Is this Ottawa's Season?

The sens over the past few years have been the class of the regular season, and, even though one goal away from the finals, have been more of a disapoitment than anything in the playoffs.The sens are gonna have one of the most powerful offensive and defensive linups agains this year, but as everyone has seen, and leaf fans love, the sens havnt performed in the playoffs.

Offense: Maybe the best in the NHL. And with Murray taking control of the team, and installing a brand new look offense, watch out for sens. Look for spezza to have a straong season being the first line center, this kid was a 2nd overall pick for a reason. Look for Fisher to step up this year and play a bigger roll. He played for Team Canada at the World Championships in April, and altough he didnt get much ice time, when he was on the ice, he looked like the bet player out there. Going to arbitration wont hurt Hossa. Worst case scenario, sens sign him for a year, and let him go next year. He will put up another 80 plus points and be again, a dominate offensive threat. Havlat and Alfi, they will again have good years.

Defense: Not much else u can say about a perenial Team Canada defense, the Norris Trophy Runner up. This could be the best defense in the league. Not only a big blue line, but quick, smart and an offensive up side. De vries is a solid, 3rd, 4th D man, and Phillips, once again is at the Team Canada orintation camp, proving he is world class. Vulchankov is a solid young D, that can hit as hard as anyone i have ever seen. Thier 6th D, maybe Potier or maybe even Medzeros can step in, and play a roll. Either way, they have 3rd solid sets of defense.

Goaltending: Every knows Hasek is a question mark. They are not the only team with big questions marks. The sens are rolling the dice here without a question. If hasek can step up in the playoffs, then Ottawa has a solid chance of getting the Cup, if he falters, Emery might be able to step in. If he does faulter though, it might be too late for Emery and it could be a short post season for the Sens. Other goalies have know had a year off, just like Hasek, so the time he has had off from game play, should not be an isse. His character and age are though.

Overall: The sens are a powerful team, and like past years, will have a strong regular season. Post season, the Sens dont score enough to let their goalie have a bad game, or let in a bad goal. Maybe, with Murrays new system, that will be different, but that remains to be seen. Right now, the Sens will go as far as Hasek can take them.

Let me know what ya think, Even leafs fans.