Islanders not expected to sign Amonte

Alan Hahn of Newsday reports that as of July 1, no one will be wearing #10 for the Islanders. That means that Mats Lindgren will not be offered a contract which is not surprising since he has sat most of the last 2 years unless Milbury can unload him in a trade and Tony Amonte will sign a huge deal with the Dallas Stars to play with his friend Mike Modano, not the NY Islanders.

On the Kasparitis front, Kasparitis is looking for 5 million a year however would take a small discount to play for the Islanders and stay at home. However he is looking for an 8 year deal and the Isles are reluctant to lock up someone for that long because they are committed to Peca for another 4 years and Yashin for 9 more years. The Islanders despite their success and large ticket price increase are still losing money and ownership is hesitant to lock in players for that length.

Milbury according to Hahn might go to training camp with the same lineup hoping players like Isbister and Kvasha step up.

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  1. mikster says:

    They lost Czerkawski, even if they can’t get Amonte they must find a winger….Selanne, Fleury (he was mentioned, but impossible).

  2. big_booty says:

    I can’t say I’m surprised at this story.

    Milbury knows that Kaspar wants to play on the Island, but he’s putting too much stock into that. Kaspar is holding the cards here. Milbury knows everyone expects Kaspar to come back in to the Isles’ fold, so Darius is using that as leverage to get a longer deal. His agent realizes what might happen in 2004, so a long-term deal is imperative.

    As for Amonte, I didn’t really expect him to go to the Island anyway. He wants to stay in the West and play with Modano.

    I think Scott Young would be a better fit for Mad Mike’s team. They should go after him to replace Czerkawski. He would come cheaper than Amonte, and would do well on a line with Peca (when healthy).

  3. habs_88_4life says:

    Scott Young was mentioned after Czerkawski was traded, i think he would be a good fit with Yashin and Parrish

    LW-Parrish C-Yashin RW-Young

  4. Lapointefan says:

    Two things are certain about this summer:

    1) It will be hot.

    2) The Islanders will sign both Tony Amonte and Darius Kasparaitis in moves that could very well bolster the club to the Stanley Cup Finals.

    With Mariusz Czerkawski headed to Montreal, Isles GM Mike Milbury has cleared up $2.4 million of salary space in an attempt to toss that cash towards signing the duo of Amonte and Kasparaitis. While owner Charles Wang will certainly have a budget in place for the 2002-03 season, it doesn’t mean that he won’t do what it takes to make sure the Islanders go further than their first-round exit to Toronto in April.

    While their rivals across the East River will be throwing ridiculous amounts of cash at every single unrestricted free agent at the stroke of midnight on July 1, you can take it to the bank that Amonte and Kasparaitis will be Islanders. A reliable source told us that Kasparaitis would take less money to join the Isles. “He desperately wants to go back to Long Island,” the source said of the Isles’ first round pick in 1992. “Darius still has his house in Northport. He wants to play there again.”

    While some fans it would be silly to overpay for Kasparaitis, the Islanders showed that they need to get tougher after the way they were shoved around in the series with the Maple Leafs. Combined, with the unknown status of Kenny Jonsson, and the signing of Kasparaitis becomes even more important. Kasparaitis would also take some pressure off of Adrian Aucoin and Roman Hamrlik (especially Aucoin, who was averaging close to 30 minutes of ice time per game).

    The signing of Amonte would be a huge upgrade over anyone who played alongside Alexei Yashin last season, as the American winger has scored 40-plus goals multiple times, and also will help ease the pain of losing Michael Peca for the first three months of next season. Amonte is gritty and was Chicago’s captain, which proves he would be good for the locker room. More importantly, he is nothing like Czerkawski, a one-way forward who disappeared for games at a time.

    NOTES: Don’t expect to see F Sean Bergenheim on Long Island for a couple of years, as the speedster is not ready for the NHL, combined with the fact that several other youngsters will likely be making the jump this year, including Raffi Torres and Trent Hunter. . . . Despite some published reports, don’t think for a second that Milbury would ever trade G Rick DiPietro for Boston’s Sergei Samsonov. It would be career suicide for Milbury, and he knows it. All Milbury would need is for DiPietro and Roberto Luongo to be battling each other for the Vezina Trophy for the next 10 years. With Chris Osgood having only one year remaining on his contract, DiPietro will be the Isles’ No. 1 goaltender for the 2003-04 campaign. . . . Milbury might not be done dealing for the summer, however. With the acquisition of Arron Asham in the Czerkawski deal, Dave Scatchard could be trade bait. Scatchard, who makes close to $700,000 a season, is still in his mid-20’s and could have decent value

  5. Ghost_of_the_Forums says:

    just a few comments

    1)Don’t forget Theo in that Vezina race for the next 10 years.

    2)I think Kasparaitis will still be out west where the money and the Stanley Cup lives.

    3)since the 80’s heyday, the Islanders have always found a way to do very little with a lot of talent and then give them away

    Look at all the basement dwelling years that led to great draft picks that were wasted.

    4)as far as the Rangers go, the “show me da money” guys need the Moose and others like him that play hard every game and quit this “hired gun” policy

    but that’s just my opinion

  6. MantaRay says:

    Geez, how many more years are they going to wait on Kvasha to “breakout”? Dvorak is already going on close to a decade for his “break-out” year.

  7. titans says:

    Remember these words…If the Isles do get both Amonte and Kaspar next year they’re winning the cup!! Bet the house on it!!

  8. MantaRay says:

    I will own your house after I win my billions next week on our Cujo/Wings wager.

    So don’t start gambling with it.

  9. kreatiiv says:

    every report i hear coming out of long island has mad mike stating he will not be active this year.

    the line that comes to mind here is “he doth protest a bit too much”…. if anything, with mike’s known operating procedure, this should be making every UFA water at the mouth. this is a man who has mastered the art of disinformation from home camp in regard to trades and signings.

    every report i hear coming from other parts of the country has mike wheelin’ & dealin’.

    i have a tendency to believe the latter, since both scenarios point towards it in a different way.


  10. kreatiiv says:

    thank you for putting into words what i couldnt in regard to the depietro/samsonov rumor. lol 🙂

  11. kreatiiv says:

    oh…. and personally, i wouldnt mind if kaspar didnt end up on the island. i think he is entirely overrated…. theres a reason we dumped him in the first place. i think when mike says “its a trade he would like to take back” is only because he wishes he would be dumping him now with the feeding frenzy thats been generated.

  12. IslesFan888 says:

    Don’t forget that in this article it also mentions that the Islanders if they did not get Amonte and only Kasparitis, would have to get rid of a dman, probably Hamrlik. I really like Hamrlik and I think most fans like Hamrlik and Aucoin even more so than Jonsson, but the article says they would likely offer him in a deal for Samsonov. I’d be willing to take Samsonov and Kasapitis and lose Hamrlik and not sign Amonte. They’d swap dmen and gain a top notch scorer. Then again what’s wrong with dumping say any of Scatchard, Kvasha, etc, maybe Isbister who has struggled with some young talent (#2 farm team in the AHL). The starting defense would be one of the best in hockey with:



    Cairns-Van Impe

    also don’t forget about Radek Martinek who was a rookie having an excellent year before season ending surgery, Mezei, big tall dman who can hold his own, and the newly aquired Timander.

    Forward lines being: (after Peca’s back)

    Isbister-Yashin-Samsonov/Amonte (hopefully)




    What do you all think?

  13. habs_88_4life says:








  14. Lapointefan says:

    So long as Kvasha is making $400,000 a yr, he’s a keeper.He has 2 yrs to go at that salary.

  15. Lapointefan says:

    I like those lines.Keep in mind that Peca had surgery the first week of June and he’ll miss 6-9 months.I think that may open the door for Krog.I hope they don’t keep Lindgren because of Peca’s injury.Lindgren was just god awful last yr,scoring 3 goals and making almost $800,000.

  16. amok says:

    $5 million for Kasparitis?!?

    If Milbury pays that then he really is “mad” Mike… and his newly signed d-man will be “Martin Lapointaritis..” And I doubt he’ll be playing in the league in eight years.. unless some stupid GM signed him to a ridiculous contract years earlier..

  17. wholefnshow says:

    I wonder who won the Lindgren/Salo deal?

  18. titans says:

    Yea that bet is starting too look a little weak now huh? Wanna go double or nothing. Two billion says Holik signs w/ the Flyers.

  19. Sundinfan says:

    i havent heard anything about the avs trying to resign kaspar. im a little disappointed, he played relatively well, he had the highest +- on the avs in the playoffs. i thought he played very well while on the avs. however, i still am a little ticked cuz we got rid of nemeinen (sp?) he was a fan favorite.

  20. nskerr says:

    Don’t forget about Mattias Timander whom the Islanders acquired from Colombus on draft day to help on D. I have a feeling he will be taking Van Impe’s position

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