Islanders to Quebec rumour denied

Quebec was a-twitter with rumours on Thursday that media giant Quebecor was set to buy the New York Islanders.

Not so, confirmed a spokesman with the company.

“This rumour has no foundation,” said Quebecor spokesman Serge Sasseville. “(Quebecor CEO) Pierre-Karl Peladeau has already mentioned his desire to bring an NHL team in Quebec City but there has never been any discussions with the Islanders’ ownership group.”

The rumour was apparently fuelled by two Quebec radio stations and quickly went viral on blogs and social networking sites Facebook and Twitter.

Islanders owner Charles Wang has become disgruntled with the lack of a new arena for his team and watchers have speculated that he might be willing to sell.

Peladeau said last October that “the timing is getting better and better” for the return of an NHL team to Quebec City and has been vocal about his desire to do so after being outbid by the Molson family for the ownership of the Montreal Canadiens last year.

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  1. number15 says:

    i dont see why anyone would want to leave a market like New York…. its amazing they cant get a new arena is such a huge market.

    though id love for Quebec to get a team again…. hey, i bet as soon as there is an opening in NY, i bet one of the other small market U.S teams claim it fast, so both sides with.

  2. broc says:

    This thread really draws..,.

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