It's going from bad to worse for Hawks' Huet

Tim Sassone

Cristobal Huet believes what’s going on with his game at the moment is “just a bump in the road,” as he put it.

But to the Blackhawks, it might not be that simple.
This is a team built to contend for the Stanley Cup right now, but Huet’s poor start has everyone who isn’t inside the Hawks’ dressing room wondering if general manager Stan Bowman and coach Joel Quenneville have the goalie to match the formidable talent that is up front and on defense.

If Huet thought it couldn’t get any worse for him in the eyes of the fans who pack the United Center after he allowed 3 goals on 5 shots and was pulled seven minutes into last Monday’s game against Calgary, it did Saturday night.

Huet gave up 2 bad and team-deflating goals in the Hawks’ 4-3 loss to Dallas in a game they dominated for the most part.

The eventual game-winning goal by Stars defenseman Stephane Robidas at 10:37 of the third period was the worst.

Robidas’ dump-in from just inside the red line was headed around the glass when the puck hit something, deflected toward the goal, bounced and slipped into the net between the post and Huet, who instead of getting to the post quicker was giving directions to his teammates.

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  1. reinjosh says:

    so this doesnt have anything to do with Huet
    But does anyone else find it funny that the man who claims that there is an "anti-francophone virus" in the league
    is himself a francophone

  2. Rico71 says:


    Would it be better if the guy was chinese or russian? He wrote a book about the anti-francophone rumors that have existed since the time of The Rocket. There will always be prejudice floating around, just look at Cherry.

    He should be good for some dumb comment soon.


  3. Rico71 says:

    …and to get back to the topic…

    The Hawks screwed themselves bigtime by giving that retarted contract to Huet. They have to live with it now. No one will have him. Period.

    There is a Cambell for Halak + S. Kostitsyn + pick floating around. Not gonna happen since Campbell's massively overloaded contract is almost impossible to trade.

    Though gimme a Campbell or a Barker anytime in return of those guys mentionned.

    I wish.

  4. mon167 says:

    If someone takes Campbell or Huet's contract they're retarded…Campbel is not worth 7 freakin million dollars!!! Markov and Green are better and they cost less! what a joke…and i'd take halak over  huet any day

  5. reinjosh says:

    The Hawks would have been fine if they didn't sign Hossa
    that was the straw that broke the camel's back
    But a team will take Campbell
    take a team like Toronto
    no picks in the future
    I know if I'm Burke and i could clear Finger in the trade (easy for the Hawks to just dump him in the minors or pull him up when ever they want) and get Aliu, Beach or their 1st (hell id love to get Byfuglien) then I would take Campbell in a second
    especially because it allows us to trade Kaberle for a good prospect and a 1st
    but thats only because of the position were in
    Campbell doesn't make for you guys or other teams
    You dont have much cap space coming up
    he may be overpaid at 7 million but he still does the job of a 5 million dollar guy really well

  6. mojo19 says:

    seriously, the Hawks would have been in good shape to just go with what they had instead of signing any free agents. Hossa, Campbell, and Huet are the 3 worst contracts on the team and its hindering them from retaining their young, drafted stars.

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