Isbister for Satan?

WFAN in New York last night reported the Islanders and Sabres have agreed in principal on a deal that would have Brad Isbister and either a prospect or a high pick going to Buffalo for Mirolslav Satan. TFP has put the same rumor on its website.
As an Islander fan, I just can’t believe this is the case. I believe Mike (I know nothing about hockey) Francesa broke the story. If it is true, this would be even more of a steal than the Peca trade in which the Isles robbed Buffalo. Isbister’s numbers have dropped from 22 goals when he first came to the Isles to 10 this season while Satan has been a force on a bad team. He would compliment Yashin or any other Islander for that matter very well. Isbister might be a good fit in a Buffalo system that pushes its players to forecheck.

The Sabres would need to have this trade approved which could be the reason it is taking a long time to announce. Isbister was benched against Tampa the other night which fueled rumors a trade was going to be announced. Peter Laviolette said Isbister would be in the lineup tonight against Boston.

As much I would love to do the happy dance if this trade actually occurs, I have a feeling it is just more speculation.

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  1. keon says:

    Satan is the type of winger that every playoff team wants. He can score and can play in his own end as well as anybody in the NHL. If giving up Isbister and a pick is what the Isles have to do, to get Satan, they should do it, because the Isles need somebody to play beside Yashin, and help him earn his $10 million/year. Isbister is still young, and a change of scenery might be good for him. He would get a lot of ice time in Buffalo. Good trade for both teams.

  2. booty says:

    I can’t believe this trade because there are so many teams that could offer more than a player like Isbister and a first rounder. The Flyers, Leafs, Devils, etc. could all give a much more attractive package.

  3. matteo says:

    If Buffalo does this then they are smoking some serious crack.

    Buffalo could get a much much much better deal from Philadelphia. If Philly is willing to give up Gagne(or Williams) and Woywitka and a first rounder then Buffalo would be stupid to take highly overrated Isbister along with a pick or a prospect. Gagne is only making $2million.

    Clarkie would never let this one go down without making some noise. Philly has the money and the players to trump any deal the Isles can offer.

  4. maynard says:

    this is nothing more than spectulation, If he going to in the line up tonight, then its just a rumor, he would sit out if there was an impending deal on the table. I know that the Flyers offered alot more than Isbister and a pick, so this makes no sense.

  5. habsoverserver says:

    A slumping second/third line forward plus a pick for Satan? There are about 30 teams in the NHL that would do that deal in a heartbeat.

  6. DaAvs says:

    Psshh..Would have to be Isbister-Hunter- and a 1st rounder. Unless the Sabres got out the crystal ball and saw that he would devolp into a Bertuzzi type player..they get ripped off. Speculation at this point…Plus I think Lacroix would send Vrbata and a 2 and have a better deal then this.

  7. big_booty says:

    I doubt this will happen.

    Darcy Reiger has repeatedly said that he cannot make any deals until the ownership situation with the Senators is resolved. The League itself is running the team, and Gary Bettman had delivered this edict to Reiger.

    Additionally, a player like Isbister along with a pick is not a good return for Satan. There are better teams out there (Philadelphia, New Jersey, Colorado, etc.) that could put together better packages.

  8. Isles22 says:

    Not a chance. This would be too good and mad mike can’t pull off a trade like this. I would love to see this happen as an Islander fan but as a smart guy (i would like to think) it won’t happen. Please Mike prove me stupid cause this could really start the Power Play scoring.

  9. MaveDatthews says:

    I called WFAN and asked them if there was any truth to the trade and they said “No”. Soooo another bullshit rumor that put out…

  10. matteo says:

    Funny enough that rumor made it onto a few reputable sites. Unfreakin believeable.

    I just looked and Isbister makes 1.8 mil. Gagne makes 2mil….why in the name of all that is good and holy would anyone pass uo Gagne and trade for lsbister…….they wouldn’t.

    Nice move calling the radio station….WFAN sucks. Of course we have Howard Eskin in Philly and he isn’t much better.

  11. Bodster says:

    he got dealt already

  12. matrix2003 says:

    There may be no questioning Satan’s offense, but you think his defense is as good as anybody’s in the NHL? I don’t think so. He is adequate on D and that’s all.

  13. matrix2003 says:

    I wouldn’t mind seeing him as a Leaf. But, since Nolan is now a Leaf, they have Mogilny and Nolan on the right side, so I doubt he would be coming to Toronto or the Isl’s.

  14. keon says:

    He’s a career +50, and is +1 this season, playing for Buffalo, one of the worst teams in the league. That says to me that he’s a top defensive forward.

  15. keon says:

    He is a left handed shot though, so he could play LW, but I think the Leafs are done shopping for forwards, they need a d-man.

  16. matrix2003 says:

    Ever heard the saying “It’s silent before a storm”? Quinn might be ready to pull out all stop to go all the way. Think about this, Nolan earns $6.5 million next season, why spend all that, and give up all they did to only get half way? I think he is looking at Drury, he is a damn good player that Calgary can not afford to keep because of his salary. Since Calgary will need to dump some salary and Iginla is apparently not available or not available cheap, maybe Drury is? Maybe just Maybe Quinn is making the genuine effort to go all the way, unlike in the past.

  17. devfanman4 says:

    SATAN TO THE ISLES? NO! Satan is a Devil killer. Having him on a team in the same conference is bad enough, but having him on a rival team in the same division! I was hoping the Devils would get him…think of the marketing with his jersey! 😉 Plus he’s a great player. I’m hoping this is not true, but if it is…that’s a huge pick up for the isles.

  18. matrix2003 says:

    Plus Minus isn’t the only indicator of defensive ability you know. Darcy Tucker had a plus 24 (led the team) with the Leafs last year and he is not there best defensive player.

  19. mikster says:

    The guy heard it on WFAN, numb nuts. So, you’re probably bsing big time.

  20. matteo says:

    Satan…on the devils….HAHAHA….that’s a joke son….Hare dye get it boy…hare dye!!!

    OK now who can name that quote??? And yes I spelled hare correctly in the context.

  21. Bodster says:

    foghorn leghorn

  22. matteo says:

    I knew that would trip some people up. I can see how you would guess that. It was Bugs Bunny in the episode where he sees the reward for rabbits and goes on a nationwide crime spree and the US Army declares war on him. GREAT CARTOON.

  23. Weidner says:

    This one is not going to happen. The Flyers offered a much better package earlier in the year that wasn’t accepted by the league office. If the Sabres could get Woywitka, Williams, and the Flyers 1st round pick (not the one from Phoenix) they should accept that deal. –

    Of course they may have to decide to do this soon. Since the Leafs now have made the move to pick up Nolan from the Sharks the Flyers may use these players and pick to make another attempt at Iginla.

    They are in a tough spot deciding if 1 player is better than 2 – 3 that can play next year.

  24. MaveDatthews says:

    YYYYYYea and it was put up on TFP and people in here are like dumb trade, horrible trade if it’s true, blah blah…all i did was call the station to ask them if there was anything truth to it. Sooo how about you close the hole under your nose before you say something else stupid.

  25. big_booty says:

    The Varada trade was a minor one, and one that actually benefits Buffalo from the standpoint that it shed some salary.

    Varada’s a gritty player, but Reiger gave him up for money reasons. He makes $1.3 million. They got back a prospect who makes less than half.

    Anyway, any deal that Reiger makes right now has to be approved by Bettman and the league. Attendance is already piss-poor in Buffalo, it would plummet even more if Satan were traded. Bettman, who always harps on how attendance has been rising throughout the league, wouldn’t want to get caught as being the one to drive down the gait in Buffalo.

    No star player for Buffalo (Satan, Zhitnik, etc.) gets dealt before the sale of the team is finalized.

  26. bender says:

    What!!! Williams or Gagne, plus Woywitka and a first rounder, Dude, what are u smoking.

    Satan isn’t worth half as much, let the Isles have him, we got bigger fish to fry, like Iginla, Amonte, and maybe even Selanne.

    If Clarkey trades Williams or Gagne for Satan,I’m giving up on them. Holy Crap!!!!!

  27. bender says:

    For all you other Flyer fans out there who are whining because the Flyers have so much more to offer, like Gagne or Williams, plz shut up. Who the hell needs Satan for that price, he aint worth it.

    If Clarkey does anything even close to what you guys are thinking, then he is the Worst GM in the history of the game.

    Let the Isles or anyother team have him. He has played great for the Sabres but He wasn’t that great for the Oil. Why take a chance on a guy who is on the end leg of his career. Lets go for some bigger Fish with what we’ve got. I aint too keen on trading either Gagne or Williams, but if we are, then lets get Iginla, Amonte, or Selanne.

  28. TaajAr says:

    Of any team that would want Satan it would be an Atlantic Division team. He absoutely owns EVERY team in that division.

    Philly, NJ, and the Rangers he all trounces on when he plays ’em.

  29. Isles22 says:

    Does anyone have any other deals involving the Islanders? Did anyone hear that Damphousse from is available? What about trading Osgood, Snow or DiPietro?My Idea would get some thing good for isbisterand osgood.Anyone have any other deals they hear or thought about?

  30. NYIchooch75 says:

    Hey, if the Rangers got Kovalev for 4 barely warm bodies and some cash, why couldn’t this happen.

    I doubt it will. Anyone who knows the FAN here in NY, knows that Fat Mike knows shit about hockey.

  31. NHL_expert says:

    at least Eskin doesnt put mindless rumors out there, for the most part he keeps it real!

  32. NHL_expert says:

    there arent alot of teams that would be able to pay Kovalev the money hes going to command next year thats why the rangers were able to pick him up so easy.

  33. adambuffalo says:

    if you call zhitnik a star than i would like some of what you are smoking. no one in buffalo likes him. infact if they traded him more people might go to the games.

  34. infoengine says:

    some of us Kings fans think we can land him in LA. Some one like C. Johnson and a 1st round pick or Smolinki and a 3rd round pick

  35. infoengine says:

    thats funny: Satan a devil killer. Get it?

  36. DaMick says:

    thats about as close those two names will get to each other & im a isles fan…

    if the isles get satan for isbister …

    ill get tickets to a rangers game & ROOT for them [for that game] …thats how sure iam that WONT happen.. at least not for that deal

    HTR’s Resident LeafBasher&RangerHater


  37. nskerr says:

    After last night’s game where half of Bridgeport was playing defense, maybe the Isles should go after Zhitnik.

  38. DaMick says:

    that i think WILL happen….the D is way too banged up..

  39. Montrealsdogg says:

    Why oh lord WHY do Leafs fans think EVERY DAMN player will end up in their unifor colors??? First Lindros, then Guerin, Holik, Kasparistis and Kovalev…. none of these players ended up in the blue and white, it won’t change this time around either… Quinn is a tight ass that needs to get his head outta his ass, Leafs need DEFENSE BAD!!! if they don’t get a defenseman kiss the Cup GOODBYE

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