Isles to radically slash payroll?

Yes, the source of this is Larry Brooks who in my opinion hates the Islanders organization for their success and the Rangers failures, but I think he actually might be on to something with this tidbit. Other sources including Alan Hahn of Newsday have talked about player movement this summer and the possibility of trading Peca. As a season ticket holder of the Isles, if what Larry Brooks says is true, I will not be renewing my plan. It is an obvious attempt to see what Milbury can do on a limited budget compared to Ottawa and Minnesota who went further into the playoffs with less $$$ given. Once again, the Isles might be stuck with ownership who is tired of losing games and money and decides to dump salary to at least break even. It doesn’t help that the price of Computer Associate shares have dropped making the 2 Isles owners a lot less rich then they were when they bought the team 3 years ago. Here is the article.

So did you hear the one about Charles Wang wanting to know why if Minnesota could reach the conference finals with a $20 million payroll, the Islanders couldn’t? “That’s a direct quote from Wang to [Mike] Milbury,” one of two sources to provide this account to Slap Shots told us on Friday. “It’s going to be a very difficult summer over there.”

Are you aware that Wang has ordered GM Mike Milbury to radically slash payroll for the upcoming season?

Meaning that the eighth-place team that made the playoffs only because the Rangers were so bad is attempting to unload defenseman Roman Hamrlik ($3.6M) and winger Mark Parrish ($2.35M) as quickly as possible. It also means that Michael Peca ($4.25M), no longer quite the apple of the organization’s eye, is not an untouchable.

Further, did you know that Wang himself sat in on a number of the postseason meetings between individual players and the GM that ultimately doomed Peter Laviolette? Or, given his active intervention, should we say, Boss Wang?

You do now.

Don’t be misled. While the team’s unhappy supporting actors may not have been among Laviolette’s greatest admirers, the coach was done in not by them, but the moment key veterans such as Peca, Adrian Aucoin and Alexei Yashin – the three most important skaters on the roster – added their support to the palace coup. Fact is, Laviolette – to whom image (his own) became everything – was probably done once, as we’re now learning, his once-famously close relationship with Peca fell apart during the middle of the season.

Shipwrecked again. And isn’t this where we – and Boss Wang – came in?

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  1. wiscbadge3 says:

    This is another Larry Brooks story, but the Isles payroll will certainly drop because of the new kids from Bridgeport who are coming up next year. There is no way Peca will be traded, unless it is for the first overall pick because then Wang will lose his entire fan base. I do expect Parrish and Hamrlik to go, and especially Parrish who has no skill whatsoever expect for knocking in rebounds. He cant pass, cant skate, and sucks on the PP. Trent Hunter will replace him. I cant see the Isles landing any free agents either and it looks as if they are building within the system, which is why they hired Stirling. As for CA doing badly, it is at its highest value this past year and Wang and Kumar have many other assets (real estate). Wang’s first love is basketball and if Long Island ever allows him to build a new arena and get am NBA team, then Wang will be willing to spend more money.

  2. Kashin says:

    Larry Brooks… what an utter fool… They won’t trade Peca since they know what he can bring. If anyone plays without rehab or presason or conditionng then they won’t manage the whole year. Parrish might be traded. Not Hamrlik. Hamr is the best defensive foward on the team. Unless they can get equal value they won’t trade him.

    Funny thing since wang saved the team. I dont think he will ruin it. they still have the talent to get to 5th place next year. The question is Dipetro ready. If he is then they are 5th. If he isnt…….

    Perfect time for a lockout

  3. JeffBurnz09 says:

    As long as they don’t move Yashin, I’m happy.

  4. MantaRay says:

    Wang has to be upset that he got suckered into paying Yashin’s long-term-money losing contract.

    Most owners have to be rethinking paying expensive contracts in light of this years final four playoff teams.

    This seems plausible that the Isle would be purging. He has too be pissed that lazy passionless players like Yashin make $8-9 million while low earning players like Jason Blake and Shawn Bates are considerably more productive overall.

  5. Kashin says:

    Another thing I didnt write before is the reason Minnesota made the playoffs was because of Gaborick. Hey the Isles are a playoff team but they could have had him. They could have still had Luongo or even have done the trade and still have Osgood. Okay they could have had Heatley same thing. They would have had another top line winger with Yashin.

  6. mikster says:

    Hunter hasn’t shown any good signs when called up, he better get in shape for training camp and pre-season.

    Parrish is horrible, very inconsistent. Which pretty much concludes that trading Luongo was a huge mistake.

  7. mikster says:

    Hamrlik a defensive forward?

  8. Kashin says:

    Not defensice foward. Top scoring defesnemen. didnt catch that one.

  9. nskerr says:

    It appears to me that the Isles will look for talent from their Bridgeport affiliate (Stirling’s old team) to come up and hopefully fill the need of high paying free agents. Players like Mapletoft, Hunter, Papineau, and DiPietro will be asked to compete and play as if they were 5 year veterans so that the Isles won’t have to spend money.

    I agree Parrish’s skills aren’t the best, but many players have lived quite well in front of the net. And in a bad year, he posted over 20 goals.

    Hamrlik on the otherhand might have had decent numbers, but he was very erratic, especially on the power play. Believe me, my end zone seats gave me plenty of opportunities to watch his shots get blocked or miss altogether. If it wasn’t for those safety nets sometimes, I would be ducking. If the right deal comes along, I wouild trade him for a scoring winger, especially since Niinimaa will be 100% healthy next season.

  10. defenestrate says:

    Anytime your Wang is upset, there’s going to be hell to pay…

    SCTP – “Bringing urethral awareness to the general public”.

  11. big_booty says:


    You beat me to it. I must be slipping.

  12. defenestrate says:

    I was just more bored than you were.

  13. amazing_jesse says:

    Wang is a very cost conscious and aggressive business man. It does not surprise me at all that the honeymoon is over and now he wants to see some serious returns on his money.

    What I don’t get is your comment about wanting to see how Milbury does on a slashed payroll. Didn’t he do that for 8 years or so and the Islanders completely sucked?

    Only a jackass would sign Yashin for a long term deal. Now he is stuck with him. Milbury amazes the hockey world with his longevity.

  14. defenestrate says:

    Having a cost-conscious AND agressive Wang is a good way to end up on “Cops”…

    SCTP – “It’s a slow day, it was there, I had to use it….”

  15. wayne2 says:

    You guys want to cut your payroll,trade Yashin.Take it from a sens fan,he`s expensive,not good defensive and especialy a selfish greedy player.He`s got great offensive skills,when he plays hard(about 40 games a year)

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