It's Official – Olli Is A Flame!


Sources are reporting that it is now official, the Calgary Flames have infact sent Mathew Lombardi, Brandon Prust & a 1st round pick to acquire centre Olli Jokinen & a 3rd round pick from the Phoenix Coyotes!

The Flames have also acquired D Jordan Leopold from the Colorado Avalanche in exchange for D Lawrence Nycholat, D Ryan Wilson and 2nd round pick.

And to cap the day off, Calgary sent Kevin Lalande to the Columbus Blue Jackets for a 4th round pick.

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  1. pezzz123 says:

    Now my Flames are ready. Three deadly lines.

    Cammalleri – Jokinen – Iginla
    Bertuzzi – Langkow – Bourque
    Glencross – Boyd – Moss

    Cory Sarich on the move? wouldn't surprise me. I'd see him in Montreal.

  2. LEAFS_54 says:

    jokinen with iginla! creating room for cammalleri. that is DEADLY. im now afraid of the flames

  3. leafy says:

    Great moves by Calgary, landing the big kahuna Jokinen and cementing the defence with Leopold.

    Clearly they're stacking up to take a run at San Jose and Detroit. They'll be a formidable opponent in the spring.

  4. leafy says:

    Yeah that first line look awesome.

  5. pezzz123 says:

    Bertuzzi and Bourque creating space for Langkow sounds good too. Having Langs on a 2nd line really shows how deep we are at forward now.

  6. LEAFS_54 says:

    yeah i guess so.. but the flames second line is not really better then any other contenders.

  7. Plekanec says:

     You must be pretty darn happy, What a steal from the Flames! Probably the best moves at the deadline and by far!

     Myself I'm pretty angry that Gainey didn't do sh-t, I don't see the habs going very far in the playoffs as they coudn't replace Lang.

     Anyway i will admit it the Flames made their defense ever better and now they look scary up front. I think that they just became a power house.

     I really wished Gainey would of grown some balls and made a trade for Jokinen!

  8. reinjosh says:

    this was a great trade by calgary
    they acquired the first line center for iginla
    allowed lankgow to move to a 2nd line center (which is where he should have been and he can be productive their)
    and they also acquired a good puck moving defenseman
    they now have everything they need to make a long playoff run and compete with san jose and detroit
    in fact i would say they are in a better posistion than detroit because they have a true consistent goalie
    im looking forward to a calgary – san jose rematch
    if it happens look out for a truly legendary series

  9. mojo19 says:

    that first line is no good. All three guys are shooters.

    I'd play Bertuzzi up Jokinen and Iggy, and give Langkow Cammalleri.

  10. mojo19 says:

    Calgary is a powerhouse now. Great pick up with Jokinen.

  11. reinjosh says:

    all they gave up was an underachieving center, a 3rd or 4th line tough guy that replaces carcillo, a so so prospect, and a late first and second for morris and jokinen
    good job by sutter
    and even if lombardi turns out to be a beast for phoenix (and i hope he does, i really like him)
    the flames still did a good job getting him

  12. RossCreek says:

    I am officially stoked! Finally land the big Finn! Been waiting for 3 years for this. 

    Pretty fun day. Like the late deals that always trickle in.

    Oil made interesting moves too – boy they're soft, but they essentially get Patrick O'Sullivan & Ales Kotalik for Erik Cole & a 5th, so they at least got something for Cole. Someone to continue the link (Pronger-Lupul-Pitkanen-Cole-O'Sullivan) – better than nothing. Lotta scraps left on that team tho.

  13. Motherpucker says:

    So in the end, Phoenix deals Ballard, Boynton, Jokinen & a 3rd for Lombardi, Prust and a 1st.  What a joke, somebody needs to put that franchise out of its misery.  Shane Doan's loyalty has gone unrewarded for so many seasons.  Do him a favor and get him out of town!  He has pissed his career away playing for such a joke of a franchise.

  14. Plekanec says:

     was that directed to me?

  15. Plekanec says:

     I couldn't of said it better, Gretzky also is one of the worst coach in the league and has been for the last 8 years but management really messed up this time.

  16. mojo19 says:

    And to take it back one more put Brewer's name before Pronger's.

  17. CofRED says:

    Great moves by the Flames.  I'm pretty pumped to see that Sutter is going for it this year, although I don't see any possible way the Flames can hang on to everything they have under contract, take on Jokinen (with a year to go on his deal), AND re-sign Cammalleri.  But we'll deal with that in June.

    And if Phoenix fans need a silver lining in this, then look at it this way.  Lombardi is not the first small, talented forward to leave Calgary having not reached his potential.  He has loads and loads of talent, Calgary is simply not the place for that kind of player to develop.  I've got 2 names for you: Martin St. Louis, and Marc Savard.  Lombardi has that kind of potential, just needs the right guy to get it out of him.

  18. pezzz123 says:

    The Flames have the potential to take out the Sharks in the playoffs, they showed it last year. If someone's taking care of Detroit, then the Flames could very well play for the Cup this spring. And looking how the Coyotes are doing since a couple of months, they could be in the lottery very soon.

    And then, the trade will basicaly be Lombardi, Prust, high 2nd rounder for Jokinen and low 2nd rounder. LOL. what a rip off.

  19. cementhead says:

    your math makes no sense whatsoever.  Ballard and Boynton were traded for Jokinen (NEVER had them at the same time).  Then Jokinen & 3rd for Lombardi, Prust and a 1st.  So, if you wanted to see the "whole picture" back to Ballard, it would look like this:
    Ballard & Boynton for Lombardi, Prust, and a 1st. 
    Don't know if I would have made it as I am a huge Ballard fan, but not nearly as bad as your inaccurate logic would have one believe.

  20. cementhead says:

    Help me on this one.  I don't understand the draft picks.  I don't know any conditions attached are.  Thanks.

  21. Motherpucker says:

    Read my comment again.  If you combine both the deal made in the offseason for Jokinen and the deal sending him to Calgary yesterday, those are all the pieces that were in play on 2 different deals.  Hence, my use of "in the end" prefacing my comment.

    I am a huge Ballard fan as well and had the gut feeling that PHX would deal Jokinen in less than a season when the deal was made. 

  22. pezzz123 says:

    Well, in fact the trade is Lombardi, Prust, 1rst rounder vs Jokinen and 3rd rounder, but if the Flames go to the Finals, it will be a bottom 2 1rst rounder (29th or 30th), and if the Coyotes finish the year bottom 5, it will be a high 3rd rounder (likely 64th or 65th), so it's like trading 2 2nd rounders.

  23. cementhead says:

    "So in the end, Phoenix deals Ballard, Boynton, Jokinen & a 3rd for Lombardi, Prust and a 1st."

    I still don't get it.  You could say: phoenix deals Jokinen and a 3rd  for Lombardi, Purst, and a 1st,  OR you could say (in the end) phoenix deals Ballard and Boynton for Lombardi, Prust, and a 1st.  BUT you CAN'T say phoenix deals Ballard AND Boynton AND Jokinen AND a 3rd for Lombardi, Prust and a 1st.  That's just not true nor logical!?!?

  24. cementhead says:

    Ok, I follow your logic now.  I think its kind of weak, but I follow it. 
    I'm sure I could name 30 GMs who would disagree with you if I said, "hey, why not trade my late 1st round for your high 3rd round, afterall they are practically the same thing".  In fact I don't even think they would entertain the idea for a high 2nd to a low 2nd rounder.  We've seen roster players traded from team to team in order to move up just one or two draft choices, let alone 25-30 choices.

    So, although I see what you are saying, I would have to strongly disagree.

  25. Motherpucker says:

    It's all the pieces of the 2 deals Phoenix made involving Jokinen.  In the end, they end up giving much more than they got.  If you can't grasp the concept, I don't know what to tell you.

  26. cementhead says:

    Why stop there… with your logic, since the coyotes traded Gratton and Vananaan for Morris and Ballard, and they also Coyotes traded Mara for Boynton, we could also conclude that:
    the Coyotes traded Ballard, Boynton, Gratton, Vananaan, Mara, Jokenin, 2 x 3rd round picks FOR Prust, Lombardi, and a 1st.  YOUR RIGHT… COYOTES DID GET TAKEN!!

    Or we could go even further and say that the Coyotes traded Khabibulin and Neckar as a part of the deal that got Mara so now we could conclude…

    the Coyotes traded Ballard, Boynton, Gratton, Vananaan, Mara, Jokenin, 2 x 3rd round picks, Neckar AND Khabibulin and only got, in return, Prust, Lombardi, and a 1st.  Boy, you are looking more and more correct.  Phoenix got screwed loyally in this deal.  Look at all the players they have given up in order to be where they are now.  Can you say SCREWED???

    Gotta love your logic man.  Not your intelligence may be sad, but your logic is hilarious.

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