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The Islanders will debut their 3rd jersey against Ottawa on Wednesday. Today’s Newsday has Peter Laviolettes wife and kids modelling the jersey. Looks pretty cool. Definitely better than the fisherman from a few years abck.

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  1. mikster says:

    And i thought Nashville had the ugliest one.

  2. nskerr says:

    Here is a better link.

    And by the way, these jerseys are pretty nice. Boston, Edmonton, Nashville, LA, Calgary, off the top of my head are worse.

  3. guinsfan4life says:

    Orange?? What is the point of the third jersey if it doesn’t change all that much??


  4. mikster says:

    I still think it is ugly. A bright orange? And, what the hell is up with the two acute angles filled in blue on the sides?

    I would not call this the ugliest now that i look at it better. But, the Oilers 3rd jersey is very cool actually and symbolic. Nashville…well…what do you expect from southerners? LA is cool since they have the cool logo, though black and violet/purple are funeral colors, and Calgary does not have a 3rd jersey anymore. Their 3rd became the away jersey last season. Logo is cool, p’ed off flaming horse from the Saddledome.

  5. Rico71 says:

    God…they look awful!

    Look at the pics in the photo gallery…especially the one with Ca$hin. *lol* He looks sooo happy to be wearing one.

    I thought Halloween was in october…guessed I was mistaken. I’ll definitively watch the game on Center Ice so that I can laugh myself silly. Poor players, the things they have to suffer with marketing a product.

    People! Take out the Elvis suits for that game! *lol*

  6. BabyLeaf says:

    That orange jersey is FUGLY! That is NOT hip, or cool it’s just wrong.

    It’s now official the ugliest NHL jersey’s are:

    1. Boston Bruins (Yellow Away Jerseys with the big ugly bear head in the center)

    2. Nashville stop traffic yellow jersey

    3. New York Islanders a Pumpkin threw up on me Orange Jersey

    4. Phildelphia’s logo (not so much the colors or the jersey itself but that ugly P with the feathers attached to it….is that what it’s supposed to be? Cause that’s what it looks like)


    Just My Opinion


  7. BabyLeaf says:

    Really? You don’t like Calgary, Edmonton or LA’s jerseys?

    I think Calgary’s are cool, especially the flaming C, and even the away ones are pretty nice in my opinion anyway.

    Edmonton and LA aren’t the nicest looking jersey’s around but I don’t think they are ugly, far from it.

    Nashville yes, they have gross jerseys and I despise Bostons away yellow jersey…YUCKY!


  8. pantherboy says:

    3 words… WORST JERSEY EVER!

    And I thought the NHL wanted to attract fans…

  9. pantherboy says:

    Why couldn’t the Islanders do something normal, and just change the colour a little bit. I mean, this is by far worst then Nashvilles, who I thought was the worst until this.

    They should be more like Florida, all you do is just change the main colour around, but not too much. But I guess poeple will notice that the Islanders have a 3rd jersey. I mean how many people actually knew Florida did!

  10. Bodster says:

    That panther jersey is absolutely hideous.

  11. Tradedude says:

    well thankyou very much whoever created these jerseys, this jersey is now at the top of my WORSE 3rd JERSEYS

    1) islanders – fisherman was waaay better

    2) predz – hate that mustard color, has nothing to do with prey’s.

    3) colorado – diagonal word “colorado” looks retarded, they must of gotten that off of new york rangers.


    1) buffalo – red looks great, forget the blue crap with the sword inside.

    2) oilers – awesome jerseys, the comet or whatever it is looks great and the extra white on the elbows kicks ass.

    3) vancouver – if they had a little less red at the bottom of their jerseys, theyd be #1, but lets stick to reality.

    4) boston – i dont care what anyone thinks, the brown bruin looks amazing in the yellow backround.

  12. OldTimeHockey_28 says:

    I think i’m gonna have to go against all the opinions on here so far.

    Although it’s not the prettiest, it is easier on the eyes then the Oil Drop from Edmonton, or the Big Bear from Boston, or how about the puke mustard jersey from Nashville.

    I like it. Kinda Bronco-ish

  13. OldTimeHockey_28 says:

    Dude the oiler one is a NUT and an Oil DRop…not too creative if you ask me.

  14. beckfan says:

    Actually, I dont think that their that bad. And thats coming from a Ranger fan. Their easy to read unlike the Rangers third jerseys wich are almost imposible to read when watching on t.v. So from a Rangers fan, I give em credit for once.

    I still F*cking hate them though!

  15. aafiv says:

    It’s a “P” where the round part of the “P” is a puck. It’s attached to a wing – Flyers – you get it now. Flying puck. Not so bad but you seemed to have a problem with the visual pun.

  16. beckfan says:

    Coming from a Ranger fan, I have to give em credit. These arent that bad. Their alot easier to read than the Rangers third jerseys which are an eyesore on T.V. So for once the Islanders did something right. Dont get me wrong I still f*cking hate them.

    As for the rest of the league:

    Oilers; jersesy cool, logo blows

    Toronto; classic

    Vancouver; not bad, but then again all they did was mess w/ the color of the jersey

    Colorado; rip off of the Rangers home and road jerseys

    L.A.; stupid, the LOS ANGELES in block letters on the bottom is dumb. Then again all the jerseys that franchise ever sported sucked.

    Nashville; check everyone elses comments for that answer

    Chicago,Florida,San Jose and Ottowa; Plain and basic

    Phoenix: Worse than their regular jerseys

    and for Boston, I think that theirs is awsome. the bruin in the middle is cool and different from the trditional “B”.

  17. BabyLeaf says:

    LOL…ok so that’s what it is, I get it now haha. I seriously could not pick up on that. Oh well, I still don’t think its that attractive looking.

  18. pantherboy says:

    Whats wrong with their jersey’s? They have one of the best symbols in the league and their colours seem to go great together.

  19. mikster says:

    5 screws mean 5 cups!

  20. Nemix says:

    Orange ?? reminds me of the old new jersey and the awful vancouver jerseys of the 80s. Same logo * wow the creative juices behind this * and the blinding almost neon organge is guaranteed to be the best dust collectors on store shelves.. What a great idea.. For the record.. Edmontons 3rd jersey is amazing… Next on the shelf.. Neon green!

  21. cwhockey says:

    While I too agree that Nashville’s third jersey is on the bad side of hideous, those of us in the south had nothing to do with that disaster (except for the blind man in Nashville who approved the jersey). And this isn’t any type of harsh retort from a southern contingent, in any way. Even though I’m not technically a southerner (was born in California), I’ve lived here long enough to know that the southern way to anything is best done with politeness. And these people know how to do it well.

    So the bad things we say about the northerners, we say with a wink and a smile. Half the time, they don’t even know they’re being ragged on 😉

  22. mikster says:


    Well, i am from Italy! Lived in NJ for too long though. I like the South but i don like how they speak english.

  23. cwhockey says:

    With you a thousand percent on that one. The accent is annoying to say the least, but you do get used to it after a while. Only took me 15 or 20 years.

  24. mikster says:

    NJ was always red….just brighter red back then.

  25. Cam says:

    I agree with tradedude but I don’t like buffalos. I like the Flames jersey

  26. Heinzee57 says:

    What a waste….

    I wouldn’t wear that jersey to a shit fight.

    Bring back the Gorton’s Fisherman!!!!!

    I can’t believe this board found the 3 people in North America who like the Bruins “Sedated Poohbear” jersey.

    Nice work.

    Edmonton’s 3rd is one of the best.


  27. Isles83 says:

    I like the Jerseys. They’re something new.

  28. MantaRay says:

    Yeah, the Islanders are coming out with these jersey’s.

  29. cecilturtle says:

    Don’t wory Islander fans. If you don’t like this jersey? Nothing is long term. The whole point of the 3rd sweater is so a team can change, every year if need be, to keep up with todays fasion and also keep their traditional jersey. If most of you don’t like this one? I’m sure the Islanders will get a new one next year.

    Cecil Turtle

  30. beckfan says:

    I also forgot to mention, since Islander fans are so weak at turnstiles, this is another ploy to fill the seats for one game. Notice they wont do this agaionst the Rangers because thats an automatic sellout. Or even Pillly forthat matter. Since theyhave no other numbers to retire this year, they pull the third jersey deal to get some asses in the seats for a game.

    Whats on the agenda for next season, retire Bosseys road jersey and start from there?

  31. OldTimeHockey_28 says:

    Yeah, yeah, i get that part. I’m just glad my leafs 3rd jersey is just a slightly different leaf and a reflection of yesteryears. Not a drop in a bolt or a fisherman.

  32. Nemix says:

    the brightness is what i was suggesting bud

  33. Nemix says:

    Ahh wait i understand it now… Its a great idea.. more of a tactical advantage, blind the opposition and score… I think it would work too.. Way to go Iles! lol heh

  34. Nemix says:

    Dude i like your mind.. and made me laugh almost falling out of my chair…

    Cheers to you…

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