Its a Goaltenders League Part Two

I will now rank teams 16-30 based on goaltending. Potential is the name of the game for the majority of these teams. Some of the goalies ranked here will be top 10 as soon as two years from now while other teams are just spinning the ol wheel in the continual search for a real #1.
16 Florida- #1 Vokoun, #2 Anderson
Given Vokoun’s health problems last year leaving Anderson as a #2 could be a risky decision. Tomas Vokoun used to be a top 5 goaltender but whenever I watched him last year he truly did not look like himself. If he can turn it around and perform to his 2004 form then the Panthers are in the playoffs and he is back in the top 10.

17 Pittsburgh #1 Fluery, #2 Sabourin
Again, leaving such a inexperienced backup for a inexperienced starter could prove a big mistake in Pitt. Fluery is great but playing 70 games behind that defense is more like 100. I personally don’t think he is mentally tough but he can easily get by on his talent to become a top 10 some day.

18 Philadelphia #1 Biron, #2 Nittymaki
Biron is a good starter, not a great starter but a good one. He still has the problem of putting too many stinkers on the board bu for the most part he will do good work for philly who haven’t had a goalie this good in ages. I still think Nittymaki can be a #1 someday.

19 Carolina- #1 Ward, #2 Grahame
Ward is a weird guy. He can look spectacular one game and just horrible the next. He is still extremely young and has a long way to go. Probably one of the most streaky goalies in the league. Grahame is just a sieve.

20 Boston- #1 Fernandez, #2 Thomas
People are pretty down on Fernandez but I liked the move Boston made in picking him up. I think he may actually play better by facing more shots. He strikes me as that type of goalie. Thomas is just a trainwreck in net. As a goalie it disgusts me watching him play but i’ll tip my hat to him because he can stop them somehow…

21 Edmonton- #1 Roloson, #2 Garon
Dwayne played too many games last year as MacT had no confidence in Jussi. Getting Garon was a very underrated move by Lowe. I have no idea why Crawford didn’t play Garon more in L.A. Garon will most likely get 30 games with Roloson getting 50 which should benefit both goalies and the Oil.

22 Colorado- #1 Budaj, #2 Theodore
Colorado was one of the best teams in the league the last quarter of the season and Budaj deserved a lot of credit for that. He still needs to prove he can do it a entire season and with Colorado getting a lot better in the offseason the pressure will be on for him to perform because Theodore certainly won’t be helping him in that category anytime soon.

23 Chicago #1 Khabibulin, #2 Lalime
Now this may be too high considering how the Bulin Wall has played since coming to Chicago but I think the Hawks are a true darkhorse this year and the guy is due to have a great season at some point right? But in all seriousness he is capable of being a top 10 and has been there before, he just needs to get his head in the right place.

24 Nashville #1 Mason, #2 Finley?
People were making a big deal about how Nashville won’t miss a beat in net without Vokoun but people are forgetting Mason was horrible against San Jose in the first round in 06 and he has never played a full season. The jury is still out until he proves he can do it by himself over a full season. I don’t care how good the numbers are.

25 Washington #1 Kolzig, #2 Johnson
This is not the Olaf Kolzig of old and I realize this is maybe a little too low for a goalie who used to be great but the guy didn’t particlurly have a great year last year. He is nearing retirement and is playing behind a horrible defensive team.

26 St.Louis #1 Legace, #2 Bacashihua
Legace had a great year and is probably extremely underrated so people may find this a tad low. But when looking at the above mentioned goalies I really don’t feel as though he is better then any of them. So here he will stay.

27 Columbus #1 Leclaire, #2 Norrena
These last 4 teams are just horrible and are by far the worst in the league. Leclaire has stretches where he looks ready to shine but then usually goes down with a injury. I didn’t see much of Norrena and Columbus is pretty high on him. Its tough to look good behind that defense…

28 Phoenix #1 Aebischer, #2 Tellquist
Two very, very inconsistent goalies. They are capable of having 40 save games but can turn around and let in 5 weak goals on 20 shots. Signing Aebischer was nothing more then a short term solution until the Yotes find a real #1.

29 Tampa Bay #1 Denis, #2 Holmquist, #3 Ramo
I was pretty shocked to see Denis play so poorly in Tampa. I always thought he was better then the numbers and losses suggested but he just played horrible in Tampa last year. Holmquist is pretty average. I mention Ramo because T Bay is very high on this guy and with a good camp its very likely he will start the year with the team based on his lack of competition for a job.

30 Los Angeles #1 Cloutier, #2 Labarbera
They probably had one of the best offseasons so its really too bad that the goaltending blows. Cloutier was THE WORST goalie in the league last year. I feel bad for the guy, I really do. Crawford just believes too much in the guy. Why they traded Garon is really have no clue.

31 Responses to Its a Goaltenders League Part Two

  1. KingOKings says:

    Garon was a FA. He wasn't traded. Hopefully Labarbera can step up for the Kings. Cloutier simply will not do. Worst goalie ever last season.

  2. TheDonkey says:

    Agreed regarding Cloutier.   The guy should be sponsored by Swiss Cheese.

  3. Tonyjoe108 says:

    Clouts only played in a handful of games last season

  4. LaKingsFan626 says:

    And yet still a handful too many.

  5. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    Tellqvist is better than aebischer

  6. zenator says:

    Your ranking of Vokoun at # 15 males little sense, especially based upon your misperception that Vokoun's play fell way off last year.  In fact, in 2006, his GA was 2.4 compared to 2.66 the prior year and his save percentage was 920 compared to 919 the prior year.  If you believe as you indicate that Vokoun "used to be a top 5 goalie", then his performance last year should only serve to confirm that judgment, especially since the injury in question was a thumb injury, which Vokoun says has healed completely.

    Respectfully, Vokoun is a true No. 1 goalie, who is entering his prime at 30 years of age.  He should be ranked somewhere in the second grouping of  No. 1 goalies behind the big two, Martin B and Roberto L. 

  7. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    but with a shity backup, florida's overall goaltending wont be that high. still should be about 10th

  8. Tweek says:

    Respectfully I never said Vokoun was not a true #1 goalie.  If you watched him play last year rather then just look at stats you would have realized his play was no where near his pre heart problem play was.  If he played so great he wouldn't have lost so many starts to Mason.  He still can be a top 5 goalie.

  9. MTL_HABS_24 says:

    OK, what's your criteria?  Please be specific.

  10. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    criterea??? As a starting goalie on a team that will give up 40 shots, I'd want Tellqvist over Aebischer. Aebischer has only played on good defensive teams, he will collapse in phoenix.

  11. MTL_HABS_24 says:

    Yes, criteria, as opposed to your opinion. 
    So what you're saying is that you can offer no concrete proof that Tellqvist (projected as a #2 goalie by TSN) is better than Aebischer (projected as a #1A by TSN), fair enough.  Much has been written on this site regarding the Leafs being near the top of the league in allowing the fewest shots.  That does not correlate very well with your statement.
    Since I can't see into the future and be sure of how these 2 will play as the season progresses, I will go with Aebischer based on his stats:

    Aebischer – G – 213  W – 106  L – 73  T – 17  SV% – .912  GAA – 2.51
    Tellqvist   – G –  70  W –   27  L –  27 T –   7  SV% – .891  GAA – 3.17

  12. goleafsgo1991 says:

    There is NO WAY Denis will start off camp ranked higher on the depth chart than Holmqvist and Ramo, Holmqvist I do believe was one of the better shoot-out goalies last year and had better stats, and started in the play-offs where he didn't look that much worse than Brodeur. Ramo from what I remembered is who they dressed as a back-up for the play-offs. Tampa will also want to start moving Ramo out of the system to make room for Kosechkin and Helenius and given his hype as a potential starter I don't see why they wouldn't given him a shot now. Denis, unless he can play himself onto the roster and then win games, or else get traded, won't be an automatic starter or backup.

  13. zdeno_duchesne says:

    i think mason's backup will be pekka rinne.. i probably spelled that one wrong

  14. gronk says:

    If chicago's goalies play up to their potential they could be top ten, but you're right, all it is, is potential right now.  I agree with where you put pittsburgh but if they both play how they should, with a lot of mental maturity, then they are eaily top 10. 

  15. CrosbyMalkin66 says:

    Fleury won 40 games last year and Pittsburgh is 17th?!… face it… hes here and hes going to be a force. If your Florida and you are offered Fleury and Saborin for Vokoun and Anderson, Florida takes that deal without even thinking about it. I dont understand then if thats the case how Florida could be higher than Pittsburgh?  40 GAMES WON LAST YEAR!

  16. gronk says:

    I love fleury and I agree that he is one of the best goalies in the league, definitly a lot better than people give him credit for, but when your team is the 3rd highest scoring team in the league that will help you win 40 games.  People also think he isn't strong enough to take it to the next level.  I personally think that isn't true but he hasn't been able to win the big game thus far.  I think he's gonna be great this year and he will shake off his big game flaws with the rest of his team.  The 17th ranking isn't ridiculous though, especially with an unproven back up.

  17. Tweek says:

    I wouldn't take the deal for one season.  Maybe 3 years from now but now?  Not a chance.  Where was Fluery come playoff time?  Exactly.

  18. senators101 says:

    Raycroft won 37.  Does Florida still take that deal?

  19. MR40 says:

    he's only played 5 game sin the playoffs, and let in one softy in a tournament. I think Florida would take it now, because the Cap situation would be much better.

  20. Oil-Life says:

    edmonton at 21? i think we have 2 solid tendies.

  21. slootermac says:

    you have to remember cloutier's win loss record while he was with vancouver… fleury is the same idea… he's ok to let in 3 or 4 goals a game because pittsburgh will score 4 or 5 goals… It's just like the pre-lockout canucks… that's how cloutier was racking up 30-40 win seasons… Now look at him…

  22. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    criteria does not mean evidence or proof. you can not offer concrete proof that either goaltender is better, as the season has not played out yet. you can however, provide evidence that one is better.

    the leafs allowed few shots last season, true, but then Tellqvist didn't play for the leafs last season, did he. He played for Phoenix where he got 40 shots a night, and played well. considring stats, tellqvist was the 2nd best goaltender in phoenix, though was not far behind cujo(and many in phoenix considered him to be better than cujo). Aebischer was the 3rd best goalie on the habs, and it wasn't even close. And the habs are a defensive minded team, that almost every half decent goaltender can succeed with (similiar to Minnesota).

    I'm just saying, Tellqvist played for dreadful St. Johns Maple Leafs teams, and offense only leaf teams. Aebicher was spoiled by playing behind Blake, Foote, Markov, Komi. he's going to crash in Phoenix.

  23. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    trust me, games won means nothing on goalie stats. The big question is not whether Fluery is as good as vokoun, but if he one day will be. i'd take fluery long term, but for next season, vokoun would be my pick.

  24. mikster says:

    Fleury has a lot of good skills but still lacks focus, consistency, and atill has to grow into the kind of goalie you can rely on. He has that ability, but it will take time. I always look at SV% and his number is not too good either, .906. Nowadays that’s just decent.

    Florida wanted a franchise goalie who has proven himself to take a weak team and bring it on top of the league. He’s been ranked in the top 10 for the past few years and the Panthers need that level of goaltending now. Fleury on the Panthers right now would be a long-term plan. If it wasn’t for Pittsburgh’s goal scoring, the Pens would not have made the playoffs, and that’s what puts Fleury at 17, which is not that bad.

  25. MTL_HABS_24 says:

    "criteria does not mean evidence or proof"
    With the absence of hindsight, it'll have to do.  It's much better than opinions.
    "you can not offer concrete proof that either goaltender is better"
    You did.  That's the reason I responded to your post.
    "but then Tellqvist didn't play for the leafs last season, did he"
    Technically, he did play a game for Toronto last year and his stats have remained consistent in Phoenix.  His Sv% has never been higher than .895 with either team, regardless of shot totals, I don't expect him to get any better.
    "tellqvist was the 2nd best goaltender in phoenix"
    That's not saying much.  Cujo's career seems to have come to an end, the man is 40.  His skills have deteriorated noticeably and can no longer win games by himself like he did in past years.  His days as a starter are over.
    I suppose we'll have to wait and see which of the 2 (Aebischer or Tellqvist) will do better next season.

  26. EddieAVS says:

    first, the habs, who are a 'defensive minded' team, allowed REGULARLY over 30 shots per game.

  27. MTL_HABS_24 says:

    True enough.

  28. henrik30 says:

    i think holmqvist is the number 1 in tampa bay then marc denis

  29. gronk says:

    Exactly, 17th isn't that bad, especially when you have a number 1 or 2 team in scoring.  I believe that 17th will easily be improved as time goes by, as fleury get's more experienced and stronger.

  30. NiittymakiForVezina says:

    "He should be ranked somewhere in the second grouping of  No. 1 goalies behind the big two, Martin B and Roberto L. "

    Martin Biron?

    Just kidding

  31. caspien says:

    If you actually payed attention to Vokouns season last year, you would have noticed that he was having a career year until he injured his thumb. When Mason came in to back him up, he went on an incredible hot streak which forced Nashville to give Mason more playing time once Vokoun came back. They eased Vokuon back in and still gave him two-thirds of the playing time after he came back. And a thumb injury is hardly career threatening.

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