Isles sign Okposo to 3-year deal

“according to TSN”,the new York Islanders have signed prospect Kyle Okposo to a 3-year deal.

Okposo will join the Islanders right after the IIHF World Junior Hockey Championship.The 19-year old was the Islanders 1st round pick (7th overall) in the 2006 NHL entry draft.

5 Responses to Isles sign Okposo to 3-year deal

  1. Pronger44 says:

    So its good news for his favourite team maybe, like why do you gotta be such an idiot on here.

  2. Jaydian says:

    The reason why Okposo is making news is because he's a highly touted prospect, something the Isles have been missing since they drafted Dipietro, and could potentially put this franchise back on the map again.

  3. MikeGartner says:

    Probably because its not Leaf or Hab news.

  4. BlueOrangeWhite says:


    If the Islanders are smart enough to bring him and/or the guy they drafted  that is playing for Sweden (Figren) – onto the NHL club right now…And one or both of them start scoring  the way Zigmund Pallfy  used to when the Islanders were horrible in the mid 90's…The Islanders will  finish this season AT LEAST 5th in the conference, and will be set for YEARS to come!

    This team lets in 2 goals a game because of DiPietro and the defense. They have one of the top rated PK's in the league. But they score less than 3 goals a game. THAT is what is keeping them down.

    I am really hoping one of these 2 guys comes up, and lights it up. Because if they do, those of you who are Islanders skeptics/bashers, are going to have your mouths severely shut – when starting NOW, and for years to come the Islanders are far ahead of your team in the standings!

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