Isles frontruner to land Satan

The Sabres are receving offers from 3 teams for Winger Miro Satan. I know one of them is the devils, however the team that is the frontruner for the multiple 20 goal scorer is the Islanders.

The Islanders are offering wingers Mark Parrish and 2nd year winger Mattias Weinhandl. Parrish’s stats might seem to fit close to Satan’s. However, Parrish is not consistent like Satan and he goes cold around this time of the year. Weinhandl is a promising 2nd year winger who is very good at creating plays for himself.

Satan will fit nicely next to Michael Peca, his teammate from Buffalo who were the top 2 fowards for the 99 Eastern Conference Champion Sabres.

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  1. newnoiseimage says:

    the islanders would be giving up way too much. they make this trade, they doom their future.

  2. sensman99 says:

    Would the Isles really want to give up Parrish and Weinhandl just for Satan? I’m not sure if that’s really a just trade, but if Milbury wants to do it…

  3. PurpleHelmet says:

    Satan???????? I would be afraid to have the dark one on my team. Lucifer is who you guys are referring to right?

  4. MikeMildew says:

    My sources tell me that this is a done deal. Weinhandl and a 3rd rounder for Satan. Parrish will not be included in this deal because he has been traded to the Blues for Chris Pronger. Neither deal has been announced yet becuause Mike Milbury has lost the paperwork.

    In other news Mike Milbury is offering Rick DiPietro and Trent Hunter to the Penguins for Marc Andre Fleury. Milbury was quoted as saying “After the new rule changes take affect Fleury will revolutionize the game because he already wears small pads and rarely plays the puck behind the net.”

  5. malooga says:

    This is great for the Sabres. The last “prospects” that they got from the Islanders (Connolly, Pyatt) have been wonderful so far. I think they average a point every other week (well, not Connolly. He’s a drooling idiot right now).

    I know that Darcy and Mike Milbury have a relationship – Darcy having been the assistant to Milbury for a bit on the Island – but come on, does anyone think this is fair?

    Why trade your best scorer to the team you are chasing in the playoff race, when you’re not close to being eliminated yet? The Sabres have two very winnable games before the deadline (at Toronto, to whom they haven’t lost yet, and a team that always loses their cool playing Buffalo, and a struggling St. Louis team at home, where the Sabres have played real well lately). Why give up now? Mattias Weinhandl won’t get them in the playoffs.

  6. peanut_butter_shelf says:


    The Isles could do a lot better than Satan for Parrish and Weinhandl!!!

    Satan could probably be had for Weinhandl and a 2nd or 3rd rounder.

  7. Kashin says:

    Connolly? WHere is he now? Pyatt. how many playoff teams has he been on.

    Reager was his assistant for like a day. thas why they doesnt like milbury.

  8. Kashin says:

    I agree with you but Milbury is Milbury.

  9. bodragon says:

    Connolly has been a bust. He has gone from not scoring at all using his power abilities to a season ending concussion back in the preseason.

    Pyatt started off good early in the season, but has not scored in over 50 games.

    If Darcy was to make a trade, I think he would try to get someone better.

  10. bodragon says:

    Your sources are very imaginative.

    The Penguins will not rid themselves of MAF. They will be building up the defense corps around him.

  11. Beckfan5 says:

    IF they get Satan, why would they want to pair him up w/ a defensive foward?

    Thats like the Rangers pairing Holik w/ Kovalev and now Jagr.


  12. bodragon says:

    It will cost more to get Satan.

  13. afanofthelakings says:

    Why does that the Pens aren’t sellers ???

    Morozov and Tarnstrom would be a great fit for a team going in playoffs

  14. Beckfan5 says:

    And one other thing, I bet they dont get Satan and this time next year their going to get him again. Same trend every year.

  15. bpanther83 says:

    I think your on crack…and ur hallucination doesn’t count as a source. St.louis stated that PRONGER WILL NOT BE TRADED. Not if the right offer, or not planning 2, simply NOT GOING 2…they have said there working out a new contract. So in the words of a favourite south park character “Drugs are bad”

  16. vladiator says:

    although satan might go before the deadline, nothing is done yet.

    the blues will not trade pronger. he is too valuable to the team, and without him, they only have one bruising defender in jackman…it wouldn’t make since.

    finally, maf is going nowhere. regardless of what his potential is, milbury was not born yesterday, and won’t trade depietro or hunter for an unproven goalie…and even if he wanted to, the penguins have already stated that he’s their goalie of the future.

  17. peanut_butter_shelf says:

    It will cost more to get him if Buffalo still feels they are in the hunt. If they are giving up and looking to dump salary it won’t take more.

    I just don’t think the timing is right to go after Satan as I think Buffalo should not bow out quite so soon.

    It makes better sense to look at players on teams who have been eliminated. They tend to come at a cheaper price.

  18. peanut_butter_shelf says:

    Does this sound familiar?

    Regardless of what his potential is, milbury was not born yesterday, and won’t trade “Luongo” or “Jokinen” for an unproven goalie…..

    Hell he did it back then and could have drafted Heatley for crying out loud.

  19. tj_hooker says:


  20. Montrealsdogg says:

    you guys realize he was just making dumb comments for the hell of it right?? like Pronger would go to the Islanders for scraps… wake up people

  21. Kashin says:

    Why would they do that. Why would they 5 years ago pair a defensive foward with Satan and make it to the stanley cup finals. Why would they combine with 2/3 of a line getting 140 points.

    I guess Lindy Ruff was stupid. He should have seperated them.

  22. MikeMildew says:

    After the negative response to this post I had a conference call with my sources. They inform me that Charles Wang has agreed to open the vault to bring in players who will help the Isles win the cup. Milbury has been working the phones frantically since watching the Leafs dismantle his team. The Islanders are about to announce a ton of deals very soon. All of the trades have been agreed on by both the Islanders and the other teams involved. Apparently an angry Islanders fan sent Mike Milbury an email that was infected with a virus and this caused his computer to crash. Unfortunately there are files and contracts stored on that computer that are needed to complete any trade and make it official with the NHL front office.

    Tech support will be working around the clock to remedy this situtation. In the mean time keep an eye out for the announcement that the Islanders have acquired top young defenseman Rotislov Klesla for future considerations, a conditional draft choice and a player to be named later.

  23. wingerxx says:

    Quite an imagination you have there. Unless you can name your sources, no one is going to take what you say seriously. It amounts to no more than bad gossip.

  24. wingerxx says:

    If the Isles got Satan, he would be played on a line with Ronning or Satan, not Peca. In Buffalo, he never, ever played much with Peca.

  25. wingerxx says:

    If the Isles got Satan, he would be played on a line with Ronning or Yashin, not Peca. In Buffalo, he never, ever played much with Peca.

  26. wingerxx says:

    Sorry about the above…its supposed to be with Ronning or Yashin…I corrected it, just in case.

  27. SwiftLEAF says:

    Satan would be great as a leaf. we need another good left winger.

  28. MikeMildew says:

    I can’t name my sources or they will lose thier jobs as GM, PR Director and Head Coach within the Islanders organization. These sources must remain anonymous to keep the integrity of the team in tact. Also they would stop feeding me all of this inside information if they found out that I leaked their names. I’m sorry but it has to be this way. Just be happy that I am going through the trouble to bring all of this info to you guys.

  29. NYIchooch75 says:

    First of all, their will be no trade for Satan to any team until Tuesday. They have a game tomorrow and Sunday. If they lose any points or do not gain any on the Islanders, then I can see a trade happening.

    Second, what the hell does everyone think this guy is worth? Parrish and Weinhandl is way too much. Remember, he’s due to make $5.25 million next year. He would be a salary dump, and the way the trades have been going this year, he probably could be had for a 1st rounder and a mid-level prospect.

    Finally, if I were Milbury, I would not, under any cir*****stances, trade Weinhandl. The kid is going to be a very good player. Yes, we need a Satan, but I really don’t want to give up Weinhandl. Papineau or Parrish…fine.

    Even so, I still don’t see the Islanders doing anything at all.

  30. NYIchooch75 says:

    HA! They took the ***** out of cir*****stances.

  31. Komic-J says:

    Lol !!!

    Come on !!! Even Rejean Houle would not be stupid enough to trade Pronger for Parrish !!! The only thing I could believe in that is that Milbury would be tempted by Fleury, cause Milbury always think the best young goaler is not the one he has.

    But Pittsburgh will never trade Fleury…well, not in the near future.

    …and finally, Buffalo would ask for at least Weinhandl, another prospect and a second round draft pick for Satan.

    You just lost your name…and it’ll be even worst when you’re going to say that all those trade didn’t happen because Milbury couldn’t get his CPU to work before trade deadline…

    Every entertaining tough ! 🙂

    Thanks for the good laugh !!!

  32. wingerxx says:

    LOL you’re a riot man.

  33. NYIchooch75 says:

    Yeah, just friggin’ pull the trigger already or let it die. If Milbury wants him so much, go and get him.

    It’s getting kind of old.

  34. seinfeld says:

    I wouldn’t do this deal if I were the Isles, Weinhandl is gonna be a really good player in my opinion, he is amazing with the puck, and can really create plays, all he needs is the trust and oppurtunity to shine, if the Isles make the trade, maybe he’ll get that oppurtunity in Buffalo.

    But i dont think Milbury is THIS STUPID. if he did do this trade, it’d be really bad. Parrish and weinhandl is too much for Satan. If this trade were to go down, Buffalo is really makin the best deal possible, they keep their playoff hopes alive, and build-up their youth.

  35. tr8der_info says:


  36. kidhenry1 says:

    Everybody’s saying that this is too much for Satan, and they may be right–but you can’t argue that Miro isn’t exactly what the Islanders need. When Jason Blake is circling the zone, he needs somebody to get the puck to who has a shot.

    Wienhandl is a hell of a player to let go. But his future with the Isles is cloudy–despite being a favorite of Steve Stirling’s, he’s struggled to find consistent playing time.

    I’ve been saying since he came back, there is no place on this team for Mark Parrish. Right now you have something to the effect of (not including last nights game against Toronto–Blake on the 4th line is very irregular):





    With Parrish around, that blocks signifigant playing time for Weinhandl and Papineau. When Yashin comes back, a combination of him and Parrish would likely force Czerkawski out of minutes. This would be a logical deal for the Isles, even if Weinhandl ends up being great for Buffalo.

  37. kidhenry1 says:

    Ronning is just the 4th line center at this point. He’d probably play with Yashin or Kvasha.

  38. NYIchooch75 says:

    I agree, but I would prefer to add Papineau to the deal rather than Weinhandl.

  39. mikemustgo says:

    Check out these boards:

  40. mikemustgo says:

    Check out these boards:

  41. nskerr says:

    As a diehard Isles fan, the Isles need to make a move like this for two reasons. One, it will allow the team to have more consistent scoring. Hunter has been solid all year and the Isles I believe are till in the top 10 in goals scored which is amazing considering Yashin and Parrish have missed significant time, but guys like Peca, Blake Scatchard and Bates can’t be counted on for scoring. Parrish seems to be getting back into the grove with 2 goals in his 5 or 6 games back from injury.

    The second reason is with the Isles owners giving away playoff tickets so that they can guarantee season ticket sales next year, a marquis player like Satan will excite the fans for both this season and next where as Parrish will be unrestricted.

    However the report I read on sportnet said Parrish or Weinhandl, not both. I would think Buffalo would want a talented young player like Weinhandl and a relatively high pick, maybe a 2nd rounder. I seriouly doubt the Isles will give up 2 players from their current roster for one unless they bring up Hamilton who has been lighting up the AHL.

  42. nskerr says:

    You would pair him with a defensive forward so that he can roam and not have to worry as much about getting back on D. That is why the Rangers had Leetch with a stay at home defenseman and not another roaming defenseman.

    The Isles could have 2 wingers forecheck and have Peca and the 2 D-men back or have an offensive D-man like Niinimaa drive to the net with a solid d-man and Peca back to break up odd man counter attack.

  43. Aetherial says:

    You are constantly bashing the Leafs and you are a die hard Islanders fan


    Just think if the Islanders land Satan Zhitnik and Pronger… they may just win one period against a team like Ottawa, Philadelphia, New Jersey, Tampa, Boston, Toronto…

    You being an Islanders fan is the funniest thing I have heard yet!

  44. shootinglicense says:

    better him than getting perinnial lady bing candidate: Jesus Christ.

    at least you get a little bite with Satan. Jesus doesn’t get dirty in the corners, and after evry goal he does this sign of the cross thing, it gets really old just like sosa.

  45. chanman says:


    You Isles fans can almost compete with toronto on a ignorance/only-one-hockey-team-in-the-universe level.


    parrish and wormsickel are not going to land him.

    He could go for gomez and picks to NJ.

  46. Kalgon says:

    um??? shows how much you know

    we won the series against ottawa and tied with toronto, and cant lose to the devils in the series, wtf you talking about, boston we played 3 ties and 1 ot loss, ok we lost the series by 1 point in that and tampa is a 1-1 split so far, so its only philly- so shut your mouth

  47. kidhenry1 says:

    Interesting, considering that Parrish gets more points than Gomez and is considered a hard worker and Weinhandl is an NHL-ready prospect who could score 30 goals.

  48. Lapointefan says:

    Just say no Mad Mike!

    It’s unclear whom the Sabres would receive in return for Satan, but right wingers Mark Parrish and Mattias Weinhandl have been mentioned as possibilities.

  49. Lapointefan says:

    Isles want Satan, sources say


    News Sports Reporter


    The New York Islanders are the front-runners in a three-team auction to acquire Buffalo Sabres leading scorer Miroslav Satan before Tuesday’s NHL trade deadline, The Buffalo News has learned.

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