Islanders rumors

According to Tuesday’s Newsday, 14 NHL teams were scouting the Islanders-Flames game Monday evening to scout the Isles. 2 of the more prominent ones were Florida GM Rick Dudley who is quietly shopping Valeri Bure and members of the San Jose Sharks staff who have an unsigned 22-year-old dynamo defenseman in Brad Stuart and the rights to 26-year-old winger Alexander Korolyuk.,0,335832.story?coll=ny%2Dsports%2Dheadlines

Mike Milbury named Dave Scatchard, Brad Isbister, Jason Wiemer, Claude Lapointe, Jason Blake and Steve Webb – the third and fourth lines, according to him – as those who need to play “better than they’re playing right now [or] we’re going to have to make some changes that are much more significant” than demoting two rookies. The Islanders earlier in the day demoted Justin Mapletoft and Raffi Torres, two of the harder working players in exchange for Mattias Weinhandl, Trent Hunter and Eric Manlow. Both Milbury and Laviolette said the move was to send a message and that the rookies did not deserve the demotion.

One NHL source surmised part of the reason the rookies were demoted was because veterans like Scatchard, Isbister and Jason Wiemer remain among Milbury’s most tradeable commodities. Scratching them only would diminish their value.

The Flames won 4-2 and Milbury promised that the demotion was a small rattling of the cage. The next move will be a lot larger. Can trades — or at least Bridgeport goalie Rick DiPietro — be far behind?

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  1. MossRocks says:

    Kevin Lowe has always coveted Dave Scatchard. What’s he worth in your opinion?

  2. puma777 says:

    scatchard,isbister, pick for carter, marchant

  3. MossRocks says:

    This deal might have worked last year, but Carter was not available last year. This year, Isbister’s value has plummeted. It’s just not enough – even Scatchard and Isbister for Carter would be hard to do because the Oilers will need a scorer in return if they move Carter.

    I think Carter is available for the right price because I think he will be the odd man out this offseason when Lowe has to sign his whole 1st line plus Niinimaa. However, Lowe may sign him and then move him early next year as he did with Guerin to get Carter in the first place.

  4. MossRocks says:

    Think so? If true, Lowe should pull the trigger because Scatchard is an Alberta boy who would be a good 3rd line centre in Edmonton and is under contract for another year. It would be a good deal for Edmonton. Milbury might want to pull a deal but he’ll be a little gunshy and make it a multi-player deal. It’s so easy to get roasted on a one-for-one move. Maybe Cleary gets thrown in and Milbury tosses in another player?

  5. ProngerBlues44 says:

    I heard a rumor of Isbister and a draft pick involved in a deal for Jason Woolley of Buffalo. Dont know the full deal possibility, but there would be some kinks to be worked out

  6. Forsberg21 says:

    Isbister has also been rumored to be going going to Colorado by the Denver Post and TFP, with Tanguay coming the other way. I have thought Isbister would be great fit in Colorado for a long time now. Colorado has lacked a bonefied power foward since Deadmarsh left, and Isbister would add a lot of needed toughness to the top two lines. He would also be a great addition to the PP since there is no real big body to put in front of the net.

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