Islanders’ MacDonald on block after rejecting $16M offer

The offer was there, it was rejected, and now Andrew MacDonald has to start contemplating life in the NHL with a team other than the Islanders.

About a month and a half ago, the top-four defenseman turned down a four-year contract worth $16 million, The Post has learned. So now, as the Olympic roster freeze approaches on Friday at 3 p.m., and the March 5 trade deadline nears, Islanders general manager Garth Snow is set to deal MacDonald to the highest bidder.

MacDonald and his agent had previously asked for a four- or five-year deal at around $5 million per, and even got the Islanders to come up from their original starting price of $3.5 million per. With the salary cap set to rise this summer from $64.3 million to $71.1 million, it’s possible MacDonald could get the money he wants on the open market.

Yet, by not coming to a compromise now, the pending unrestricted free agent has left himself as one of the league’s most coveted defenseman at trade time.

18 Responses to Islanders’ MacDonald on block after rejecting $16M offer

  1. doorman says:

    Wow that’s a lot of cash to turn down. I am sure he will get paid in the open market, they always do!!

  2. leafmeister says:

    Thank fucking god. I hate the Canucks.

  3. blaze says:

    What a satisfying win.

  4. LN91 says:

    I wonder if Kesler is available.

  5. leafy says:

    Last night’s Vancouver goal perfectly demonstrates why I can stand CBC’s color analysts. Clearly the shot hit Gardiner’s stick which threw off Bernier. Otherwise easy save.

    Nobody on the CBC crew picked this up, saying Bernier missed it. It wasn’t until Don Cherry in Coach’s Corner that the truth was stated.

    ‘Exhibit A’ why HNIC will miss Cherry when he retires. The current CBC analysts are a bunch of morons.

  6. 93killer93 says:

    Just something that came to mind the other day. Does anyone think, provided his team doesn’t make the finals, that Komarov comes to Toronto to finish the season once the KHL season is done? Similar to what Radulov did a few years back. That would give the Leafs the flexibility to move Kulemin if they have to. Or they could just keep him and role 4 lines once everyone is healthy.


  7. doorman says:

    Komorov back would be great, but players would have to move out just from a numbers stand point. Personally I don’t like Bodie not being in there. I think he has played hard and well in a roll he has embraced as a 4th liner needs to.

    • TmLeafan says:

      I agree, Bodie has solidified a spot in the lineup with the way he has played in my opinion. Not sure about what Mcclements status is but a 4th line of Ashton, Mcclement and Bodie has a lot of speed and would be a good energy line.

      Ashton has put himself in some good positions lately too but unable to bury his chances. They should start going in for him.

  8. leafy says:

    I have a feeling a major blockbuster trade is going down shortly after the Olympics. This is gonna be huge.

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