Is Toronto as Deep as we think?

After reading and partaking-in many discussions, I decided to look up some of the leafs prospects.

Asking myself, are the leafs really as deep as we, in Toronto, think? Or do we suffer from the normal delussions of the local fans believing their talent is the best?

We certainly can’t say that about our team at the NHL level.

After debating some, and re-reading some of the past musings on this site, heavily drenched with beLEAFers, I took a quick look at some of our prospects.

Or at least tried too.

Now, before I get way ahead of myself and overcredit a broadcasting station, I did notice an interesting and particularly concerning pattern.

On the TSN website, where a lot of us look to or rely on for breaking news and detailed information, where I looked-up some of the leaf’s prospects. Sure enough they were there in name, and some slight stat coverage. BUT NO scouting report. Now I know that I could probably just find them on ISS’ website but that does not carry the same analyzation as TSN’s experts on the NHL.

That was a little bit of a shock to me. After having one of our better drafts in years, actually saving and taking our first pick, the player wasn’t even good enough for TSN to profile fully.

Check it out for yourselves.

TSN has done little or no scouting for most of the Toronto prospects. If TSN which is more than a little Toronto centered when it comes to hockey didn’t care to take the time to fully scout our prospects what does that say for them? Or our team?

As much as Tlusty and Kulemin look promising to us, they did not garner enough attention as many other players that were drafted by other teams.

So are our draft picks that good? Or are we as local Fans just deluding ourselves, as we do every year with cup aspirations, I ask?

It seems to me that although our picks do seem to be decent to us, they are still not even close to being elite players in the NHL. A few good second-liners and depth players, but no stars.

Do we need to make a major deal to get an NHL ready star, or deal some of our players for more or presumably better draft picks. Is our scouting good enough now to make use of those picks if we get them? I am not so sure, at least not for players outside North America. When was the last time we drafted anyone even resembling a star? Past round 1? Past round 2?

I fear we still are stuck developing through free agency if this is the case.