It Hurts!

Not all sports fans can understand us Philly fans, we are as passionate about our teams as you can get. We demand 110% effort and dedication from our athletes, hard work will never go unappreciated in our eyes. We are simply misunderstood.

It’s been 21 years since a Philly team has won a championship. That’s the longest drought of any city with teams in all the four major sports. For guys like me (25) that’s a lifetime. I was just a kid when the Sixers won their championship, and I wish I could remember it. The fact is I can’t, and for me I am still waiting for a Philly team to win it all. What makes it even harder is the fact that we have been so close a bunch of times only to be disappointed. I really thought the Flyers might finally have the team. It all started back in February when Roenick and Primeau got injured against the Rangers. The Flyers showed their character afterwards, and I knew they were going to go deep in the playoffs.

The fact is that teams like Tampa, Calgary, Minnesota, and Anaheim have showed something the last two years. They showed me that in the NHL today teams with speed and youth are becoming more successful. It’s the beginning of a new Era. Teams like Philly, Toronto, Colorado, and Detroit are too old and slow. Philly went the furthest and consequently have more youth and speed then the others. The good news for Philly is that this team has a bright future, however there are certain moves that need to be made.

Out with the old and in with the new. If I were Hitch¢ock that is the approach I would take into next season. It is time for Philly to give their young players the opportunity to become stars in this league. Players like LeClair, Amonte, Recchi, Roenick, and Zhamnov are getting old. There is a reason Tampa has been so fortunate in regards to injuries this year, and part of that is their youth. It is important however to keep some veteran leadership on the team, the problem is the Flyers have more then they need. I think they need to get rid of 3-4 of these guys at least. LeClair should be the first to go. He is still a good player and his size is valuable, but the fact is he cost 9 million a year. If LeClair made 2-3 million a year I might change my mind (Actually I wouldn’t). IF Roenick doesn’t retire I would allow him to finish out his final two years. Unfortunately that would leave Zhamnov on the outs, unless Roenick retires. Roenick has however talked about his willingness to take a pay cut or be traded. LeClair and Amonte in my opinion are definitely exposable. Primeau and Kapanen are definitely going to be here next year.

I really feel for guys like Roenick, Amonte, Zhamnov, and Primeau who have never won a cup. Which makes it even harder when the Flyers have to move on without some of these guys. It’s a shame because personally I like every one of these players and think that they are all quality guys. The hard truth is its time to move on.

On a side note I want to congratulate Tampa and Calgary fans for their teams getting to the finals. I probably will go for Calgary to win, even though as an American I should cheer for Tampa right? Wrong! Personally I don’t understand why Canadian fans all cheer for Calgary based on the sole fact that they are a Canadian team? This isn’t the Olympics, besides Tampa’s stars are basically all French Canadian anyways. I don’t understand why Canadians feel they have something to prove. I’ll be going for Calgary because they are the underdogs, and because this is the second time a Tampa Bay team has ruined Philly’s chances. Oh man that was painful seeing all the Bucs players and coaches at the game reminding us of our loss from two years ago. I don’t think the city of Tampa Bay realizes how fortunate they are after having the Bucs win the superbowl and now their hockey team in the finals. It almost seems unfair.

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