guy that was ‘past his prime’ and a 40 yr old goalie who stood up to the best offence in the league. I mean on paper it’s riduculous that the leafs made it to game six overtime last season with the $20 million they had sitting on the IR, but still, shit happens…

  10. quick_stick says:

    Ottawa is like almost every team in the respect that they will go only as far as their goalie takes them. Hasek is a big gamble, and like most gambles, it’s a big payoff or bust.

    Personally, I think he’s probably a bigger gamble than Belfour as the Eagle is a more technical goalie and all things being equal should adjust better to his age and the new rules. However, the leafs have more gambles than the Sens in the Forward department. The sens have a solid top 4 defence for sure. They’re a little weak down the middle, but if Spezza has a breakout season, that’ll go along way. Barring a meltdown from Hasek the Sens will likely be tops in the east. As for the playoffs? Who the hell knows. Brodeur could win a series or two for NJ, but will likely be near the bottom of the playoff bound teams. I doubt Tampa can repeat last years effort and the Flyers are not quite the team most believe them to be. Hey, my hope is the leafs and sens playing in the eastern final 🙂

  11. 93213 says:

    Hey let’s be honest… not even the most die hard Leaf fans have said they’ll win the cup this season. No question Eddie is less than a gamble in net. I mean all these sens fans that go on and on about Lindros and Alison should remember that Hasek has played less than both of them in the past 3 seasons.

    I mean he might decide to retire and then they’ll be scrambling to find someone to help Emery and who knows who they’ll lose in that quest.

    Doesn’t it seem like Sen’s fans like to make predictions based on their team on paper before the season and playoffs start and then just don’t want to talk about the outcome? Ie remember Alfie last season with his ridiculous predictions?

    You can’t predict anything in hockey which is what makes it the best sport on earth. No one predicted flames and bolts. Let alone the Ducks or Hurricanes….

  12. shakrmakr says:

    I wouldn’t say they have the best offense in the league their is at least 3 other teams better in that department. Defence if they lose Redden due to caps space the only other good d-man they have is Chara. Phillips is one of the most overrated guy in the league. If they don’t have the old Hasek they are doomed.

  13. GNR says:

    Im a huge leaf fan, you would think that my primal instincts would be to hate the Senators, and i do. But to look at the team in a non-biased point of view, they are one of the greatest, if not the greatest, club in the NHL at this moment. If they don’t screw up in the first and second round of the postseason, they have a major chance of winning the cup

  14. GNR says:

    who are the 3 better teams in with there offence?

  15. Joseph_G says:

    Being what I consider to be a ‘rational’ leaf fan, here’s my honest perception of Ottawa’s chances.

    There are only two question marks, and a sometimes missing ingredient that bar your chances to the Stanley cup round in my opinion.

    Hasek, and Murray. If those two turn out to be a non-concern I think the Senators can take Philly out in 5 if you have that missing ingredient.

    Chicago used to have it.. Toronto with medium talent teams has definitely had it in the past. What is it?

    That combination of Passion and desparation.. that intangible quality that says ‘we’re going to beat you, for one reason.. we simply have to’. Its the kind of passion that allows you to play every game like it might be your last in the playoffs.

    I hope the Sens’ve got it. I’d genuinely like to see them do well. Well.. at least until next year when we can take em on again in force – I hope!

    Good luck Sens.. you buggers.


  16. shakrmakr says:

    Tampa Bay


    Probably Pittsburgh now

    Toronto if all are healthy

    Calgary top player in the game with Amonte now

    Philly is decnt could be compared maybe

    Detriot Shanaha, Datsyuk, Zetterberg etc….

  17. WeedIan says:

    He’s not a good coach, I like Lamars better they should haev tried to sign Quinville before he went to Col.

    I say for ottawa a decent playoffs but not a Cup.

    They still don’t have a Proven playoff performer for leadership.

    All they need is a Gary Roberts type player who can help push them into the final.

    Plus if they face the leafs in the playoffs we all know the Sens choke against their ontario rivals.

    And that’s a fact. The year they didn’t face the leafs they made it within 1 game, 2 goals of the Stanley Cup Final.

  18. H_E_DBL_HCKY_STCKS says:

    If they can’t re-sign Hossa and end up trading Redden, there is NO way they will win the cup. If they deal Redden, they will not get fair value for him, because they will be moving him due to cap restrictions. Hasek has yet to prove himself, I think Ottawa has way more question marks now than they did in the Patrick Lalime era.

    De Vries is overrated, Volchenkov still not an established NHL player, Bonk is gone, White is gone, Rachunek is gone, they’ll be a competitive team but, Stanley Cup I don’t think so.

  19. Kraut182 says:

    My thoughts on the Sens are simple: I don’t think Hasek will still have what it takes, from what I saw of Emery I don’t think he has what it takes yet, and I don’t know that they’ll have the money to add a goalie at the deadline if they need to. Ottawa has a great team, but with at least good goaltending no team is going to win it all.

    So I think they definitely make the playoffs, but without getting quality goaltending and developind that killer instinct they’ve lacked I don’t see this being the year for Ottawa.

  20. NYRules says:

    best team in season but come playoff time, whos stepping up?

    Philly or Boston will be the team to beat in the east come playoffs. But of course we can never count the Devils out.

    I think the addition of Leetch will do an unbelievable amount for the b’s in the playoffs. He pulled Torontos D together and made every other Dmen better, even the ones he wasnt playing with.

  21. NYRules says:

    once Ottawa gets a Sakic or Leetch or Iginla or Kariya then ask me.

  22. flyersfan10897 says:

    Right now I don’t think any of that matters. Going into the 2003-2004 team, how many people actually expected to see the lightning and flames in the finals? Absolutely no one. Yes, the bolts weren’t a bad team, but before the season i saw atlanta and florida being picked to win the division. The year before that, who would have expected to see Anaheim and Minnesota in the Western Conference Finals? Less than 0. Any team can get there. The Flames weren’t even really expected to make the playoffs when the season started.

    Face it, the best talent, skill, coaching, and anything else does not always mean that team will win. Detroit in 02, Colorado in 01 show that it does happen, but not every year.

    I think a lot of people are underestimating the Coyotes, Ducks, and Thrashers. I don’t necessarily think they will be favorites or anything, but they are good teams.

    Expect the unexpected is the best way I could put it.

  23. rick_james says:

    what are u retarded ottawa without a doubt has the best team in the league

  24. rick_james says:

    a leaf fan with a brain? who woulda thunk

  25. Neely4Life says:

    agreed, but look at detroit’s cup wins, dominating with osgood

  26. Neely4Life says:

    The worst part about your comment is, its so true!

  27. Neely4Life says:

    I honestly like cloutier, if he has one solid series, he will be beyond confident. In goaltenders, confidence is everything!

  28. Neely4Life says:

    Just so people know, Redden is not goign anywhere. He is a leader and an all-star! The sens will part with hossa before redden.

  29. NemiNA says:


  30. NemiNA says:

    The Flyers and the Sens have the best blend of youth and experience in my book.

  31. NemiNA says:

    Which Goalie would you rather have RIGHT NOW!

    Hasek or Belfour

    I take Belfour. He at least has put up wins in the NHL for the last few seasons. After Hasek won the cup, he fell off the face of the earth. His comback was short lived and mediocre at best. It wasn’t worth screwing Joseph over.

  32. Neely4Life says:

    I love the sens, and i would take belfore too. Doesnt mean i want belfore though, just like i dont want hasek.

  33. SensfanVone says:


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