Isbister for Satan?

WFAN in New York last night reported the Islanders and Sabres have agreed in principal on a deal that would have Brad Isbister and either a prospect or a high pick going to Buffalo for Mirolslav Satan. TFP has put the same rumor on its website.
As an Islander fan, I just can’t believe this is the case. I believe Mike (I know nothing about hockey) Francesa broke the story. If it is true, this would be even more of a steal than the Peca trade in which the Isles robbed Buffalo. Isbister’s numbers have dropped from 22 goals when he first came to the Isles to 10 this season while Satan has been a force on a bad team. He would compliment Yashin or any other Islander for that matter very well. Isbister might be a good fit in a Buffalo system that pushes its players to forecheck.

The Sabres would need to have this trade approved which could be the reason it is taking a long time to announce. Isbister was benched against Tampa the other night which fueled rumors a trade was going to be announced. Peter Laviolette said Isbister would be in the lineup tonight against Boston.

As much I would love to do the happy dance if this trade actually occurs, I have a feeling it is just more speculation.