It's back… The WHA I mean.

Nobody said this site only has to be about the NHL so I decided to post this!

The WHA is back for another try this year. Starting with the 2004/2005 season the WHA will ice seven teams including Toronto, Quebec City, Detroit, Miami, Halifax, Hamilton and either Vancouver or Dallas.All of the seven teams have a stadium to play out except Hamilton. The Toronto team will play out of Skydome (i don’t no how that will work), Quebec will be based in Le Colisee Pepsi, Detroit at the Silverdome in Pontiac. Vancouver at GM Place OR Dallas at the Reunion center.

Hamilton is trying to negotiate a deal with Copps Coliseum BUT the Hamlton Bulldogs (AHL) have exercised their right to exclusive use of the stadium (For more visit WHA site).

The WHA plans on playing a 76 to 80 game schedule and will have their 2004 Entry Level and Free agent draft on July 10.

This is quite interseting actually. Considering they are still looking at putting teams in Birmingham, Cincinatti, Minneapolis, Phoenix, Montreal and Toledo, Ohio. I would like to see teams in Winnipeg and Baltimore.

I think this league willl fly if there a lock-out next year, I hope there isn’t but maybe this league will work. Anyway post your thoughts and visit the WHA’s website at

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