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In a recent article in New York’s Newsday, reporter Alan Hahn writes the Islanders are still very much interested in Zigmund Palffy. “I’m sure fans would love to see us make a move for a player like him or any other player of great talent,” Milbury said. “We’re always wanting to get better. But it’s not easy to make trades, especially now, with fiscal awareness. Every trade involves money. And not many teams are looking to take on a lot. And that includes us.” If a deal isn’t struck between the Islanders and Kings for Ziggy, Milbury and the Islanders may turn to some other interesting options. One has winger Geoff Sanderson from the Blue Jackets coming to the Islanders and another exciting option involves Florida Panthers young star winger Kristian Huselius. Right now the biggest problem with the Islanders is the same problem every other team has(except the Rangers) the unwillingness to spend money. If the Islanders can find it in the budget to make a trade and pick up a player with the talent of Palffy that does two things for them. First of all, being a season ticket holder myself for the Islanders, the Coliseum will be packed out with people who WANT Ziggy back and second of all with the Islanders adding a nasty scoring threat they finally have that first line. Hopefully Yashin will start puting up some numbers. It should be fun these last few weeks until the trade deadline to see what happens. The Islanders are one of the teams that would really benefit from a trade right now!

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  1. keon says:

    Not gonna happen. NYI can’t afford Ziggy. It’s that simple.

  2. infoengine says:

    the Kings don’t say much about trades, but they did say that it would take a great deal to give-up Ziggy. LA has no other star players at the time. They are not going to go for draft picks and prospects when they are fighting for a play-off spot. NYI has nothing to offer without defeating their perpose. Defineltly not going to happen.

  3. Isles22 says:

    The Isles will not make any major trades and will be bumped out in tne second round. We’ll all have to wait for another four more years for an appearance int he finals. Sorry but I’ve been watching Mad Mike for years and he is still the same asshole with great owners as he was with bad ones. Charles Wang needs to Ax the GM and get a new one by the start of next season.

  4. NYIchooch75 says:

    WOW! The guys hands are tied! Don’t you think he would pull the trigger on a deal for Palffy if money wasn’t an issue? He knows what he’s doing. He didn’t spend any money on Amonte. If he did, we all would have been so happy in July, but now we would be calling for his head. We’re not the Rangers, Stars or Wings, but I’d put money on the fact he will add someone at the deadline. They aren’t happy JUST making the playoffs. They want to do some damage.

  5. Isles22 says:

    I still think Mibury must go. If we want to start bringing back (Not that i don’t want to see Palffy) but lets bring back Bill Torre. Who would be better than him. Maybe not as Fultime GM but as a consultant. He can really teach Milbury something.

    And Wang would have someone who really knows hockey and talent.

  6. mavedatthews724 says:

    See your the only person with some actual knowledge that replied to what I wrote. See the way I look at it is the same way you look at it. I can easily see the Islanders doing damage in the playoffs if they add a scorer and probably another defensmen. Normally Milbury would deny everything but for the first time in a while he hasn’t. Remember also, by not getting Amonte or anyone else during the summer the Islanders do still have that money free. They traded Marius Czerkawski for Aaron Asham and not a lot of people know that Kevin Haller is no longer Islanders property. The insurance company has taken over payments of his contract for the Islanders since he has been out since the beginning of last season with a groin injury. The money is there but Mike Milbury will make little excuses to cover up what he can up. I personally just think this was a bad job covering up trade rumors with Palffy. I think it’s going to happen and if it doesn’t it doesn’t, move on and get over it!

  7. NYIchooch75 says:

    No doubt. I personally like Milbury a lot. He has always added players that play hard. He added players like Bates, Scatchard, Asham, Timander and even Weimer. He is an excellent judge of talent, and doesn’t hurt his team with trades. I don’t judge him on any past trades before the 2000-2001 season. That was when he brought in Hamrlik, Parrish and Kvasha. The Luongo trade is the only trade I may take back, but the reality is that Luongo is struggling a little bit this season, and I don’t buy into the fact that Jolkinen is a potential 40 goal scorer.

    The only thing I would change since then was taking DiPietro at 1. I would have taken Heatley or Gaborik and hoped that DiPiettro would have been available at 5, instead of Torres.

    Anyway, the Isles have money and will spend it if Palffy is available. At least, I’m hoping they do. Ziggy was unbelievable Saturday.

  8. wieds says:

    L.A. has no other star players???? or they have no other star players playing right now. If Jason Allison were healthy he would be top three in scoring in the league, he is a phenomenal talent and it is just unfortunate that he has been hurt all year.

    Adam Deadmarsh is another great player, maybe not as offensively polished as Palffy, but he has a great scoring touch and a gritty side that makes him a fan favorite (although I heard somewhere that his current head injury might be career threatening)

    if the Kings are worried about salary this year and want to remain competitive in the future, it would make sense to make a deal to get rid of Palffy, they have a solid franchise player in Allison and lots of young talent to complement.

  9. Kingsfan1 says:

    Pallfy’s not going anywhere unless a phonominal deal comes the kings way. Pallfy’s been on a terror latley. 7 goals and 14 points in his last 9. and as long as the kings are still within striking distance of the playoffs they won’t trade their most productive player.It would cost the islanders too much to get him at this point since he’s not a UFA next year the kings will want 1 or 2 NHL calibuer players plus picks/prospects. Your more then welcome to take Smolinski back though.

  10. nskerr says:

    This is an article I wrote for an unofficial Islanders fan website before Kovalev was traded to the Rangers and McEachern was injured. I agree with the mavedatthews724 that the Islanders need to get creative in getting Palffy. Yashin until last night’s game tying goal hasn’t done much and Palffy has exploded. The Kings need to dump salary and unfortunately, they will not make the playoffs. If they are smart they will make a good move now to build for next season and the Islanders can make a good move to solidify their playoff position and maybe overtake Boston who is only 1 point in front of them.

    Isles fans, check out the website when you get the chance.

    The Islanders have been on a roll since the return of Michael Peca. They have not lost back to back games since November and are 19-11-4-2 since he returned. However there has been two missing elements to the Islanders game. The first is a physical defenseman who can clear the

    crease. Yes Eric Cairns is physical, but I’m talking about a top 2 or 3 defenseman, not the number six defenseman. Plus Cairns is gone for at least

    two more weeks. In games against big teams like Philly, New Jersey and even the Rangers, the Isles have gotten pushed around in their own zone which has forced turnovers and bad goals. A big, tough, mobile defenseman will help

    smaller players like Jonsson and Martinek.

    The other aspect missing to their game is a lefty sniper for Yashin to pass and receive passes from. If anyone has seen the teams power play recently,

    the word horrible would probably be the first descriptive word that comes to mind. There are way too many perimeter passes and no snipers other than Yashin who can one-time shots. Therefore, to get an open opportunity, the

    Isles look to make the perfect play to open up the perfect shot. In too many instances, it has resulted in turnovers. In fact, against Philly the other

    night, after an impressive first power play in which the puck was moved effectively and good shots were taken, the Isles couldn’t get out of their

    own way on the next three opportunities barely crossing the red line in many instances. It doesn’t help that everyone on the ice is a righty shooter. It

    forces someone to make a backhanded play which gives the defense time to move in and break up the play. Since Kip Miller left, the Isles have not had

    a reliable lefty on the team.

    So what should the Isles do? Teams always covet tough defenseman, so to get a good one like Brendan Witt, the Isles will have to send defense which will defeat the purpose of the acquisition. Another option is to go for a player who will increase the scoring of the team taking some of the pressure off of the injured defense and goaltending. That player is Ziggy Palffy. Now

    everyone knows by now some of the big names floating around the NHL, however in reality, do you see the Isles picking up a Kovalev for four million plus some players, his remaining contract this year and probably seven to nine million for next season? I doubt it. Many people have mentioned Miroslav

    Satan. I personally love this guy but Buffalo won’t trade anyone until their new owner is found. If that is not before the deadline, they probably won’t

    make him available. And to boot, the Isles robbed Buffalo in the Peca deal so I doubt Darcy Regier will get fooled again by Milbury. How about Sean

    McEachern? He was Yashin’s linemate in Ottawa but supposedly they did not get along very well. Owen Nolan is out there as well but he is very overpaid

    for his production. Plus the Islanders already have their captain in Michael Peca.

    That leaves Ziggy. Yes he is highly paid at 7.25 million this year and on next years option, but the Isles should get him for a few reasons. Number

    one is production. He averages 1 point per game and would free up space for Yashin to move. Yashin has been hampered by players hanging on him like a baby to a mother. Fellow first liners Aaron Asham, Mattias Weinhandl and Oleg Kvasha are not talented enough to pick up the slack in relieving him. Secondly, although he has been injury prone, Palffy is only 30 years old. He

    has several good seasons ahead of him. Thirdly, he is a team player which fits into Laviolette’s system very nicely. He can make the flash and dash

    play, but puts the team and the system first. And finally, Ziggy was one of the most popular Islanders of all-time. Bringing him back would right a huge injustice to Islander fans when he was basically sold to L.A. because of cheap owners. He would put people in the seats and after some huge ticket increases, would help the Isles fill the building which has been tougher to

    accomplish this season.

    The main argument against getting him will be his large salary, however look at things this way. Next year, the Isles will only have two goalies. I think

    it will be DiPietro and Snow. That will eliminate Osgood’s four million in salary right there. Then to get Ziggy, the Isles will have to trade some players. I would try and get Isbister sent west. He probably would be better suited out there anyway like Bertuzzi was and it would relieve another 1.8

    million off of the payroll. When you also consider that the Islanders removed Kevin Haller’s salary this year of 1.7 million, picking up Palffy

    now looks doable. And also consider that the Isles will probably have to send Torres or Weinhandl in the package relieving even more salary. So

    although it won’t be a wash, getting Palffy for 1 to 1.5 million is a steal once you remove the other salaries. And since it is late in the season, this

    years salary won’t be much.

    This move is a no brainer to me. And the sooner it gets done the better. The Islanders have mentioned time and time again that they have the talent in the locker room to go all the way. But I think even the most optimistic Islander fan doesn’t feel that way. However adding a guy who scored 40 goals three seasons in a row as an Islander on a horrible team, and one who averages 1 point per game on a mediocre L.A. team would be a tremendous shot in the arm and statement from management that they want the cup now. Just

    imagine Ziggy on the power play darting back and forth behind the net looking to spring Yashin. Just imagine Yashin with that rocket shot and

    deadly accuracy with much more open ice to navigate.

    It is time the Islanders step up to the plate and get the guy that very realistically can put them over the top. Ziggy has been missed by the fans.

    The Islanders have a need for this type of player. He would be affordable. And the move could be the cement the Islanders need to lock up a playoff

    position and possibly a trip to the cup.

  11. Kingsfan1 says:

    won’t happen.The better Pallfy plays the less chance of landing him you have. He’s on fire right now and the “mediocer”Kings are still within striking distance of the playoffs(6 points out and Edmonton is struggling). As long as were still in the fight we won’t be trading our best player anytime soon. When healthy this team has arguably the best line in hockey, and with the numbers Pallfy is putting up right now you’d be paying a hefty cost player wise in return.

  12. mavedatthews724 says:

    Fine even if the Islanders don’t get Palffy…whatever. But HAHAHAHA you the Kings healthy are the best team in hockey. You might want to watch them every once and a while so you can realize why your making yourself sound like a moron

  13. isles4life says:

    You really must not be a true isles fan.Torre has always been available as a consultant to the Isles.In the past few years Milbury and others have come to torre for questions.As much as I would love to see Mr.Bow tie back…It will never happen hes is to old to take on the presure of being a fultime GM.I not being a huge Milbury fan.You can tell me that under Wang…Milbury has done a pretty damn good job.I quees you also dont understand the upside to DePietro.If he lives up to his potential he possible can be almost or equal to Brodeur.The one thing DePi can do better than Brodeur is make the hard outlet pass on the tape.Draft pics are and always will be a gamble…Some work out and some dont.

  14. isles4life says:

    LOL you can keep Smoke.To frustrating to see him in an Isles jersey again.

  15. isles4life says:

    He did not say the best team in Hockey he said the best line.

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