ISLANDERS can be: LAUGHINGSTOCK of the NHL at the draft THEN they can wave

If the Islanders do not draft John Tavares with the 1st overall pick. You can guarantee that they will be forced to move off of Long Island and out of New York.

Garth Snow can single handedly ruin this team and perhaps loss what’s left of them playing on long island.

Kansas City… here we come.
It is very simple. The Islanders do not have anyone on the team that attracts people to the building. Last year alone the Islanders where in such trouble that people from Hofstra University (a college literately next door to Nassua coliseum) could come to any game with their school ID and pay 10 bucks to watch the game. And YET! They still where not able to get people to go to the games. You tell me what kind of teams have this problem?

The tickets are cheap and the packages are ridiculous to go to these games. They basically let people walk in the front door and sit in a seat for free…. still people do not show up.

John Tavares is all this team has left. His name alone will attract fans back to the building. Maybe not pack the building. But fans will want to come and see him 1 or 2 times a season at least. And with those prices…they can get people to come back.

If they draft Hedman… or another player who does not have the hype to score amazing goals like Tavares… you can kiss this team goodbye.

The Idea that anyone would or even could bring people back to the building is ridiculous. The Isalnders owner Charles Wang already said he has had to dump 20 million of his own money just to keep the team afloat. He has regretted buying this team and if you think he wouldn’t move them… you are insane.

As a Ranger fan even though the idea of the islanders moving, and maybe to Kansas City is very very funny…. losing them would cause the loss of the best NY vs. NY rivalry in all of sports. I for one would not like them to leave.

And… even though they talk about maybe moving to queens. I hate to tell you… Kansas City is first on the list. Their brand new building sits there all hockey season long.. Dark… you tell me why a brand new building wouldn’t take them. Wang will wait and see… if the exhibition pre-season game turns out to have plenty of fans at the game… BYE BYE NY Islanders… hello… Kansas… Islanders?

Islander fans better prey that Tavares is first.. or they will again make themselves the laughing stock of all of hockey, always and forever.

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  1. Hatyfranco says:

    Although I agree Tavares may sell more tickets, you have to agree it's not fun to constantly get scored against either! Nothing more frustrating than losing a game where you score 4-5 goals. Watching your team score is fun, but winning is what matters in the end. If the Islanders believe any specific player will help them win, then that's the one they should pick regardless what people want.

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