Isles on a signing spree

Over the past week the Islanders have re-signed five of their key playersFirst up was Dave Scatchard. The gritty center who posted career numbers in 2002-2003 fell of last year following an early season shoulder injury. He never looked like the man that scored 27 goals the year before. However with him being re-signed only Mark Parrish, Jason Blake, Adrian Aucoin and Janne Niinimaa were going to arbitration

Next was another arbitration person, my favorite player, Mark Parrish. Parrish accepted his qualifing offer of 2.35 million. Scoring 24 goals in only 53 games after missing a chunk of time with a sprained ankle. Parrish is one of the best at picking up loose garbage in front of the net and re-directing shots in the league

3rd was where he finished in the Calder trophy rankings, Trent Hunter. The rookie led the Islanders in points with 51 and goals with 24. He accepted only his qualifing offer of a little over $800,000. Hunter finsihed behind winner Andrew Raycroft of the Bruins and Michael Ryder of the Habs in the calder voting for top rookie

After Hunter came Mattias Weinhandl, the young sweedish sniper considered an up-and comming star with an uncanny vision despite being partailly blind the same way Bryan Berard is. He picked up alot of playing time late in the season scoring clutch goals

Fianlly came the speady enigizer Jason Blake. A seemingly career 4th liner until his break out season of 25 goals 2 years ago led to his 22 this year and being a main catalyst the offence. Blake signed a 3 year deal to keep him as an Islander after the lockout if there is one

RUMOR: The Islanders might walk away from Janne Niinimaa’s arbitration decision if Adrian Aucoin’s is too steep.

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  1. BlueOrangeWhite says:

    NEED to resign Czerkawski. He’s a bargain at appx 1 million for 25 goals.

  2. NYRules says:

    i wouldnt call that a signing spree since they just resigned a few guys. Everyone else has done the same thing.

  3. PayUpSucka says:

    Hunter scores 40 this year!!!!

  4. qsilver31 says:

    Hunter is a steady, hard worker… he isn’t gonna score 40 this year, even if there is a full season. You should see his goals increase to 30-35 goals a season before it stalls there.

    As for a signing spree…. its freakin resigning your own freakin players… how is that a spree? retaining your own players? Man, are all Isles fans as crazy as Milbury?

  5. NYRules says:

    Hunter won’t get more than 25

  6. jgibbs32 says:

    they can sign whoever they want, they’ll still never make it past the first round in the playoffs

  7. Kashin says:

    Scatchard is a guy they can trade since he is there 3rd center. he makes use of 12 minutes a game. However he is tradable and they can get something for him.

    Say what you want about Parrish but 24 goals in 53 is good. I would take him over Jokinen

    Blake is an enigizer, you love to hate him because he annoys you but he is awsome.

    Hunter I think is a special player, he wont make money because he isnot arbitration eligible. He wont be a 40 goal scorer but I think 30-35 goals.

    Weinhandl is a nice player to have, but this year determines if he is a 3rd line player or higher. I think he is a nice player to have but nothing special.

    Bottom line they need another great foward. Palfy had 5 great years with the team with like 4 40 goal seasons. Otherwise this team will have another year of mediocraty. Milbury said changes will be made and I am waiting for them. maybe trading Niinimma for someone, who is now the odd man out will help. They have chips to trade and now they should trade.

  8. Kashin says:

    Hes a headache. Maybe you dont see why Sterling hated him. He scored 13 at the beggining, thats good. But outside of being good on paper he is awful. they need to get a guy like palfy or kovalev not a headache like czerkawski.

  9. BlueOrangeWhite says:

    i don’t care if he’s a streaky scorer. this team needs scoring of ANY kind. i’d ADD kovalex too, not subtract czerkawski.

    re: striling, he like bowness, and laviolette before him is an idiot. he claimed at the start of last season that he understood that czerkawski is a ONE DIMENSIONAL player. scoring only, NO defense. he claimed he wouldn’t punish him for being such, as the other coaches had. he claimed he understood that czerkawski’s SCORING is that valuable. he then proceeded to punish him (and in turn the fans). by limiting czerkawski’s ice time, and moving down 2 lines, he cost czerkawski and the fans the 35 GOAL season czerkawski WOULD have had. learn to see the big pic!

    if anyone needs to go, it’s STIRLING!

  10. 7thWoman says:

    Considering the instability in the air, the fact that we are signing “our own freakin’ players” is a bright spot.

    And, “yes” we’re all crazy….and really, really LOUD!!!!!

  11. 7thWoman says:



  12. Kashin says:

    He has had plenty of chances before. I think Czerkawski would be a great figure skater since with the 15 minutes of ice tiem Stirling gave him until February he skated around in circles very nicely. Then they realized this guy IS NOT DOING ANYTHING. ask anyone who sees him play, he is not good. Stirling did understand what was wrong with him and czerkawski was invisible even when he was on the ice.

  13. qsilver31 says:

    lol, you knew what I meant

  14. BlueOrangeWhite says:

    look at the stats dumbass. that invisible man led the team in goals, and scored most of those girls prior to feb, when stirling was using him on the proper lines.

    stirling is the prob, not czerkawski.

  15. Lapointefan says:

    nyi37kes you write that the isles might walk away from Niinimaa if he wins at arbitration.Can you post a link or tell where your read that info because there hasn’t been anything in the NY press saying that.

  16. nskerr says:

    These are good signings. We definitely need to get Aucoin under contract. If I were the Isles, I would try and get Niinimaa under contract as well but look to trade him. I am not a fan. Too soft and not good with the puck. Send him out west. Czerkawski for a reasonable price would be a good signing as well.

    The Isles also need a few snipers from outside the organization. It is time to move forward and get through round 1. To bring everyone back again just sends us back to a quick exit.

  17. nskerr says:

    Adrian Aucoin won his arbitration today and will be paid 4.25 million next year.

  18. 7thWoman says:

    The Islanders couldn’t afford to walk away from Aucoin. He is one of their few well RESPECTED players, even if he IS the Islanders Union rep. I personally am glad he will be returning, no matter what price. As far as Niinimaa is concerned…I’m sure there’s someone in Bridgeport that can come up and surprise everyone.

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