It's done!!! Dafoe's a Thrasher!!

It’s done finally!! is reporting that former Boston Bruins goalie Byron Dafoe has accepted a two year deal from the Atlanta Thrashers.

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  1. mikster says:

    Dafoe lost his time and went from requesting $6M on July 1st to basically $1.25 to $1.5M for this season and the 2nd year probably a $3.5M.

    Dumb Dafoe. Oh well, now this is a greta bargain for the Thrashers. Dafoe lost his free agency war. Tough luck for him.

  2. Blade2 says:

    Well,I’m glad things have worked out for him,although he wasn’t my favorite Bruin,alot of my friends worshipped him since he arrived in the 97-98 season.I’m still amazed the Bruins have done this good without him,but hey,all for the better.

  3. acebailey says:

    Even for that money, he will look like a real jerk if he can’t pull them out of the dumps. How many of these John the Baptist types have really been helping these teams they are supposed to save? Jagr with the Caps? Bure with Fla? Peca and Cashin with NYI? Bure with NYR? Lindros with NYR? Anybody with NYR?

    If Atlanta can become a solid team across the board, they will all look good. If they don’t, it will make Dafoe look bad. The pressure is all on him.

  4. DG says:

    So, are the Atlanta Thrashers going to make the playoffs now or will this change nothing? I don’t think this acquisition will do anything for the Thrashers at all. Byron Dafoe’s a great goaltender but he’s no Curtis Joseph and I certainly wouldn’t count on him to carry a team- especially one as bad as the Thrashers- to the play-offs.

    Still, I’d like to be wrong and have Atlanta being a bona-fide playoff team but I just don’t see that right about now- though things may indeed change.


  5. MossRocks says:

    Ok, now they have maybe 6 NHL calibre players. They only need 18 more players with some ability to make this a competitive team. A goalie and five quality forwards who don’t know how to backcheck does not equal a winner.

    Like the Savard, MacEachern and Kozlov acquisitions, this is just going to cost Waddell money.

  6. cwhockey says:

    Dafoe is meant to plug a gap in some bad goaltending. If anyone thinks for any reason that he will be a savior or will propel this team to the playoffs doesn’t know that much about the game.

    Yes, Atlanta is a bad team. I think that has been established, so let’s move past that. They have problems. What exactly those problems are, we don’t know. We can speculate and use our individual knowledge of the game to try and figure that out. But we are not in the lockeroom or in the front office or on the road trips or behind the bench. I can say that maybe it’s the head coach or one of the assistant coaches that are doing a bad job, maybe the players aren’t motivated. But I really don’t know and neither does anyone else here. As for saying they only have 6 NHL caliber players, those of us who even know a small amount about the game and the team itself can call that just plain ignorant.

    Dafoe won’t be a savior, even if he plays incredible. Many of us Thrasher fans are optomistic, but we’re also pretty practical. Other things need to happen before we can have a team that even threatens to contend for the playoffs. And we realize that for the most part. It’s tough being this patient, but personally I’ve had a lot of practice. If you feel the need to flame a team, do it to a team that appears as though its not trying to improve itself. We’ve got a long way to go down here in Atlanta, but it will be worth it when the time comes.

  7. jammer21 says:

    if i was lord byron, i would have rolled the dice on a one year contract, and taken my chances next year during free agency to get on with a winner……or at least a respectable team.

  8. MantaRay says:

    “He’s no Curtis Joseph” LOL.

    Yes, Dafoe will make his team better.

  9. Tradedude says:

    It was going to happen anyway. I just wanted him to sign anywhere before Bettman makes a big fuss about holdouts and maybe even lead to work stoppage. And I know how all you hockey fans don’t want that to happen. That’s what I think.

    Thrashers Problem wasn’t there goaltending, it was either chemistry and / or defensive defense. Not saying that they are offensive or anything. Just saying they should play with more confidence and play more defensively.

    Oh and Titans. Nothing to get excited about. 😉

  10. DG says:

    I know he probably will, but I don’t think it’ll be enough for the Atlanta Thrahsers to qualify for post-season play. If you ask me, a guy like Curtis Joseph or Patrick Roy is someone who can single-handedly lead a team to the post-season, not a guy like Byron Dafoe, no matter how good he is.


  11. sexwax says:

    apparently the second year is a player option. meaning he could very well be a UFA again next summer if he chooses so.

  12. Enchilada says:

    Why do you have to talk down to titans?

  13. MossRocks says:

    The point isn’t really that Atlanta is a bad team, because they don’t necessarily have to be that good at this stage of their development. However, a lot of people seem to think that Waddell is doing a good job and the simple fact is that he is not. His team has massive holes on defense and on the checking lines and he has no legit prospects to fill those holes.

    I have nothing against the team. I do have something against Waddell’s work. Anytime he is unduly praised, I will respond.

    Besides that, he has made two good moves lately and if he can be consistent in his vision of the team from now on, all those mistakes can be forgotten. Although these moves look like a continuation of his expensive patch-up job, he can build on them from here. If he salary dumps in a big way at the deadline and fails to retain Dafoe, it may be more of the same. Based on his track record, I reserve the right to wait and see…

  14. cwhockey says:

    I won’t say he’s a GM of the year candidate either. He’s made mistakes, biggest probably being letting Brunette and Staios go. But every GM makes mistakes, comes with the territory. There are only a handful of teams where their fans can say they are really happy with the GM.

    I won’t be one to praise him right now, but I won’t condemn him as of yet. Building a team from nothing is much more difficult than we can imagine, especially with a thinned out pool of talent. Takes time for an organization to build relationships, as well as its own identity.

    Thrashers have a good amount of prospects, moreso on the defensive side. But it takes time for most players to develop and that’s what the kids in the minors or juniors are doing. Nobody can tell how many of those players will be in the NHL. But he’s not trading away good talent to win now.

    It’s unfair to judge any GM just on the basis of what players are on the big club. He has to think about the entire organization and its future. A daunting task. And any judgment on how that GM did can’t come until it’s seen what his players have become. Even then it can be unfair because developing players is a crap-shoot. Only a few have can’t-miss talent, the rest might or might not develop.

    But you’re right, his last two moves have been good ones. Dafoe isn’t gonna make much money this year and the option for next year is his. If he decides to become a UFA again, so be it. If not, he gets $3.5M next year from Atlanta. Which they will then be able to afford because Rhodes and his ridiculous salary will be out of the way. Hnilicka and Maracle might also be gone. But even now, the Thrashers payroll is only a bit above $30M (don’t know the actual numbers). The only real reason for a salary dump, if one happens, is that the cheapskates who own the team would want it. Just another reason to hate AOL.

    We’re on the bottom of the rung here in Atlanta. Braves always winning, Falcons have hope with Vick, Hawks actually have a decent team this year. Don’t really like those teams, but the priority is set. And with three of the four being owned by the same company, the priority is really set. And in a southern city where football is a religion. All those factors add up to little money and little support. But I don’t consider that an excuse. Just another obstacle to overcome.

  15. MantaRay says:

    Do not ever put an average goalie like Cujo in the same category as Patrick Roy. Roy is a competitor who can steal game and even a series by himself.

    Cujo has never been close to achieving that. When the pressure is on Cujo folds. He has played on two 90+ teams and last year when he got hurt the team broke the 100 point mark, yet he can never win when it counts.

  16. PeterPuck says:

    Dafoe went to Atlanta cause nobody else wanted him, period. He is a minor league goalie at best and Boston is showing this again this year that they can play with minor league goalies. Boston will crash again when the playoffs come if they dont get a quality back stopper that can play in the playoffs, and please dont tell me how great Dafoe was during the season, its the playoffs that count and just look at his record, i rest my case, REALTY SUCKS doesnt it Dafoe, Boy will he look bad now. ha ha

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