Isbister for Tanguay Rumor Heating up on the Island

Someone suggested it earlier here on HTR, but it seems as if is reporting the potential deal in which the Islanders will land Alex Tanguay for Dave Scatchard and Brad Isbister. My guess is Colorado will add something more.“The Colorado Avalanche score more goals that paint pictures than any other team in the league.

But couldn’t they use a little less pretty and a little more messy, especially around the net? Aren’t they too small?

Should they at least consider Brad Isbister and Dave Scatchard on Long Island, maybe in a deal for Alex Tanguay?

“We’ve been the same size for the last four years and we’ve won the most games in the league,” said Avs coach Bob Hartley. “Any time things are going bad, they are looking for the perfect line (rationalization) to say.”

The Avs do miss the energy Adam Deadmarsh offered before he was sent to L.A. in return for Rob Blake. They could use battling centre Mike Ricci, who was on their 1996 Stanley Cup team before being moved to the San Jose Sharks for a first-round draft, which turned out to be Tanguay.

Truth is, the perfect player for them would be Scott Thornton in San Jose, but he’s hurt and they’re never getting him.

The Avs had a scout watching the Isles the other night against Calgary, after they’d already played the Flames, so you know they’re looking at Isbister, and maybe Scatchard or Jason Wiemer.

They’re top heavy in creative guys like Radim Vrbata, Milan Hejduk and Tanguay, and they could use some grit, but it’s the hardest thing to get.

Tanguay, who only has two goals, still seems the most likely to move. The Flames held out for Chris Drury rather than Tanguay when they dealt Derek Morris. Drury’s been the Flames’ best player.

Tanguay’s got lots of upside but, since his wonderful second year (77 points), he’s struggled to put up numbers. Tanguay would look good with Alexei Yashin on Long Island because Yashin needs a playmaking winger.

But the party line today is they’re holding firm with what they’ve got even though they’ve yet to win a game at the sold-out Pepsi Center.

Maybe the Avs’ brass is right.

Last year the team struggled to a 7-10-2 start but still won the Northwest Division and almost made the Cup finals. They always start slow.

Maybe they just need Patrick Roy back. He’ll play today against the Predators after missing the last week with a fluid buildup in his left hip.

A few years ago, Roy had problems with the other hip, which makes you wonder if maybe he’s starting to break down a little as he closes in on 1,000 games. Ten-year-old cars start to leak oil, too, don’t forget. Then again, maybe we’re going too far with this.

Only sure thing: Roy has a tendency to clean up a lot of messes. He’s 4-1-4 with a 1.93 average.

His backup, David Aebischer, is 0-5.


Peronally, I know the Isles wanna shake something up, but with Dean McAmmond, is Scatchard really that important? ANd boy would this make the Drury/Morris trade 100x worse!

8 Responses to Isbister for Tanguay Rumor Heating up on the Island

  1. MantaRay says:

    Why is Tanguay even on the block?

    The AV’s don’t have any depth to begin with.

    The Drury trade sure didn’t help any.

  2. Sundinfan says:

    i dont know what to make of this deal. sure having a power forward would be nice…..but generally doesnt a power forward get points? lets see isbister had 42 points in 99-00, and that was his best season. he gets penalty minutes, but has about just as much production as a 2nd/3rd liner. then you take a look at tanguay and see that he had 48 points in his WORST year (last year). and if you throw in scatchard that doesnt do a damn thing because we dont need another 3rd/4th liner. right now tanguay has 7 points (3g/4a) and isbister 5 (3g/2a) well if the avs want a power forward i think they should go for somebody who racks up the points. in that case, isbister isnt the way to go. tanguay is gonna be a superstar, in due time that is. and if the avs were to trade him, that certainly wouldnt help them out, isbister sure isnt gonna be better than tanguay. so this trade would suck pretty bad if you ask me. all players have slumps, tanguay is in one now, as are most of the avs players, so i wouldnt be so quick to say that tanguay is underachieving, quite a few of them are. look at the trades the avs make, while prospering from them (with the exception to the morris-drury trade) the other teams seem to benefit significantly as well. i think the avs should hold off on a trade and see how tanguay does for another 15-20 games. if a significant increase in points doesnt occur, if he just keeps producing at the same rate, i say trade him, but not for isbister.

  3. Forsberg21 says:

    What do you mean the Avs don’t have any depth. Sakic, Forsberg, Hejduk, Reinprect, Tanguay, Vrbata, Nederost, Hinote. Get your shit together. Yea trading Drury was stupid and hurt the team, but that doesn’t mean they dont’ have depth.

  4. Forsberg21 says:

    Isbister is still young, and just like defensman, it takes power fowards a few years to find a playing style that is effective for them. Look at Bertuzzi, NYI traded him away too because of the same reason.

    I hope we get Isbister, but unless we get a great guy to put up points on one of or bottom two lines, and trade away some of our guys, I don’t think we can take Scatchard. This is probably what is holding up the trade from happening. There are already too many fowards that should be in the lineup, but aren’t becasue we have so many. Larson, Keane(when he has back problems) and Aubin take turns sitting out, and thats without McCammond in the lineup. Isbister will replace Tanguay on one of the top two lines, (hopefully forsberg’s because he needs a power foward on his line to give him space to work, and to feed in the slot) but where would scatchard go? The Avs would have to scratch another foward who is playing well for them.

    I’m thinking Pierre is trying to get draft picks to go along with Isbister, but Milburry is trying to play hard ball because Florida is interested, and Pierre has been forced into giving up too much before with the Blake deal, and the Morris deal.

  5. JB24 says:

    Im a fan of the avs to but trading Drury wasnt so bad they had to patch some holes in defence. But ya trading drury did hurt the team.

  6. Forsberg21 says:

    I got to believe they would have taken Reinprect, or Vbata instead, who I believe should have been traded ahead of Drury. You don’t trade players like Drury, he brings too many untangibles. I will make it really hard to get past Detroit and Dallas, without Drury’s inspiring play and clutch goals, and his great chemistry with Forsberg. But that’s just my opinion. At least Morris looks like a solid pickup for years to come.

  7. Aves21 says:

    I don’t think we need to do a trade right now. The avs always start slow. What we need to do is get better on special teams. Colorado is 28th on the power play and 27 on the PK. Once we clean that up we will start winning games.

  8. Forsberg21 says:

    Your right we don’t need a trade, but the Avs are really lacking size and grit up front. Special teams, bad bounces chemistry, and average goaltending are the main problems, but we really need somebody to stand in front of the net and get the garbage goals. Spector said that Ryan Smyth might be on the block, and he would fit in well too, but I doubt Edmonton would trade him to a division rival, but then again so is Calgary.

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